Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Joplin Rice - Farewell Station 2095 - 2017

joplin rice - voices/instruments/songs/words/cover art 

gorgeous bully - great blue - 2017

SPC ECO - Calm - 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Slow Leaves - Enough About Me - 2017

Slow Leaves is the project of Winnipeg’s Grant Davidson. His music calls to mind a 1970s California country-folk record newly discovered in your parent's attic. Slow Leaves writes deeply personal songs — reflections on an ordinary life where meaning is invented and comfort is found in the realization that there are no answers. Known for his easy delivery of sincere, poetic lyrics and lilting melodies, Slow Leaves’ songs linger in the timeless spaces where heart and humility endure.

01 Enough About Me
02 Careless And Serene
03 How Do I Say
04 Piece Of Advice
05 Love And Honesty And Kindness
06 Slow Leaves
07 Moth
08 Chinatown
09 Perpetual Sleep
10 Long Goodbye

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Slaughter Beach, Dog - Motorcycle​.​jpg - 2017

The Mod Fun - Past​.​.​.​Forward - 2017

Past...Forward is a retrospective of previously unreleased material, UK-only tracks, LP cuts and new mixes by brilliant New England '80s pop band The Mod Fun. This material was recorded from the winter of 1983 through the summer of '87. They were doing the “indie 3-piece” sound a decade before it became a fashionable commodity as part of the so-called “alternative” market. These are the songs of relationships gone bad, bad relationships (never) ending and, of course, psychedelics-induced visions and paranoia! 

Gel-Sol - Horse Head Bookends - 2017

Horse Head Bookends is the new full-length record from Andrew Reichel who performs and creates music under the moniker Gel-Sol. A long-time composer with multiple international releases and tours under his belt since 1998, Gel-Sol has been known for creating vast soundscapes, wild improvisations and intensely deep compositions. He uses a brazen approach to sampling- “plunderphonics” and philosophical take on genre- “Paracosmic” (parascosm being a fictional universe and his art existing in his own paracosm).