Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Movie Brain - Breeder EP - 2016

Agent K(ahunasan) Shimmering pastoral light dreampop soundscapes.
Haunting vocals seeping in from the ether are great blend with the melodies on this EP.
Tracks flow from one to another seamlessly & it is all over much too soon.
Gently soothing to the soul; will definitely put your mind at Peace.

Lomelda - 4E* - 2016

a live solo performance of Lomelda's 'Forever' in full -- recorded by Andrew Hulett in Meadows Recital Hall in Waco, TX

Monday, April 25, 2016

Buddy Holliday - Victoria Street - 2016

"Victoria Street was recorded by Buddy Holiday (Jahan Kumarasinhe, Calum Newton and Bryce Wilson) over the course of a month in our share house in Flemington, Melbourne. The world doesn't need more celebrities, gadgets, fashion and doomsday clock culture, it just needs more people who care about people and the future generations that will inherit the world as we make it. In our own small way it'd be nice to say fuck you to the short sighted culture that ultimately feeds off the future for the short term gain of material comfort. Thank you to our friends for all the help, encouragement and enthusiasm to keep writing, playing shows and making music, we owe you all to the moon and back. See you all soon, xx BH" 

T E Morris - Covers - 2016

A collection of live and recorded demos from the past few years of varying quality. 
Free download x
Described by NME as 'massive, pastorally apocalyptic music" and by The Sun as 'rare and beautiful'.

attic abasement - Dream News - 2016


Dream News is slated for release in Spring 2016 on Father/Daughter Records. Exploring themes including war, indulgence, suicide, messiahs, the dream, and governance/corruption, the songs draw from a wider pool of sonic influence for Attic Abasement while still maintaining cohesion and focus.

moin moin - Dawn - 2016

Very beautiful understated release.

moin moin is Magdaléna, a singer songwriter from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

The Bin Bags - The Bin Bags - 2016

Heavy bass lines, slacker aura combine to make this a pretty nice listen.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Folk Today Project - ‘The Reason For Living' - 2016

The Folk Today Project are a new concept band from New Zealand whose sole purpose is to turn the folk world on its axis and revive the fundamental intention of folk music; to comment on society. ''The Reason For Living'' is a cleverly crafted response to modern day living, namely big city people preferring to live alone. The song explores this theme, whilst retaining melodic roots in traditional folk.

armaud - how to erase a plot - 2015

“Ten dewy buds, portrayed just before bloom. – 7/10″[Blow Up]

“Excellent debut, intimate and carefully embroidered: enriched by an electronic, slow-core heart … – 7/10” [The Wild Bunch]

“Armaud: delicate and poignant as dark and rich forests where to get lost. A heartfelt album, not to be missed. – 8.5/10” [Music Coast to Coast]

“An album far from obvious, considering it’s a debut: there is the desire to create something new, very international, where decisions are not taken certainly for ease of implementation or with the aim of pointing to the mainstream audience.” [Indie For Bunnies]

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Magnolia Electric Co. - Live At Cat's Cradle, September 25th, 2007