Jul 31, 2014

City and The Sea - Venture single - 2014

Fierce and melodic rock 'n' roll band from Hamilton. The guitars are loud but the harmonies are sweet.

Royal Tusk - Mountain - 2014

label: hidden pony

Recently signing to Hidden Pony (Said The Whale, Elephant Stone, Rah Rah, Jeremy Fisher) and releasing their debut, Mountain EP these Albertan rockers aren't finished promoting their new songs just yet. They've wrapped up their Canada-wide tour and have released a brand new video for "Shadow of Love".

we shall be weightless - ep one & two - 2014

Two mini eps from Redding CA. Mixes of indie, dream pop and shoegaze all rolled up in a nice little package.

brought to you by Around Town Collective

Jul 30, 2014

Yakuri Cable - Beginnings - 2013

This is a bit of an older release, but oh boy is it ever good. I am glad to have found it!
Scotland is never short of great musicians, Yakuri is no exception; prefect indie pop with great strumming and vocal accompaniment to brighten up the lows in all of us.

TV Girl - French Exit - 2014

knut -Thomas: It's hard to see anyone knocking this LP from being number one on my 2014 list. just the cover itself is a winner, and it reminds me of the beautiful artwork made by the spanish Siesta label... And the music is just adorable......a perfect pop record!

Clayton Giles: Excellent, dreamy, sunny-side-up indie pop with enough musical and lyrical hooks to catch a giant squid. The polish of the music is contrasted by edgy lyrics, eg. "When her letter came he didn't cry/he wrapped her pantyhose around his eyes." Nice lyrical reference to Dylan.

Shiny Times - 2014

A beautiful two song release of pure dream pop bliss... 
Leaves me wanting more!

Roman Ruins - Homebuilding - 2014

Homebuilding is the debut album by 31 year-old Oakland-based songwriter and producer Graham Hil (Roman Ruins). Hill is an architect and landscape designer, with a thirst for methodical and process-oriented craft. Since 2008, Hill has played drums on tour with Beach House and Papercuts, and contributed to the recording of the former's critically lauded album, Teen Dream. Hill began constructing these songs while on tour in Europe in early 2010, daydreaming in the van about his pregnant wife at home. Following the birth of their son that summer, it became clear that Hill was ushering in a family of songs about the process of growing a home, both architecturally and spiritually. 

James Rabbit - for Ron and Russell Mael - 2014

Pop conglomerate California Bay Area playing freaky sweet quirky indie pop with a lot of sunny character.

Jul 28, 2014

The Dreadful Horoscope - Finding Everybody in Yourself - 2014

A band with an unsavory past confronts the demons of modernity in a romantic tell-all on this never-before-heard 36 minute compact disc! Bear witness to the dramatic moment when history and biography collide, the ancient self is uncovered, and total socio-spiritual equilibrium is achieved!

Some old songs that sat unfinished in the computer, some new songs, some recorded with a laptop microphone, some recorded with a cellphone, some recorded with a field recorder, many with tracks recorded years apart, some recorded in one take. 

All the Friends - 2014

Liking this chamber pop out of Northampton... well done.

LAMC split 7 inch Series - 2012 - 2014

We are launching the LAMC split 7” series in loving memory Ariel Panero, our dear friend and a partner in Famous Class.

The series gets its name from the epic Less Artists More Condos concerts that Ariel threw, showcasing amazing bands in some strange and unique venues. Ariel’s driving force was a desire to get the bands he believed in the recognition he felt they deserved. This series simply tries to honor that idea.

For each LAMC split 7” we ask one of our favorite bands to provide us with an unreleased track for the A-side. We then asked them to pick their favorite emerging artist to provide a track for the B-side. Ariel’s LAMC shows introduced New Yorkers to bands they might not have otherwise discovered – we hope that this series will do the same. We’ll also make the tracks available on the FAMOUS CLASS bandcamp page with 100% of the digital proceeds going to the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund at VH1 Save the Music.

We’ve got a bunch of these bad boys coming at you – stay tuned from more details as they come.

No.1: A Place to Bury Strangers/ Ceremony -April 10th 2012
No.2: Future Islands/ Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – July 17th 2012
No.3: Thee Oh Sees/ The Mallard – September 25th 2012
No.4: Deerhoof/ Half Waif – October 23rd 2012
No.5: HUNX/ Cassie Ramone – January 22nd 2013
No.6: Cass McCombs/ White Magic – February 19th 2013
No.7: Ty Segall/ Chad & the Meatbodies – April 30th 2013
No.8: Xiu Xiu/ Lawrence English – June 11th 2013
No.9: Lower Dens/ Horse Lords – June 25th 2013
No.10: Fuzz/ CCR Headcleaner – January 21st 2014
No.11: Mikal Cronin/ WAND – April 1st 2014
No. 12: White Fence/ Jack Name – September 2nd 2014
No. 13: Parquet Courts/ Future Punx – September 16th 2014
No. 14: Speedy Ortiz/ Chris Weisman – October 7th 2014

See famous Class' Bandcamp Page for all the releases...

