Sunday, May 20, 2018

Howe Gelb - Label Pop Session - 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

MATT DORRIEN - In the Key of Grey - 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Papur Wal - Siegfried Sassoon - 2018

Libertino are proud to announce the release of the first ever single by Papur Wal. ‘Siegfried Sassoon’ will be out on May 4th. Recorded by the band’s friends Mellt, the single will also contain a remix/collaboration of the track with North Wales funk, psychedelic sonic explorers Pasta Hull. It’s quite a journey!

BATTS - Shame - 2018

BATTS, the alias of Tanya Batt follows 2017’s '62 Moons' EP (released to blog support and airplay from Radio 1, KCRW in the U.S. and Australia’s Triple J) with ‘Shame’, her debut move in the UK. She has recently performed her first shows over in the UK, ticking off two supports with The Fader-approved Cub Sport, as well as picking up press comparisons to the likes of Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett, Mazzy Star and Sharon Van Etten. 

The Us - The Sky Was Open - 2018

Isador - Jungle - 2018

Isador is the multimedia project of Queens-based artist Warren Heller, who today releases his new video for "Jungle".

“I was incredibly bored growing up in New Jersey. I didn’t connect with anything or anyone at school. I couldn’t find anyone interested in the things I was interested in; I was stranded. Music became my escape. I would stay up all night creating these crap beats, reading and watching everything I could to learn about music production.”

Sunday, May 13, 2018

La Luz - Floating Features - 2018

References to dreams abound on Floating Features. “Loose Teeth” catalyzes nightmare fuel into a propulsive, intentionally-disorienting collision of honeyed harmonies and Takeshi Terauchi-esque jetstreams of distorted surf guitar. “Mean Dream” unsurprisingly mines dream- state imagery, and the lyrics and melody for “Walking Into the Sun” actually came to Cleveland during a particularly-vivid night of deep sleep. Looming over the album’s coterie of surreal figures (gargantuan cicadas, a monstrous “Creature,” The Sun King, aliens, the titular “Lonely Dozer”) is the magnificent “Greed Machine,” a skulking, insatiable engine of consumption- -Nathanael West’s “business of dreams” fearsomely manifested.

Waxahatchee - Early Recordings - 2016

Katie Crutchfield’s southern roots are undeniable. The name of her solo musical project Waxahatchee comes from a creek not far from her childhood home in Alabama and seems to represent both where she came from and where she’s going.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

TV Girl - Death of a Party Girl - 2018

"Her hair was unkempt, frazzled, as though she'd been trying to tear it out by the roots, and her face seemed shapeless, blank. But maybe it was the distance or the strange light, because as she came towards me, moving coldly, disdainfully, yet dreamily, not as a body but as shifting shimmering light, she seemed to grow in stature and her years dropped away. She walked like a good politician, simulating dignity, self-assurance, humility. Already practicing probably for the last walk to follow." 

-The Public Burning

Marmalakes - Please Don't Stop - 2018

Early Wilco feel, very nice.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Eef Barzelay - 2017

IZAAK OPATZ - Mariachi Static - 2018

Kamikaze Girls - Broke - 2018

Rachel Angel - Not Enough [EP] - 2018

such uplifting music coming from a really safe place… excellent release.

Faith Healer - Audiotree Live - 2018

Faith Healer has been a collaborative project between lyricist and songwriter Jessica Jalbert and producer/multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson since around 2015. Previously a solo endeavor, Wilson and Jalbert made the official move to a "two-headed beast" after years of crafting Faith Healer's laid back psych pop sounds together. Their most recent release Try ;-) is true to it's name: a focused, stridently revised version of Jalbert's relaxed, uninhibited songwriter tunes.