Sunday, June 16, 2019

Generationals • Breaking Your Silence • 2019

From their inception Generationals have existed at the convergence of classic style and contemporary technique. Students of an analog school actualized in a digital medium, Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner have always felt most comfortable reveling in this juxtaposition. Grounded in a catalog of infectious pop hooks that feel both familiar and radically new all at once, Generationals mastered their distinct voice as a means to widen the path before them.

Figure Walking • Blue World Remix by Tulipomania & Richard Hartline • 2019

"Every track elicits dancing or tears... almost a relief, like there's liberation hardwired into these songs that could wake even the most comatose from complacency" – Exclaim

Nice Apple • This time Nice Apple is auto​-​cathecting 2019

"Combining the earnestness of Belle and Sebastian with the acerbic disinterest of Patio, the record is packed full of scattered pop songs pitched somewhere between delighted and deadpan." 
~ Various Small Flames (premiere) 

Clay Rendering • California Black Vows • 2019

It’s music that is both chilling and imposing.

Gone Sugar Die • Heartbreak Jewelry • 2019

These are pop songs built on a foundation of authenticity, energized garage rock style vitality, and genuine passion, all of it shot through with high-minded ambition. Imagine Crystal Castles and The Weeknd, in the pit together, watching The Sex Pistols.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Claire Cronin • Big Dread Moon • 2019

Big Dread Moon by Claire Cronin is a record of spiritual urgency. Cronin's lyrics and melodies draw on the the stranger aspects of early American musical tradition, revealing the genre’s ties to “folk horror,” wherein supernatural and mundane worlds merge. Quietly sinister ballads like "Tourniquet" and "Wolfman" arise from the weird logic of dream, myth, and half-forgotten memories. Suburban homes, TV screens, and city landscapes are haunted by saints, beasts, ghosts, seers, and a “calm and decisionless” god. Lyrics which implore or command act like prayers or spells embedded inside Cronin's fever dream stories and personal confessions. 

The Menzingers • No Penance b​/​w Cemetery's Garden • 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Anna Of The North • Thank Me Later • 2019

Asking Anna about 'Thank Me Later,' she remarks: “I’m super excited about this song. It’s the first song I wrote towards this next record. There are so many songs where girls get objectified and controlled by the powerful and rich front man, made out to be all sexy and cute. I’m a front woman and this is a chance for me to get my own back. As well as to remind the guys that it’s not all about the money and that they can be sexy and cute too."

Angharad Drake • Start Again • 2019

You move I wake 
my heart was once an empty space 
if there is no hurt 
the everything is just a waste 

sometimes it's easy sometimes it's not 
you better grow up 
you better grow up 
sometimes it's better sometimes it ain't 
it is what it is 
that's whatever you make it 
but you could always start again 

don't miss this chance 
nobody's gonna tell you twice 
chaos romance 
live is such a tragedy tragedy 

sometimes it's easy sometimes it's not 
you better grow up 
you better grow up 
sometimes it's better sometimes it ain't 
it is what it is 
that's whatever you make it 
but you could always start again

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Purple Mountains • "Darkness and Cold" • 2019

This one has another bummer of a title, “Darkness And Cold,” and despite its rootsy leanings still favors the bleak: “Light of my life is going out tonight/ So don’t look too depressed,” Berman sings on it. “The light of my life is going out tonight/ In a pink champagne Corvette.” The song comes attached to a music video featuring Berman haunting a house and singing like a ghost.

SERA • Rabbit Hole • 2019

SERA played a mellow acoustic 'Rabbit Hole' on her guitar to Andi one wet and windy October morning and by the end of the day, that song had transformed into the high energy version you hear today. 'Rabbit Hole' stays true to SERA's Americana/folk style but takes on some bold new ideas.The chorus explodes into Come with me to incredible things, where the oysters march from the sea, inviting you into a world of the fantastic. SERA's new songs will continue to follow in this theme of the mythic-surreal rooted in very real experiences.

Wild Mercury • Orange County • 2019

The lyrics that make up “Orange County” are a mix of field notes written during a vacation in Florida, and ideas that came as a consequence of turning 30-years-old – wanting simplicity, but realizing that you sowed intricacies all throughout your 20s. We composed the music by trying to picture ourselves on a trip where the sun is always shining.

Eckhardt And The House feat. Bella Hay • Lonely • 2019

Eckhardt And The House is uptempo and danceable indie music with elements from pop to avant-garde to disco-funk, all twisted up into a signature sound with wild experimentation and disregard for the norm.

For new single Lonely Eckhardt And The House found inspiration looking at the people working in their huge office buildings in the 'Financial Mile', the rapidly developing business district in the city of Amsterdam. While projecting a kind of metropolitan feeling of loneliness on those office types (including the tremendous individuality and all those burnouts in their twenties), Lonely is not a gloomy track. It is a sort of acquiescence to the theme, all singing "lonely on the 3rd floor" in the chorus. The fate of young ambitious people in the big city.

american poetry club • a little light of our own • 2019

Message To Bears • Constants • 2019

"Constants" is the 5th LP from Jerome Alexander under his Message To Bears moniker. After living in London for the past 5 years where he released 2 albums, countless remixes, collaborated with and produced for other artists, Jerome returns to live in his hometown of Bristol, where he completes his new LP from within his home studio, located on the edge of local woodland. It would be these daily walks amongst small streams and ever-changing trees that would influence and help form this latest collection of songs. These small glimpses of meditations are a means of processing all the anxieties that would otherwise be neglected without an outlet for creativity. "Constants" is an attempt to hold onto something real and grounding amongst the seemingly fleeting and fragile experiences of life.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Windmill • New York is Awesome! • 2019

Recorded on an iPhone in New York (2017)