May 28, 2011

Silver Jews "Sleeping Is The Only Love"

Mixtapes - Hope is for People [2011]

Genre: Punk-Pop
The songs on Hope is for People are classic pop punk - fast, frantic, and fun, regardless of the subject matter. One of the many things that punk music is really good at is wrapping up difficult emotions in an unbeatable sense of joy and abject fucking hope, and Mixtapes do both really well. § ruckus

May 27, 2011

Covers from the Month of May [2011]

Genre: Indie / Pop / Rock / Punk / Experimental

Here is my latest instalment of covers from around the planet. I am feeling soggy these days, so my selections might reflect my tone... I have started building my boat, I hope you are all doing the same - any day now the river banks will unleash a torrent of water and waste our hearts away.


Track list:
Crying (Roy Orbison Cover)                 2:45 Austra
Disintegration (The Cure cover)              4:16 Covers Project Snow & Voices
Fifty-Fifty Clown (Cocteau Twins)           3:29 Cold Mailman
mad world                                             2:27 bakers at dawn
Addicted to Love (Robert Palmer cover) 4:51 The Good Gods
I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton… 3:09 Howth
Emma's House (The Field Mice cover)         3:42 Seapony
There is a Light                                     2:45 Sick Sick Sicks The Dads
Naked As We Came (Iron And Wine C…   2:47 Hilltop Covers Hilltop Sunset
Borderline (Sufjan Stevens cover)           2:50 Inlets
Across The Universe                             3:18 Jamie Righetti
Smells Like Teen Spirit                          3:40 Replay I Nonex
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutr… 3:40 Holly House / Shoot The Mountain
Final Form (Everything Everything Co… 4:10 Lianne La Havas
Strangelove                                          3:16 Bat for Lashes
Need You Now (Architecture in Helsi… 3:53 Cut Copy
Rebellion (Arcade Fire Cover)                  3:12 Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Smalltown Boy (bronski beat cover)         3:44 20 Odd Years buck 65 + gentleman reg

May 7, 2011

Nodding by the Fire - At home in the wilderness [2011]

Genre: Indie Instrumental Pop

At home in the wilderness is the last album of the spanish instrumental band Nodding by the Fire. You can download it for free here and watch live videos in Acordes Urbanos. Awesome album; A great weekender record.

Download / Bandcamp

iron and wine - love vigilantes live

Iron & Wine @ Fingerprints in Long Beach, CA on 5/10/09 - awesome song from an awesome singer songwriter. I want more...

Old Calf - Feedback Session

You can't get any better than this, sitting around listening to Ned Oldham folk out his music... Just like grandpa use to do! Love it... Enjoy!

May 3, 2011

Old Calf - Borrow a Horse [2011]

Genre: Indie Folk
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Old Calf formed as a duo in the small, but musically vibrant town of Charlottesville, VA by Ned Oldham (The Anomoanon, Palace Music) and accordionist Marty Metcalfe, slowly accruing members on route to recording their debut album. Michael Clem (bass, mandola, dead-on harmonies) and Brian Caputo(percussion) round out the group of Southern gentlemen, who tightened up their sound rehearsing in Ned's garage, and performing around town on weekend nights... While Will Oldham has spent two decades cultivating a certain cryptic obscurity as the leader of Palace and under the name Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, his brother and former sideman, Ned Oldham, became obscure the old-fashioned way: by keeping a low profile while crafting steady, understated folk-rock. Ned’s long-running band The Anomoanon has given way to a new outfit called Old Calf, but if its debut album, Borrow A Horse, is any indication, he hasn’t changed his stripes.

May 2, 2011

Retox Panic - Sound of Steel (official video)

Have a listen to this new comp of Young songs. Excellent listen!