Sep 24, 2023

POSTDATA • Look To The Stars • 2023

"The melody and chorus lyrics for this song started as a lullaby for my son. I still sing for him a lot but there were times where it was like 30 minutes of singing and he wouldn’t be sleeping… you sing the same songs a lot but there are points where that’s just boring or there’s just a nice feeling in the room and you just venture into writing mode, I guess.

"Irresistibly bouncy"
Backseat Mafia

"The track offers a breath of lightness with hints of joy and love within the driving pop sounds. GEM."
Austin Town Hall

"The gigantic Indie pop of 'Inside Out' sounding like Arcade Fire on galloping uppers [...] Proof that inventive, envelope-pushing indie rock hasn't disappeared off the map just yet" ****

"This album is a triumph – intimate, irresistible, bright, and hopeful, with songs that spellbind you from the first listen." 9/10
God Is In The TV

"An album that is never quite content occupying the middle-ground, bouncing between life-affirming zeal and ruminative numbers; a contemplative yet gleefully escapist spirit that feels at once incongruous but befitting an anarchic state of catharsis" 8/10
Line Of Best Fit

Sep 22, 2023

Neptune's Core • Bunga • 2023

"Their age belies the sophistication of the songwriting and instrumentation...classic alternative era with delicate fragile quiet moments exploding into loud dynamics."
"[On 'Called Upon'], The songs have a kind of ineffable delicacy, and when each of them builds, as they almost always do, into a powerful climax, none of the parts get lost or seem inessential."
"The EP’s measured performances focus the frenzy of Neptune’s Core’s earlier work without sacrificing its charm—they’ve advanced dramatically in their handling of pacing and dynamics, making this their most accomplished release yet."
"A described as a cross-between alt-rock and singer-songwriter tunes with strong harmonies…like a mix of Soccer Mommy, Fiona Apple, The Bangles, and Vivian Girls with smart arrangements and terrific lead vocals. Powerful indie rock that transcends their youth…echoes the sound of great women’s rock like Courtney Barnett…such a pleasant surprise.” 

Sep 21, 2023

Pony Girl • Highways • 2023

Ottawa-Hull-based indie-rock band Pony Girl are masters of art pop, invigorating stages with a prismatic sound that’s all their own. After last year's release of their debut LP with Paper Bag Records (and third LP in general), Enny One Wil Love You, now, Pony Girl is sharing another new record, Laff It Off, on 10/27 via Paper Bag Records.


Sep 15 - Radio-Hull Festival
Nov 2 - Hamilton @ The Casbah
Nov 3 - Toronto @ Monarch Tavern
Nov 4 - Sudbury @ The Townehouse
Nov 9 - Montreal @ The Diving Bell Social Club
Nov 10 - Ottawa @ Club SAW
Nov 11 - Kingston @ The Broom Factory
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Sep 20, 2023

πŸŽ™️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 4: Jill Andrews

What a treat I have for all you lovers of music! The great singer-songwriter Jill Andrews joined me for a wonderful conversation about life, music and family. With a new record in hand entitled Modern Age released this past August, Jill shared stories about her first beginnings in music, the amazing collaborators that inspired her career, a look back over her catalogue, and what the future holds. Jill is an inspiring person, with amazing thoughts on her career and some solid advice for beginning musicians. Be sure to check her out on the road in the US and Europe in the near future. As always listen to the end, as Jill chose the single 80s Baby that plays right after our chat. 
Enjoy πŸŽ™️ 

Sep 16, 2023

Sarah Mary Chadwick • Messages To God • 2023

"... a mighty impactful portrait of grief, recovery and vulnerability. Alternately bruising, funny and thought-provoking, it is a testament to one of the 21st century’s most powerful songwriters."
The Line of Best Fit

"…few other singer-songwriters currently working can write with such gut-wrenching clarity."
- The Guardian

"...Sarah Mary Chadwick has a voice unlike anyone else. Her lyricism is brutal and raw, and her records are a wholly consuming affair. Chadwick is just as spellbinding live – it’s hard to look away."
The Sydney Morning Herald

Sep 14, 2023

San Fermin • Arms • 2023

Since the band’s beginnings in 2013, San Fermin’s ambitious scope has taken them across a variety of genres, attracting an eclectic group of collaborators that reflect Ludwig-Leone’s own wide-ranging musical background. Prominent indie musicians (Wye Oak, The Districts), notable featured vocalists (Lucius, Samia), contemporary classical luminaries (Nico Muhly, Attacca Quartet), and folk artists (Sam Amidon) have lent their efforts to the breadth of San Fermin’s studio albums, belying Ludwig-Leone’s restless musical imagination and desire for constant reinvention and collaboration.

