May 3, 2011

Old Calf - Borrow a Horse [2011]

Genre: Indie Folk
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Old Calf formed as a duo in the small, but musically vibrant town of Charlottesville, VA by Ned Oldham (The Anomoanon, Palace Music) and accordionist Marty Metcalfe, slowly accruing members on route to recording their debut album. Michael Clem (bass, mandola, dead-on harmonies) and Brian Caputo(percussion) round out the group of Southern gentlemen, who tightened up their sound rehearsing in Ned's garage, and performing around town on weekend nights... While Will Oldham has spent two decades cultivating a certain cryptic obscurity as the leader of Palace and under the name Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, his brother and former sideman, Ned Oldham, became obscure the old-fashioned way: by keeping a low profile while crafting steady, understated folk-rock. Ned’s long-running band The Anomoanon has given way to a new outfit called Old Calf, but if its debut album, Borrow A Horse, is any indication, he hasn’t changed his stripes.

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