Hayden Skaggs - Thistill - 2014

Country flare with a folk sentiment; Hayden Skaggs has got a deep rooted voice that fits very well with the bluegrass textures he puts over it...

woodburner - beforehand with the world - 2014

wonderful harmonies from Austin, TX...

Jul 27, 2014

Clem Snide's Journey - 2011

Inspired by Clem Snide's 2010 performance of "Faithfully" for the Onion AV Club's undercover series.

Jul 26, 2014

Touurs - Stay - 2011

"It’s hard to describe when an electronic musician makes a leap toward humanity. The line is so thin, so arguable that I’d challenge anyone to debate it’s very existence. But, for however hazy quantifying that quality may be, there’s always a deep dark feeling in my gut when I feel it true. It’s a feeling stuck somewhere between the epic nostalgia and next line of coke. Philadelphia based, [Touurs], has it. And when you got it, flaunt it." 

Ion "God has this on cassette tape."

SPORTS - Sunchokes - 2014

Female slackers rock! This is a bit garage, a bit punk and a whole lot of fun. 
Well done.

Lost Film - Demo - 2014

Lost Film is the minimalist guitar pop project of Jimmy Hewitt based in Northampton, MA. Formerly: Orca Orca.

two great tracks... worth a listen

Jul 24, 2014


Cutie bedroom pop songs... All short, sweet tunes

Jul 22, 2014

My Tulpa - Daymares - 2014

Well penned songs coming out of Massachusetts; endearing, linear songs with lo-fi intentions splattered throughout. Nice release.

Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra - Well Soon - 2014

Recorded from Fall 2013 to Spring 2014 in Kokomo, Kris's bonus room, Walters's parent's garage, a UCSB classroom, and Grandma Bunny's tool shed.

Craig Alan Hughes - A Short EP About Scotland - 2014

A multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer, Edinburgh-based Craig creates melodious indie-folk in the mould of Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley. 

With experience supporting the likes of Paolo Nutini, Two Door Cinema Club and US stars Rooney, Craig has been delighting the live scene in Scotland with his recent performances in the CCA, Voodoo Rooms, King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, and Queen’s Hall. 

"Will make a fantastic addition to Scotland's roster of world-class acts." 

“A born songwriter…captivating…Hughes will be a name on everyone’s lips.” 

Jul 21, 2014

The Autumn Stones - In With the Out Crowd - Single 2014

Vibrant horn and hook-laden jangle guitar provide bright counterpoint to the smooth, melancholic vocals and cerebral lyrics of Canadian dream pop band The Autumn Stones. Ciaran Megahey, voice/guitar; Michael K. Newton, bass; Matthew McLaughlin, drums; Gary Butler, saxophone.

Nice Legs - Lullaby Land - 2014

Cute, twee bedroom pop by a Korean group... The female vocals are adorable.
Nice release.

Darlings - Centuries of Light - Single 2014

From Darlings' forthcoming, as-yet-unnamed third LP

"A splash of lo-fi elegance. On its winning debut album 'Yeah I Know' this young New York band plays casually rendered garage-pop that’s masking an arched eyebrow.” - The New York Times

"'Yeah I Know' was a pop masterpiece of 2009. The band embodies everything a good young pop group should, with a slacker attitude that belies their technical ability.” - Impose Magazine

Crabapple - Is It You? - 2014

Equal parts coffee, feelings & pop. 
Crabapple started in winter 2011 to record a song about cats for a benefit comp and is made up of members of sourpatch, joyride!, no babies & dear marje.

Jul 20, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

I was having a good sleep in my car
In the parking lot of the Showboat Casino Hotel
I said, "I remember you! You drive like a PTA mother."
You brought me draft beer, in a plastic cup
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today

Happy, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me, and to you
Happy, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me, and to you

I'm feeling thankful for the small things today
I'm feeling thankful for the small things today

I said "I remember you, I crashed your wedding
With some orange crepe paper and some Halloween candy."
Sometimes I wish I were Catholic--I don't know why
I guess I'm happy to see your face at a time like this

Jul 19, 2014

Twin Cabins - Lakelove/If You Could - 2012

There are a couple of really cool summertime singles from Twin Cabins; they just ooze a summer vibe... Let the good times roll!

