Mar 31, 2020

Smoke Fairies • Elevator • 2020

"A masterpiece” (Metro *****) / “Deliciously dark and endlessly engaging” (The Sun) / “This is Smoke Fairies’ strongest, most urgent album to date” (MOJO ****) / “Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire continue to beguile” (Record Collector ****) / “An album you can truly get lost in” (Clash 8/10) / "Spellbinding” (Uncut 8/10)

The Rentals • FORGOTTEN ASTRONAUT {A Song For Michael Collins} • 2020

The new music on the Q36 Forgotten Astronaut Special Feature EP explores four totally different sonic perspectives, each one a way for the listener to approach The Rentals’ sincere tribute to astronaut Michael Collins. The “acoustic mix” of the song has been stripped back down to where it all began, with only a couple original scratch tracks of Matt Sharp’s beaten up 1920’s Martin parlor guitar and his vocals, plus nothing but endless space for his friends in The Gentle Assassins Choir to fill the chorus backgrounds with a bed of glorious, Beatles-esque harmonies. On the two “Z36” (vocal and instrumental) mixes, the arrangements focus primarily on the atmospheric worlds built on the guitar work of Nick Zinner and Sharp’s own vintage synthesizers. These polar opposite musical viewpoints offer a better understanding and sense of depth to Dave Fridmann’s main album mix featured in the video.

annie hamilton • panic • 2020

The long awaited Annie Hamilton EP follows a string of standalone singles, including "Kitchen", "Fade" and "My New Tattooed Chameleon". The six tracks tie together the frays of navigating, processing and documenting her own lived experiences. Never more evident than on her debut EP is Hamilton’s North Star; her songwriting. Examining the mundane and profound, the everyday and the bigger picture she creates a world so vulnerable and accessible that her specific experience feels like universal truth. 

“This EP is the culmination of the last few years spent finding my voice as a solo artist. These songs have come from a place of introspection and experimentation, following my intuition while improving my production and engineering skills in the process.” she says.

Mar 28, 2020

Waxahatchee • Can't Do Much • 2020

i also want to single out the amazing band @bonny__doon, my comrades in saint cloud. i’ve said it many times but their friendship & collaboration truly made me fall in love with music again. there’s so much to say about this record & i’m sure i’ll say it all over time, but mainly i just want to express that making it & singing these songs has been the joy of my life. it really is my favorite thing i’ve ever made. i’m so grateful to everyone who helped me see it through & i hope you all like it ♥️ i also want to share that i have a new video for the first single “fire” that i directed along with the brilliant @andreeeinabyrne ♥️ & to top it all off i’m also announcing a big tour, my first in a long while. thank you all for listening. love love love. & more soon! xoxoxo.

Mar 27, 2020

Eef Barzelay • "Forever Just Beyond" • 2017

Teitur • Clara • 2020

“Clara,” I had just written with (US singer/writer) Griffin House in his garage in Nashville, Tennessee. We were playing guitars and goofing around with songs for our band called Otis Redneck, when Griffin’s FOUR-YEAR-OLD daughter Clara was riding around on her bike dressed in a SWAT team suit. We skipped what we were working on and described her in a song instead.

Teitur is releasing videos for each song on the EP, using images from the artwork, other films and elsewhere, all edited filmed and directed by Teitur himself.

the brave faces • 'In the Dark' • 2020

Influenced by 80s post-punk, shoegaze and contemporary indie, THE BRAVE FACES push forward bristling melodies and sweeping soundscapes. Wiry, melodic guitars layer driving industrial drums. Their first single, 'In the Dark', features glimmering chords, dreamy synths and palm-muted melodies - providing a stark soundscape for the singer’s cold commentary. The backing singer’s reverberating falsetto adds to the overarching feeling of uneasy catchiness.

Scott Orr • Circles • 2020

I hope this finds you well and that you are safe and not losing your minds being locked away. I am getting close...

But before I do I'm trying to be productive on a new record. Chipping away at home, no timeframe yet in mind, but the songs are done and it's nice to start making sounds in the studio.