Sep 13, 2023

Fences • Werewolf Palm (Directors Cut) • 2023

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter/guitarist Christopher Mansfield, who records under the Fences moniker, has unveiled his long-awaited new album 'Bright Soil' on Enci Records.

Stream the new album 'Bright Soil' on DSPs:

'Bright Soil' spotlights not only a time of monumental changes in Mansfield's life, but is perhaps his most cohesive album to date.

Sep 12, 2023

Great Lake Swimmers • "Promise Of Spring” • 2023

Great Lake Swimmers release another video from their newest album, Uncertain Country (Harbour Songs / Fontana), with “Promise Of Spring.”  The video, “was shot at the Silver Spire church in St. Catharines, Ontario, and is a peak behind the curtain at the recording sessions that took place in early December 2020.   Although the song itself would take a few major twists and turns, the bed tracks were done live-off-the-floor, wearing masks and practicing social distancing in the middle stages of the pandemic, which at that point still had no end in sight.  I love how you can really feel the room in this song,” says lead singer and songwriter, Tony Dekker.

Sep 10, 2023

corner club • when i die • 2023

"Casual bits of sound make their way into corner club’s field-like, ambience-heavy repository...Moving with the spontaneity and vicissitudes of life, corner club’s music is of an autobiographical quality...'little love lullabies,' like so, speaks with earnestness."

"Emotive and ethereal single “dreaming (ζ’¦δΈ­),” featuring a stripped-down soundscape of layered vocals and acoustic guitars...the track is melancholic and heartfelt as it draws from personal experiences to deliver a comforting listen."

"They're definitely ones to watch in 2023..The moody bedroom pop track ['whenever you're ready'] features whimsical vocals and a soft coolness that contrasts with the hilarious and somewhat petty lyrics."

Metric • Who Would You Be For Me • 2023

The song “Who Would You Be For Me” is a throwback lullaby set in NYC in 2002. All the action takes place in Tompkins Square Park, in a subway car, and at the cafΓ© on St. Marks Place where I worked as a waitress when we were getting our start. Automatic behaviors and patterns are often fairly easy to flag in others but can be a riddle to spot in yourself. In life and in love, all the emphasis in your mind can default to being what someone else wants until it dawns on you to consider your own desire. I could be the girl for you, but who would you be for me? 

Sep 8, 2023

πŸŽ™️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 3: Gold Connections

Indie Rock/Power Pop outfit Gold Connections joined me from their homes in New Orleans to chat about their musical journey and their 2nd full-length record coming out in 2024. As well, Will Marsh and cousin Frazer discussed their influences, the guts of the new record, and finally we parted with some amazing words of wisdom for fellow DYI artists. Can’t wait for the new record to drop in the new year. Stay tune at the end of our chat for the featured single, “Confession.” Enjoy.


“There’s something undeniably catchy about the music of Gold Connections.” 
- NPR 

Sep 6, 2023

POSTDATA • Run Wild • 2023

"I’m someone who really tries to help and please people around me as much as I can. I think there’s alot to be learned from that. And it’s just important. But if it becomes this default position it can come at a cost... maybe there’s space to not be that person all the time... maybe its okay to sometimes allow yourself the freedom to make space for yourself and live in that. I think Behind You from he last record sort of starts the thought and this expands on it somewhat..."

"'Run Wild' is an escape into a new world of colorful sounds that will make your ordinary day feel extraordinary."
Fame Magazine

"'Try,' reflects the palpable sense of magic, possibility and light that Murphy has infused into his upcoming record, which wraps encouragement and self-discovery within a vibrant indie rock odyssey."

