Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sarah Pagé • Ephemeris Data • Pop Montréal

"Spellbinding" - Self-Titled Magazine

"Playing rhythm, accompaniment, accents, and even distorted ambient noise, Pagé is a leader in proving the harp’s versatility in both sound and role." - Paste Magazine

Mara Connor & Langhorne Slim • Someone New • 2019

LA native Mara Connor is excited to share her newest single, a lovelorn duet with Langhorne Slim titled "Someone New." The single, the second from Mara's as-yet-unannounced debut album, marks the debut release for Side Hustle Records -- hear "Someone New" via all DSPs HERE. The track and its accompanying video debuted via Consequence of Sound, who said, "Connor and Langhorne take opposite perspectives in the melancholy duet. Where Connor’s character is wrestling with her heartbreak... Langhorne’s is sorrowfully wishing she can find a way to move on." Those in New York City and Los Angeles will be able to catch Mara on June 8 at The Mercury Lounge(supporting The Pierces) and on August 29 at The Moroccan Lounge, respectively.

Colatura • Machine • 2019

"The track features a galloping drum line that maintains the pulse under a layer of cleanly distorted guitars and richly melodic bass. The track merges its influences into a unique hybrid consisting of power-pop bravado à la The Breeders with a surf rock motion to the rhythm." 
- Under The Radar

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Disintegration Revisited • 2019

TBTCI ends here and now, and our last adventure simply doesn´t need presentations, after all Disintegration is a masterpiece in block letters. For many, The Cure´s the best record, but it doesn´t matter, what really matters is that we all love it unconditionally, and that is enough. 

Friday, May 10, 2019

H- Burns • Actress • 2019

Field Medic • "used 2 be a romantic" • 2019

Image result for Field Medic - "used 2 be a romantic"

 I need a cigarette
Those fuckers talked over my whole set
But I don't have any time to reflect
I gotta sell some shirts to try and make the rent
I think I'm sick of transit
My anxiety is spinning on a compass
I used to be a romantic
Now I'm a dude in a laminate
I can't see shit, I'm blinded by the light
I swore that I'd quit but I need a drink tonight
I'm on the road with no one I love in sight
I swore that I'd quit but I need a drink tonight
And make that drink stiff
I gotta drown out this emptiness
I'm tired of playing all my old hits
But my new songs are too depressing
I'm hungover in a hotel bed
I'm gonna hop in a big red van
Go to some city, do it all again
I hope tonight it turns out different

Red Cabin • Here We Are • 2019

Sun Rain • Sheets • 2019

Sun Rain is ready to emerge with 'Sheets,' a gorgeous 8-track showcase of rich textural soundscapes infused with the emotional resonance of modern classical music.

KEØMA • Rich Man • 2019

KEØMA is a collaborative project between Sydney-born, Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Kat Frankie and Cologne-based singer-songwriter Chris Klopfer. Kat Frankie is a well-known character in the German music landscape via her soulful indie pop, dynamic live shows and collaborations with top-tier German acts (Clueso, Olli Schulz, Casper & Materia). Chris Klopfer hails from the indie rock world, writing in both English and German and duetting with some of Germany’s finest singer-songwriters (Gisbert zu Knyphausen, Moritz Krämer).

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stevie Kin • Tough • 2019


“Staring the forgotten, hidden things in the face” and shining a light in the deep, dark corners of the soul is a favorite pastime for lyricist, poet, and musician, Stevie Kin. And blossoming from the fertile ground of her self-exploration is her debut ep, ‘Petalsʼ— a collection of indie-pop-folk songs, buried in layers of dreamy synths and textures.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Cat Power • Horizon • 2019

Cat Power Announces Headlining Tour, Shares New Music Video

Directed by Greg Hunt, who oversaw direction for all four of the Wanderer music videos, “Horizon” features a cast of Marshall’s friends and loved ones, filmed both in New York City and L.A.

Fever Beam • Young Guns • 2019

"Young Guns" was recorded to tape by Simon Palombi of the Woolly Bushmen in Orlando, FL. It features Kasey Maloney on vocals and guitar, Dane Giordano on vocals and bass, Samantha Loder on vocals and drums, and features additional guitar and tambourine from Dennis Martinelli. About the track, Fever Beam says “Young Guns - a hellfire built on the barebones of lonesome nights and honey biscuits. And a sick VHS collection.”

Ponytails • Just Yours • 2019


We wanted to create a video that poked fun at the hilarity and absurdity of human nature; taking TGIF imagery and juxtaposing it with scenarios inspired by real life events. Unbelievable occurrences that feel more at home in the plot of a sitcom than they do on a BREAKING NEWS channel.

YSSY • Sooner • 2019

Toronto indie duo YSSY formed when singer-songwriter/producer Elliot Caroll and multi-instrumentalist/producer Simeon Abbott met on a first date and immediately bonded over a shared love of modern pop sounds and classic songcraft. 

PORCUPINE • "Distraction" • 2019

"Veteran Minneapolis indie rock band Porcupine now includes mustachioed chef and onetime Hüsker Dü bass-player Greg Norton."
-Brooklyn Vegan

"an EP filled with dreamy melodies riding over pounding drums and fuzzed-out guitar... While his work with Porcupine is distinct from Norton’s previous power trio, they pay homage to Norton’s Hüsker Dü past."

"Minneapolis band Porcupine features Greg Norton of legendary punk band Hüsker Dü. What You’ve Heard Isn’t Real even includes a cover of a Grant Hart written Husker song, “Standing By The Sea.”
-New Noise Magazine

 "the Minneapolis-based trio effectively channels a variety of ’80s alt-rock genres, primarily post-punk and new wave, with a few ’70s-inspired riffs interspersed here and there to increase the record’s catchiness."

Reflective Tapes #100 • 2019

REF-100 is a milestone I didn't think we'd ever reach with this little label. When I started "Reflective Tapes" I figured I'd just create an identity for all of my little one-offs and bands and stuff. Didn't expect to release a substantial amount of music, especially not bands I'm not in, but here we are! It's been a wonderful experience interacting with some of my best friends and favorite DIY bands/musicians in this context