Mar 15, 2020

prettything • One More July • 2020

As the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for IV League, Venutti has accomplished a lot - from a successful string of radio singles, to playing some of the best festivals in Australia such as Falls Festival, St Jerome's Laneway Festival, The Blurst of Times and BIGSOUND. As prettything, she is a very different artist - a quieter, less rock frontwoman and a more sensitive soul with a songwriting focus on what's happening around her and a self-aware observational glance at the world.
She explains: "'One More July' reflects on the way that memories and regrets can be drummed up by the arrival of a season or time in the year. Like a lot of my writing, I wanted to evoke a wistful sense of nostalgia. It’s quite a bittersweet little tune."

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