Thursday, August 13, 2020

Oceanator • Heartbeat • 2020

'Heartbeat' is a racing power-pop cut with a joyously shreddy guitar arpeggio that perfectly translates the chest-thumping rush of being near your loved one into song. 

“I Would Find You,” sounds epic and determined, keeping a driving rhythm for six minutes as Okusami braces for steadfastness at the end of it all. - Stereogum

Oceanator delivers the perfect songs for solitary moments of disoriented wonder. Turning a corner down a new boulevard, the song of your thumping heartbeat will assuredly be in time with the music of Oceanator. - American Songwriter

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Edith Frost • Nothing Comes Around • 2020

The first new music from our long-distanced chanteuse in absolutely (if not quite literally) forever is a cool comfort. The desired Frost effect pairs something old with something new in an expanse of stony inner space: a hitherto-unheard original brings classic Edith magic, paired with a cover each of Jimmie Rodgers and The Carter Family. Sweet-ith!

Advance Base • Live at Home • 2020

The last Advance Base show in front of a live audience was in Portland, Oregon on March 11, 2020, four days into a west coast tour with Claire Cronin & Ruth Garbus. The following day, the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed the public consciousness, my professional life as a touring musician ended, & I began the long drive back home to Oak Park, Illinois, where I’ve sheltered in place with my wife & kids ever since. Occasionally, I’ve broadcast live sets over the internet from my basement rehearsal space as a means to keep myself in practice & to maintain a connection to the outside world. The songs on this digital-only release were collected from those livestream broadcasts. I've included three songs from each of the three Advance Base “studio” albums, plus three songs from my former music project, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. I don’t know if or when I’ll be able to tour again, but I’m grateful to have these live versions recorded as a document of what an Advance Base show sounded like in 2020. Thanks for listening. –Owen Ashworth

bedbug • life like moving pictures • 2020

wrote this at a time in my life when a lot of stuff was changing around. treat this like the last chapter of a book that started with "if i got smaller..." 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Illuminine • Interlude Reprise • 2020

Beautiful soothing and indulging piano rework by Lake Isabel, the contemporary classical side project of The Barton Brothers: “[Our] goal was to enrich the arrangement, introduce a new harmonic palette, and create a cinematic arc while keeping the integrity of the original melody.” This gentle piano piece seamlessly fits into the previous well received rework releases of Illuminine’s upcoming piano compilation including artists like Akira Kosemura, Dominique Charpentier and Simeon Walker.

Bandante • So This is Now • 2020

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds guitarist, George Vjestica, shares a new BANDANTE music and video project in collaboration with artist Timothy Shepard.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

ARMON JAY • Half Life • 2020

Armon spent nearly 14 hours a day for two months recording the album, barely getting any sleep. “As heavy lyrically as the album is, it was the most fun I’ve ever had making music,” he insists. “I woke up every day with a feeling of purpose which felt right. It felt good.”

Working with mixer Zach Hanson from Justin Vernon’s April Base studio outside of Eau Claire, WI, where Bon Iver albums are made, proved to play a major role in how it turned out after Armon recorded “in the box,” using UAD interface and plugins. “I credit Zach with bringing that analog warmth to the album,” says Armon, adding kudos for Jeremy Larson, who recorded and arranged the strings for three tracks (“Lighthouse,” “Break the Habit” and the title song) and Abby Gundersen, responsible for the violins on “Stay Grounded.” 

Jealous Butcher Records • Fort George 45 Series - Vol. 1 • 2020

Music paired with limited edition beer released by Fort George Brewery and Jealous Butcher Records. Exclusive tracks from Califone (John Prine's "Crazy As A Loon"), The Hackles' original "Making Baby Keys In The Darkness" and Golden Promise's "If She Were Gone."

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Mumble Tide • Orbit • 2020

"An absolute gem."
BBC Introducing in the West

"The vibrant number showcases a two-piece that are destined for the number one slot in the indie charts."
Clout Magazine

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sammm. • 'Four Eyes' • 2020

"It’s an emotional journey for any viewer, but also a warning that though everything may seem fine, we never really know what’s going on with those around us." (Blunt Mag)

"As elegant as it is angsty, the single channels the style of bands like The War On Drugs and Real Estate with ease."
(AU Review)

"Woozy strumming guitars, lo-fi drums and sweeping chord progressions. Add to this Sammm’s perfect vocal delivery and you’ve got a hit."
(AAA Backstage)

Gim Kordon • Joskus mä pelkään • 2020

With music that mixed ‘90s-inspired guitar-based American alternative rock with Finnish rock, punk and sensitively primitive poetics, the band reached number 13 on the Finnish charts with their debut album and played at the biggest Finnish festivals, including Flow Festival and Sideways. Gim Kordon also warmed up for American alternative legends Superchunk. Following their debut album in 2014, the band released the single Vieläkin on ikävä (“I Still Miss You”) in 2015, after which the band members took a break for several years due to work commitments.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Molly Tuttle • Olympia, WA (Rancid Cover) • 2020

Molly Tuttle has released her cover of Rancid's “Olympia, WA” The new song is joined by a companion visual and will appear on Tuttle’s forthcoming record …