Mar 14, 2020

Wolf & Moon • The Road • 2020

Berlin based, Wolf & Moon is gearing up to launch their sophomore album in September of 2020 and continue touring in Europe and North America. The Road is the debut single from that album, and is a radical glimpse into Wolf & Moon’s sonic evolution. The Road shares with us a Darker, more troubled side of this usually bright and shiny duo. This new exploration comes complete with crunchier guitar lines and a more discordant vocal presence, equally inspired by garage rock, shoegaze and their mainstay folk sounds. The Road finds Stef & Dennis questioning their world. This snapshot in time revolves around the lyrical theme “How would you really know what you’ve got?” In asking the listener this question, Wolf & Moon highlights the instability of the world. How does one take an inventory of their circumstance as we travel along the road of life, if the road of life is ever changing? 

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