Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Eef Barzelay - This Flood Of Glory - 2018

Lisa/Liza - Momentary Glance - 2018

The six songs that make up Momentary Glance are expansive & trance-like, slowly unfurling over the course of forty-two minutes. The deep, natural reverb of hotel2tango & added atmospherics of Liza’s band mates create immersive environs for her patient guitar work & uniquely vulnerable vocals. Liza’s dreamlike lyrics often return to themes of winter, animals, nature as a source of reflection and the unwritten letter. 

Gentle Weirdos: Orindal Records Sampler Vol. 2 - 2018

"Gentle Weirdos" is the second free compilation album from Orindal Records. It (mostly) features tracks from Orindal's 2017 & 2018 releases. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Destination Unknown, A Homage To The Smashing Pumpkins - 2018

any Smashing Pumpkins fan out there???

Sunday, October 14, 2018

soccer mommy - Henry / I'm On Fire - 2018

two nice sweet cover tracks out of Nashville...

modern folk trio band - the partisan - 2018

when they poured across the border 
i was cautioned to surrender 
this i could not do 
i took my gun and vanished. 

i have changed my name so often 
i've lost my wife and children 
but I have many friends 
and some of them are with me 

there were three of us this morning 
i'm the only one this evening 
but i must go on 
the frontiers are my prison 

an old woman gave us shelter 
kept us hidden in the garret 
then the soldiers came 
she died without a whisper 

oh, the wind, the wind is blowing 
through the graves the wind is blowing 
freedom soon will come 
then we'll come from the shadows 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

crushinglove - Die for the Drama - 2018

sadness blanketed in beauty… 

Tyler Burkhart - A time for everything - 2018

If you've never listened to Tyler on a cold autumn day, you should do that, right now!

Sidebar - I Heard the Night - 2018

beautiful music out of Mass…

Palodine - Lowborn - 2018

Palodine has been described as "a melancholic, yet intense and powerful experience". Band members Katrina Whitney (vocals,percussion) and Michael Aryn (guitars, multi-instumentalist) formed in 2007 in Seattle WA. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

For Esme - Modern Love - 2018

“Whenever I find myself down in the well of self-loathing or in desperate need of affirmations, I always return to Joan Didion’s 1961 essay “On Self Respect”;” shares frontwoman Mar Meredith. “It is a bible of sorts for me — a map that leads back to myself. I wanted to create a similar signpost, for myself and others, to look at ourselves in the mirror and know: I am complete, I am in charge of my own life, I am responsible for my own mistakes and my own victories.“

Cat Power - 'Woman' - 2018

“Woman” follows in the vein of Cat Power’s best tracks, a quietly defiant song that asserts her own self-possession without having to yell it from the rooftops. Marshall sounds positively dangerous over a sashaying bass line—performed here by TV on the Radio’s Jaleel Bunton—while she spouts off sneak-disses like, “your money’s like a weapon, a tool to get me / you think I’m like the other ones / well, my money’s like a weapon, tool for me.” The word “woman” becomes both flippant tell-off and rallying cry, a way of saying, “I’m in charge here, chief. Your input is not needed.”

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tomten - Viva Draconia - 2018

Tomten is a Baroque Pop band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 2010.

All Them Witches - "Diamond" - 2018

"ATW  is the latest album from All Them Witches, a Nashville psych-rock band that nods to Blue Cheer, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and all manner of Seventies rock, yet doesn't fall into the standard traps that ensnare much of the Deep Purple-worshipping masses and every bell-bottomed guitar player to ever hit a fuzz pedal. Across eight new tracks, All Them Witches dabble in Moody Blues-esque psychedelic pop, Zeppelin-tinged blues and riffy hard rock, all while still somehow managing to sound fresh and original."

"Another 52-minute furnace blast of mind-bending rawk...
There are plenty of bands trying to capture this distressing atmosphere of dread, uncertainty and slowly enveloping darkness, but few do it with the class, subtlety and controlled intensity of All Them Witches. Five albums in, they are confident in their abilities and seem poised for a remarkable future."
-American Songwriter

The Desert - Gone - 2018

“’Gone’ is about losing something or someone abruptly and how that can make you go a bit crazy. Gina’s voice is quite hoarse in the recording, which helps convey the desperation& frustration. There’s also a kind of excitement in that ‘fuck it’ feeling. The track is overall more positive than negative with each chorus ending ‘but I’ll find somewhere to put it’”.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Greg Laswell - Will Not Resign - 2018

such beautiful despair…

There is a universality to Next Time and at no point does Laswell seem narcissistic or self-centered. Rather, the themes of redemption, frustration with progress, or the clarity of introspection are conspicuous in their commonality.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Untitled Love Songs, A Tribute To Moose - 2018

Perhaps this was the most difficult project to have been conceived. Mainly for the mysteries and secrets surrounding the trajectory of perhaps the most obscure and unfortunately forgotten band of the original shoegaze generation, Moose