Twin Cabins/Rushmore, is the solo project of Nacho Cano. Cano, who was born in Mexico City, learned to play instruments at a young age and by his adolescence began to record and catalog his music. Being a bedroom producer/songwriter, these tracks represent a sense of dreams, loneliness and careless youth.

T E Morris - To Be Free - 2014

Mainly as an outlet for T E Morris of Her Name is Calla, but occasionally releasing friends music also...

Sparse, delicate songs... A great cover of LOW's Sunflowers; a must listen. Check out his site, it's great.

Sunsets and Hearts - 2010-2014

Sunsets and Hearts, is the project of Mexican American Artist, Car Gonzalez who likes to play around with chill wave, ambient, avant grade sounds... I have posted a few albums for your sampling.

Super Moon - 2014

… a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.

Memory In Plant - This Love - 2014

We are an unsigned band formed in 2013 in Tel­ Aviv, Israel.
Our sounds consist with extreme layers music.
The music is influenced by experimental, psychedelic, electronic and progressive rock. The lyrics consist with elements of space and time, with the additional human planting here and there. The songs structure is experimental and non-­traditional and was influenced by our special record methods .

Another day ends 
Before you give birth 
To this love 
Like a Ballerina in a Death's Head 
You make me scared 

An epic triumph 
Of an old queen 
On her broken stool 
Will bring an end to 
This love 

Another day ends 
And I feel 
I should warn you 

A tide is coming 
To sweep your love 
All over 
A tide is coming now

Goodnight, Sunrise - Bridgeburner - 2014

Goodnight, Sunrise is a 7.2 on the Richter scale. Goodnight, Sunrise is the feeling of orbiting the sun on the back of a unicorn. Goodnight, Sunrise is a 4-piece Toronto-based rock and roll hurricane pulling funk, metal, soul, pop and prog into its vortex. Goodnight, Sunrise is your birthday party.

Jul 15, 2014

Shipwrecks - unknown demos - 2014

I have always been a big fan of bedroom recordings, cause good songwriting starts in the most intimate of places. There is no doubt on these demos that Johnny Fabrizio wrote that there was heart and soul poured into each of these tracks. Simple, scratchy songs craved from where it matters most.

Shy and the Fight - First the Bird Fell - 2014

'They're a multi-legged, multi-instrumented scramble up the precipitous slopes of 20-something hearts, driven along by melodies that'd tan your backside if you dared to flag. There's nothing to buck trends here"
Adam Thomas Walton BBC Wales

VA – Wish I Was Here - 2014

All of these artists are so amazing and will bring that extra something special to the film (as all perfect soundtracks do). This soundtrack will be an instant classic and will have the same success and following that the “Garden State” soundtrack had (and still has). You’ll be saying “You gotta hear this one song, it’ll change your life, I swear.” about each and every one of these songs.


01. So Now What (The Shins)
02. Broke Window (Gary Jules)
03. The Mute (Radical Face)
04. Cherry Wine [Live] (Hozier)
05. Holocene (Bon Iver)
06. The Shining (Badly Drawn Boy)
07. Mexico (Jump Little Children)
08. Wish I Was Here (Cat Power And Coldplay)
09. Wait It Out (Allie Moss)
10. The Obvious Child (Paul Simon)
11. Breathe In [Feat. Wafia] (Japanese Wallpaper)
12. Heavenly Father (Bon Iver)
13. Raven’s Song (Aaron Embry)
14. Mend (The Weepies)
15. No One To Let You Down (The Head And The Heart)

The Bilinda Butchers - HEAVEN - 2014

Spacious experimental... expansive indie... 

Various Artists - Dressing Up - The EPOP Covers - 2014

EARDRUMS POP is a net-label closely related to the music blog Eardrums. We love warm and melodic music of all kinds, we believe in beautiful things you can see and hear, and we believe in working together, helping eachother and getting good music and good art out to the public. We do not believe in money, so all our releases are given away for free.

Jul 14, 2014

Mermaidens - O - 2014

Easy listening dream pop with a nice psychedelic edge to it; the female vocals are excellent - lots of soul in  her words...

Jul 13, 2014

Darren Hayman - DOG E​.​P. - 2014

Four songs about dogs recorded on 9/7/15 for Independent Label Market on 12/7/14 
Download of EP includes scans of all 20 of the original hand-painted covers.

"For me this is both a beautiful song on a literal level and an allegory for living the socialist life - 'you wish all the wrong things in the world could be right'... 'If we collect all the strays and make them feel safe, there'll be some more out there to keep us awake.'

Jul 12, 2014

Marine Life - Singles - 2014

Late 2012 coastal SF. Musical adventures of sound, sensibilities, friendship, melodies, pop images of blues & greens. Des- Terry-Rob-Rex-Marvin set sail ♫