I also wanted to let you know that I have a new single out today called "CIrcles" and it's about losing touch with the people who come in an out of your life... 

Anyway, thanks for all your support and stay in touch!

Our mailing address is:
Scott Orr
PO Box 150
Hamilton, Ontario L8P2K5

Mats Wawa • Rock Omelette • 2020

«I’m terrible at describing how my music sounds. But this is definitively more AOR than indie. At last you can say that – retro is still king.

The above quote is Mats Mentzen Wang’s humble attempt at describing the sound on his upcoming album Rock Omelette, the follow-up to 2018’s EP Scuzz. The young songwriter was unwittingly booked to a handful of showcase festivals in 2015, based on a few bedroom demos. And that’s how Mats Wawa was born – he needed a band. Now, four years later, Wang is older, and so are his musical tastes.

Call it AOR, slacker soul or just classic rock – let the listener decide. Whatever you call it, the album is chock full of tunes. From a short rock opera about French & Moland (two Norwegian mercenaries imprisoned in DR Congo), via the song “Canned Heat” which sounds like…and to the first single “Sparkly Eyes”, some of the most beautiful blue eyed soul you’ll hear this year, with strings imported from 70’s Philadelphia.

Muzz • "Broken Tambourine" • 2020

"Building from moody ballad, to Cobain-worthy misdirection... ending in a sparse trance of harmonics..." -Black Book

Cuny’s sultry and expressive vocals while being prominently placed front and center, effortlessly glide over lush yet spacious arrangements of shimmering acoustic guitars, atmospheric electronics and twinkling keys with the material possessing a cinematic air that recalls Dummy-era Portishead, Tales of Us-era Goldfrapp, Radiohead circa OK Computer and others.

High Waisted • Boys Can't Dance • 2020


Earlier this week, High Waisted's new single "Drive" was added + featured in Spotify's coveted Fresh Finds playlist. Last week, Bandsintown exclusively premiered the track, calling it the "new single that we need right now" and praising, "High Waisted are giving us the positive vibes that we need in these seemingly dreary time." High Waisted also took over Bandsintown's official Instagram, posting exclusive photos and behind the scenes content from their adventures over the past years on tour, including memories from SXSW and stops all around the US

David Stone • 2020

Singer/songwriter and musician based in Ontario, Canada.

Home Concerts • 2020

There's no shortage of online concerts going on. I've been loving them. Why didn't we think of this sooner :-(

Be Safe Out There!

Mar 26, 2020

Clem Snide • "Sorry Charlie" • 2020

Ben Gibbard • "Life in Quarantine" • 2020

The streets are empty
The bars and cafes, too
The streetlights only changing
Cuz they ain’t got nothing better to do

You say it’s like Christmas
When nobody’s around
Or when our city was still a secret
Before those carpetbaggers came to town

The airports and train stations are full of desperate people
Trying to convince the gate agents that not all emergencies are equal
But no one is going anywhere soon

Inside the Safeway
It’s like the Eastern Bloc
People have a way of getting crazy
When they think they’ll be dead in a month

But you like the silence
Of the wind through the trees
And I like walking beside you
Through these days of no guarantees

The National Guard is on their way to protect us from our neighbors
And everyone who’s tried to swim for it has drowned out past the breakers

The airports and train stations are full of desperate people
Trying to convince the gate agents that not all emergencies are equal
But no one is going anywhere soon
No one is going anywhere soon

released March 26, 2020
Written by Benjamin Gibbard

Mar 21, 2020

Tom Rosenthal • Go Solo • 2015

They say it's matter of time
A thousand days and the sun won't shine
Before I come back to you
And I'm happy, nothing's going to stop me
I'm making my way home
I'm making my way
For your love I will go far
I wanna be wherever you are
I know I'm coming back for you
Our love is a river long
The best right in a million wrongs
I know I'm coming back to you
And I'm happy nothing's going to be stop me
I'm making my way home
I'm making my way
I go solo, oh, I go solo
I'm making my way home
I'm making my way
And I'm happy, nothing's going to stop me
I'm making my way home
I'm making my way
I go solo, oh, I go solo
I'm making my way home
I'm making my way

Mar 20, 2020

Support Artists Impacted By the Covid-19 Pandemic • 2020

To raise even more awareness around the pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere, we’re waiving our revenue share on sales today (Friday, March 20th, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much needed money directly into artists’ pockets.