"Irresistibly bouncy"
Backseat Mafia

"The track offers a breath of lightness with hints of joy and love within the driving pop sounds. GEM."
Austin Town Hall

Ursa Major Revelation • Big Baby • 2023

"['Big Baby' is ] a glowing mix of memorable sounds that mesh well over Rose’s breathtaking vocal performance"

"Opening with layered beats and melodic instrumentation that cushion haunting vocal lines, the track unfolds as a story about falling in love with someone who is trying to escape their decade long heroin addiction [...] Celebrating the uplifting idea that everyone deserves love, the track makes for a soulful and hypnotic listen."

Sep 5, 2023

Vicky von Vicky • Not The Man • 2023

Originating in the late 1990s, the band took a hiatus in 2001. Now, after almost two decades, Vicky von Vicky has regrouped with a renewed focus on songwriting and collaboration. They delve into themes of love, loss, and life experiences, expressing themselves with candidness, vulnerability and a big serving of humour.

The Velvet Hands • Meet Me In The City • 2023

The band released their second album ‘Sucker Punch’ earlier this year to widespread praise. Delivering coming-of-age tales with slacker-rock sensibilities, the album combined the punchy guitar licks of The Strokes or Parquet Courts with rousing punk choruses reminiscent of The Clash or The Vaccines. The ten-track LP was recorded by John Logan at The Cube Studios in Cornwall, produced and mixed by John Logan and JamX Jules at Par Studios and mastered by the legendary John Cornfield (The Stone Roses, Supergrass, Muse).

Sep 3, 2023

πŸŽ™️ ifitbeyourwill Ep. 2 • Nicholas Krgovich


Canadian singer-songwriter Nicholas Krgovich joined me from vacationing in Croatia with his beloved family to catch up with us on his process, his journey and his future. Nick’s music tugs at the heart, connecting you to forgotten memories as he continually discovers the endless possibilities of pop music. His previous bands, P:ano, No Kids and Gigi plus a mountain of collaborations makes Nick one of Canada’s most prolific artists with a massive musical catalogue dating back to his teenage years. Though music is not his day job, he stays on top of his craft by making it his routine rather than a vocation. Check out Nick’s latest record, Ducks, a contemplative series of songs reflecting his self-awareness and confidence in what he does. Enjoy πŸŽ™️ 

Aug 30, 2023

The Ocean Blue • Denmark • 2023

The new music video for “Denmark”, the lead single from The Ocean Blue’s first independently released album, DAVY JONES’ LOCKER, newly remastered and available on all streaming platforms, as well as on color or black vinyl and CD from The Ocean Blue:
"Denmark" is a classic Ocean Blue song, and the beautiful, intellectual and sophisticated video by Zeke Anders captures it brilliantly. The first line of the song "Like mist or a daydream, made of substance can you feel it?” begins a lyrical trip into musings on the past, the present moment, and the future direction of the band. The setting is the band’s tour of Denmark, with all that country’s timeless Nordic beauty, at a time which marked a turning point for the band and its members. The video by Anders does an amazing job of capturing all of these themes and moods. Better to see it than explain it.

With the release of their self-titled debut, The Ocean Blue quickly achieved widespread acclaim and radio & MTV airplay with top 10 Modern Rock/College Radio hits like "Between Something and Nothing", "Drifting, Falling", and "Vanity Fair". Followed by Cerulean, Beneath the Rhythm and Sound , and See The Ocean Blue, the band's fanbase grew with each release.

Amanda Palmer, The Righteous Babes • The Last Day of our Acquaintance • 2023

Woods • Little Black Flowers • 2023

“It's wild to think that Woods are coming up on their 20th anniversary as a band and […] they have a sound that ages especially well.” — Brooklyn Vegan
“Woods’ dreamy, pastoral soundscapes continue to mature as they approach 20 years as a band, and ‘Between the Past’ and ‘White Winter Melody’ unfold a feeling of continual growth.” — Paste
"Perennial moves aptly between the pastoral and the cinematic and brims with the quiet emotion of a well-travelled set of music makers still discovering new truths about themselves." — Shindig! (****)