Jul 19, 2014

Memory In Plant - This Love - 2014

We are an unsigned band formed in 2013 in Tel­ Aviv, Israel.
Our sounds consist with extreme layers music.
The music is influenced by experimental, psychedelic, electronic and progressive rock. The lyrics consist with elements of space and time, with the additional human planting here and there. The songs structure is experimental and non-­traditional and was influenced by our special record methods .

Another day ends 
Before you give birth 
To this love 
Like a Ballerina in a Death's Head 
You make me scared 

An epic triumph 
Of an old queen 
On her broken stool 
Will bring an end to 
This love 

Another day ends 
And I feel 
I should warn you 

A tide is coming 
To sweep your love 
All over 
A tide is coming now

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