Smells Like Nanna's House • all my happiness is gone • 2019

Mar 15, 2020

prettything • One More July • 2020

As the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for IV League, Venutti has accomplished a lot - from a successful string of radio singles, to playing some of the best festivals in Australia such as Falls Festival, St Jerome's Laneway Festival, The Blurst of Times and BIGSOUND. As prettything, she is a very different artist - a quieter, less rock frontwoman and a more sensitive soul with a songwriting focus on what's happening around her and a self-aware observational glance at the world.
She explains: "'One More July' reflects on the way that memories and regrets can be drummed up by the arrival of a season or time in the year. Like a lot of my writing, I wanted to evoke a wistful sense of nostalgia. It’s quite a bittersweet little tune."

Big Fox • Sad Eyes • 2020

“‘Beast’ draws similarity to Warpaint’s back catalogue with the string melody, although Perers’ vocals are more heavenly than haunting”

“Big Fox has heart, depth, and more recently a newly developed perspective”

“A significant musical and personal return, Big Fox’s “All I’m Trying” is a breathtakingly confessional, raw folk song of love full of connection, depth, and emotional surrender”

The Dears • The Worst In Us • 2020

The Dears’ 2003 breakthrough album No Cities Left was a crepuscular, romantic soundtrack to uncertain times. 9/11. War. The looming economic crisis. Nearly two decades later, as Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak began work on Lovers Rock, the world’s mood felt eerily similar

“There’s a direct line between the sort of doominess of No Cities Left and this album,” says Lightburn. “You could go straight from Lovers Rock to No Cities Left and it’s like they're interlocked. But it's a different kind of doom.  Around 2001, it felt like, ‘We have no control. We don't know what's going to happen next.’ Now it’s a doom that's within our grasp. It’s in the air. It’s between us. But we do nothing about it.”

Ivytide • Blurr • 2020

Ivytide is an indie band from Montreal, QC. Founding members Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Kyle Ruggiero (bass) and Jamie Snytte (guitar) met at a recording studio, where they started to develop chemistry in their songwriting. The band’s songs emerge from a collaboration in production from all members, with keyboards provided by Adam Nutbey, and drums from Daniel Smilovitch.

"Blurr" is the first single off Ivytide's upcoming EP. Lead by a chorus with a catchy melody, the song’s dreamy and washed-out vibe embodies the feeling of distance. The mixture of lo-fi hip-hop drums and an unexpected beat switch come together to form a fresh, upbeat, yet chill tune, that draws on pop, indie and RnB elements.

Mar 14, 2020

ROOKIE • "Sunglasses" • 2020

ROOKIE’s modern take on timeless American rock ‘n’ roll pulls from all corners of the sonic map; it’s familiar but fresh, lived-in but blown-out. It’s the ‘70s/’80s pop-rock sheen of Cheap Trick, three-minute precision songwriting of Big Star, loose Neil Young Americana, and hazy, psych-flavored boogie of the Allman Brothers and Thin Lizzy. Though barely able to comfortably fit on most stages, once they’re plugged in and smooshed together it’s a potent blend of power chords, blistering leads, and performance prowess beyond their years.

