Saturday, October 20, 2018

the smallest one - on a sailboat - 2018

this is an album about home. i'm never sure whether a lasting feeling of home exists. it seems there's always something to hope for, despite the achievement of prior hopes, and it could be, i think, that hope is what keeps us from home. 

STAFFERS - live in omaha 4​/​22​/​2018

this is the document of a 5 week tour supporting anna mcclellan and her new album yes and no. we were about a week in when this was recorded. 

Minus the Bear - Fair Enough EP - 2018

Minus the Bear is a product of the first two decades of this century. From their first show in 2001 to their impending dissolution at the end of 2018, the Seattle band thrived on the musical awakening in the era of the mp3, the internet, poptimism, and the crosspollinations generated from an expanded consciousness of new music forms. 

Moaning Lisa - Do You Know Enough? - 2018

Moaning Lisa is the product of four Canberra-based music grads who find purpose in making loud noises together. Their music operates on the edge of the grunge genre: somewhere between composed restraint and fuzzed-out, life-affirming alternative rock. Moaning Lisa create an atmosphere entirely of their own, in their raucous live shows that see them consistently pack out venues across Australia's East Coast. 

orchid mantis - kulla sunset - 2018

dyl caught me off guard with how good it is. Lots of bands struggle to find a balance between atmosphere and accessible song structure, this knocked it out of the park and then some. Good dang ambient pop.

SOUL ISLAND - Ocean - 2018

With an array of musical influences behind his back ranging from Caribou to Brian Eno, Daniele’s expansive palette reaches far and wide to underground and now dissolved acts of ‘70s and  ‘80s such as Hüsker Dü or Fugazi, although Soul Island’s particular sound could be more comparable to a blend of electronica, chillwave, ambient-house and alt-pop, expanding on timbres similarly likened to MGMT, Everything Everything and other uniquely sculpted pop groups of the new dawn.

Sci-Fi Romance - "Voices" - 2018

Los Angeles-based alt-folk band Sci-Fi Romance’s new album 'Dreamers & Runaways" expands on the textured blend of folk, Americana, punk, and metal influences the band has showcased on its previous releases. It is also the record where the social consciousness that has run beneath the surface of much of the band’s work takes center stage.

Novo Amor - Utican- 2018

An integral factor within the release of this album has been the concept of sustainability. The ambitious and visually stunning video for the album's title track won acclaim from charities (including Greenpeace, Plastic Oceans & Surfers Against Sewage), awards (Best Video at the AIM Awards and nominated for Best Alternative Video at the MVAs) and viewers around the world for highlighting the monolithic problem of plastic in our oceans and as a result of the issues raised in this video, a conscious effort has been made on all sides to reduce the amount of plastic involved with bringing Birthplace into the world.

LUCA BLUEFIRE - Out into the Deep - 2018

Italian/danish producer and multi-instrumentalist Luca Bluefire has just published a new chillout record on the likes of Moby, M83, Air. 

LIGHT // SOUND - Panic In America - 2018

Daniel, a New Orleans native, has spent the majority of the last ten years touring and sharing his music across the US, Canada, Ireland, and England.  After Hurricane Katrina drove him from his hometown, he landed in Cork City, Ireland where he became the bass player for Indie Rock band Remma. The band was signed for a time to Morrissey’s Attack Records and recorded an EP produced by Noel Hogan of The Cranberries.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Eef Barzelay - This Flood Of Glory - 2018

Lisa/Liza - Momentary Glance - 2018

The six songs that make up Momentary Glance are expansive & trance-like, slowly unfurling over the course of forty-two minutes. The deep, natural reverb of hotel2tango & added atmospherics of Liza’s band mates create immersive environs for her patient guitar work & uniquely vulnerable vocals. Liza’s dreamlike lyrics often return to themes of winter, animals, nature as a source of reflection and the unwritten letter. 

Gentle Weirdos: Orindal Records Sampler Vol. 2 - 2018

"Gentle Weirdos" is the second free compilation album from Orindal Records. It (mostly) features tracks from Orindal's 2017 & 2018 releases. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Destination Unknown, A Homage To The Smashing Pumpkins - 2018

any Smashing Pumpkins fan out there???

Sunday, October 14, 2018

soccer mommy - Henry / I'm On Fire - 2018

two nice sweet cover tracks out of Nashville...

modern folk trio band - the partisan - 2018

when they poured across the border 
i was cautioned to surrender 
this i could not do 
i took my gun and vanished. 

i have changed my name so often 
i've lost my wife and children 
but I have many friends 
and some of them are with me 

there were three of us this morning 
i'm the only one this evening 
but i must go on 
the frontiers are my prison 

an old woman gave us shelter 
kept us hidden in the garret 
then the soldiers came 
she died without a whisper 

oh, the wind, the wind is blowing 
through the graves the wind is blowing 
freedom soon will come 
then we'll come from the shadows 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

crushinglove - Die for the Drama - 2018

sadness blanketed in beauty…