Wolf & Moon • The Road • 2020

Berlin based, Wolf & Moon is gearing up to launch their sophomore album in September of 2020 and continue touring in Europe and North America. The Road is the debut single from that album, and is a radical glimpse into Wolf & Moon’s sonic evolution. The Road shares with us a Darker, more troubled side of this usually bright and shiny duo. This new exploration comes complete with crunchier guitar lines and a more discordant vocal presence, equally inspired by garage rock, shoegaze and their mainstay folk sounds. The Road finds Stef & Dennis questioning their world. This snapshot in time revolves around the lyrical theme “How would you really know what you’ve got?” In asking the listener this question, Wolf & Moon highlights the instability of the world. How does one take an inventory of their circumstance as we travel along the road of life, if the road of life is ever changing? 

Georgia Maq • Cold Summer • 2020

You couldn’t do any better and I couldn’t do any worse 
We were sat there spitting of the edge of the earth 
Lights all off, somebody’s home 
I spent most nights alone, like you do 
I wanna be crushed by you 

It was the coldest summer I had ever known 
Cried all night when you said that you had to go back home 
Visit the past, don’t stay long 
My heart burns here without you, do you? 
I wanna be crushed by you 

I need to tell you what I saw, I’m blinded by belief 
You keep seeing white and gold but it’s all black and blue to me 
Except for you 
I wanna be crushed by you 

Find me where the sun sets, breathing with the fire 
And if you need it, I could bear the weight for a while 
Kids in trees, hot concrete 
I feel closer to god when I’m with you
I wanna be crushed by you 

Close is a feeling

Sunday Records • Somewhere In England • 2020

“Somewhere In England” is a Sunday Records 30th-anniversary release. A tribute to one of Sunday’s favorite electronic pop band They Go Boom!! 

Fenne Lily • Hypochondriac • 2020

Signed in 2020 to Dead Oceans (Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Phoebe Bridgers). Her vocals appeared on an Aldous Harding track, she toured with Lucy Dacus and she self-released the John Parish co-produced "On Hold" LP in 2018, which might still be available from UK stores like:

Mar 12, 2020

mxmtoon • quiet motions • 2020

On this shimmering new song, Maia embraces the underrated beauty of solitude.

Maia says of the song, 

“One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my short time so far on this earth is that finding comfort in your own company is a wonderful thing. As an introvert, it’s always been a practice of mine to recluse and hangout by myself as a way to recharge my energy, and I think finding those quiet moments throughout my weeks has kept me sane throughout life. The “quiet motions” of pouring yourself a cup of tea, turning on the TV, or lighting a candle, can all be pieces of a puzzle that help you to maintain calmness throughout the chaos of the world. quiet motions is about just that, the comfort in the alone moments. It’s not a bad thing to recluse, and being content solo can be extremely fulfilling and healthy in the long run.”

Mar 10, 2020

Perfume Genius • "Describe" • 2020

The last time Mike Hadreas released a Perfume Genius album was in 2017, when he unveiled No Shape, one of the best albums of the decade. Since then, Hadreas has gone from a cultishly beloved art-pop auteur to grazing the outskirts of the mainstream, with his songs beginning to permeate the atmosphere more and more by way of frequent TV and movie syncs. It was enough to make you wonder what might happen when he released the followup to No Shape, and it turns out we won’t have to wonder much longer. The fifth Perfume Genius album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, will be out in May. SG

No bells anymore
Just my stomach rumbling
Can you describe them for me?
Can you describe them for me?
The lock on the door
Is barely holding
Can you just wait here with me?
Can you just wait here with me?
His love it felt like ribbons
An echo in the canyon
His love it felt like ribbons
An echo in the canyon
Can you just find him for me?
Can you describe them for me?
Can you just find him for me?

Another Sky • Brave Face • 2020

A group of people posing for the camera
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Having confidently stepped into the spotlight with their performance of ‘Chillers’ on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ in October 2018, Another Sky’s following 12 months saw them earning praise from Paste, NPR, The FADER, and more. Their first two EPs Life Was Coming in Through the Blinds and Forget Yourself featured a plethora of unflinching, cinematic tracks, with politically charged lyrics and apt social observations. 

Mar 7, 2020

Clem Snide • "Some Ghost" • 2020

Clem Snide, the moniker of Eef Barzelay, shares the new single "Some Ghost" from his first album in five years, Forever Just Beyond, out on March 27 via Ramseur Records/Thirty Tigers. Scott Avett, who produced the record, co-wrote and provided harmonies on the new single as well. Pre-save the album and get "Some Ghost" and previous singles "Don't Bring No Ladder" and "Roger Ebert"

Clem Snide Tour Dates:
Mar 25 - Nashville, TN - Grimey's New & Preloved Music
Mar 26 - Atlanta, GA – Eddie’s Attic
Mar 28 - Wake Forest, NC - Wake Forest Listening Room
Apr 1 - New York, NY – City Vineyard
Apr 3 - Northampton, MA – Parlor Room
Apr 4 - Boston, MA - Haymarket Lounge at City Winery
Apr 7 - Pittsburgh, PA – Club Café
Apr 8 - Cleveland, OH – Beachland Tavern
Apr 9 - Columbus, OH - Natalie's Music Hall & Kitchen
Apr 10 - Lake Orion, MI – 20 Front Street
Apr 11 - Berwyn, IL - FitzGerald's
Apr 16 - Phoenixville, PA - The Colonial Theatre (ft. Scott Avett)
Apr 17 - New York, NY - City Winery (ft. Scott Avett)
Apr 19 - Alexandria, VA - Birchmere (ft. Scott Avett)
Apr 22 - Nashville, TN - The Basement

Unicorns at Heart • Fixture • 2020

"grooves methodically while its melody worms its way into your head" -

Haim • The Steps • 2020

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and Danielle Haim, the clip features the band hastily putting on makeup and getting dressed — spitting out toothpaste and smearing lipstick on the mirror before jumping into the pool. “Every time I think that I’ve been taking the steps/You end up mad at me for making a mess,” they sing, supported by a thrashing guitar riff. Later, Danielle pounds on the drums, with streaks of lipstick across her tank top.

Hannah Georgas • That Emotion • 2020

Hannah met Aaron around the release of her Polaris Prize-nominated album For Evelyn and they began working together in early 2018 in a process that ran through the first half of 2019, before she spent the back half of the year touring as a member of The National in support of their album I Am Easy To Find. It's a really wonderful partnership, as Hannah's a great songwriter with an effortless sense of melody and the production is consistently elegant and interesting, particularly in the way it subverts the pop structures of the arrangements with an unusual blend of textures, which is beautifully encapsulated on this first single.

Tour Dates
Apr 08 - Stuttgart, DE @ Im Wizemann (Studio)
Apr 11 - Nyon, CH @ La Parenthése
Apr 12 - Zurich, CH @ Helsinkiklub
Apr 14 - Munich, DE @ Heppel & Etlich
Apr 16 - Dresden, DE @ Dresden Polimagie Festival
Apr 17 - Cologne, DE @ Artheater
Apr 19 - Berlin, DE @ Auster Club
Apr 20 - Rees, DE @ Haldern Pop Bar
Apr 22 - London, UK @ Sebright Arms

Mar 6, 2020

Beachtape • Somewhere Better • 2020

Wanted to highlight the quote from the band for a flavour of the themes - gradual change and the shifting perspectives and moments of reflection this entails:

“It’s about change. The inevitable changes in our future, and reflecting on changes from our past. The idea of something feeling so significant in the moment, but becoming so insignificant over time and vice versa. Our lives in and outside of the band have changed a lot over the last year and we’re all in completely different places to what we may have imagined a year ago.” 

Chrysalism • YOUR NAME HERE • 2020

“essential romanticism” CLASH

“equal parts melancholic and mesmerising” DIY

“Chrysalism creates late night music for broken hearts” The Line of Best Fit

“the gentle, yet breaking tone of his voice is juxtaposed by dreamy instrumentation” Lyrical Lemonade

Mar 4, 2020

The Airborne Toxic Event • "Come On Out" • 2020

"Come on Out" is about the night I ran away from home when I was 11 years old. It's also about child abuse and anger and the oddly dangerous world of children.