Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Glassmasterer • "Turn On The Big Machines" • 2021

‘Turn On The Big Machines’ is latest single from genre bursting electronic musician Glassmasterer (Lewis Bigham) and it’s an explosive one as the Scottish artist puts forward his most vigorous foot proving he can do much more chilled beauty.

The new single sees Glassmasterer erupt into a yet another genre avenue, marauding down a rave congested steps into a sweaty, adrenaline fuelled basement club; this single is unlike anything we’ve heard from the mysterious artist, yet at the same time is unquestionably his.

Following up from the blissed out wonder on ‘Trouvaille’, ‘Turn On The Big Machines’ is a complete u-turn; a brash, muscular number that echos the sheer bravado of The Prodigy.

Quivers • "Chinese Medicine" • 2021

This latest single opens much the way you’d expect, with semi-wayward jangles and Nicholson’s voice; the steady beat keeps things moving, giving the listener this undeniable connectedness. Soon, a synth note twinkles in the far off night sky, matched by some very faint backing vocals that build towards a burst…a shooting star of pop falling across the song’s skyline. While all this goes on, sit back and watch the great video animated by Jordan Thompson of the Ocean Party; I’m a big fan of the line work there. But, the song’s not done, as the vocals swell, joined by more of a backing chorus, letting the guitars ring silent as the song fades into a tinkering piano line that eventually disappears into the world. Just another string pop number from the forthcoming Golden Doubt, out on June 11th via Ba Da Bing/Bobo Integral/Spunk."

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Babygirl • Million Dollar Bed • 2021

Scores • Over / Under • 2021

The scrappy, drum and bass guitar-driven rock of “Over / Under” is accented by synthesizers and a tinge of surf-rock psychedelia -- an encapsulation of Scores’ love for both old-school rock band instrumentation and modern production. 

Brendan Scott Friel • All In • 2021

Friel’s dedication to enchanting truths, breathless vocals, and stunning instrumentation makes up the wonderment of this latest project. A collection of experiences, memories, and wishes are detailed on the 10-track sophomore album Friel worked tirelessly to stitch together.

“I wrote this album in the afterglow of some major exciting life events,” Friel reveals. “I had married the woman I love; we had bought and fixed up a small home together; I was working with one of my favourite producers… So many things I had been chasing came together, rather suddenly, and after the initial excitement, there was this odd calm and almost sadness.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Charlie Martin • September • 2021

This september
I’ll do it again
Commit myself to dreamin’
I orchestrate it
They said i could not do this
They said but i could try
I tell myself i’ll prove it
I’ll show them again

Know you’re a believer
Ya know you are a champ
I did not touch my dinner
I was so excited
He said i could not do this
He said but i could try
I tell myself i’ll prove it
I’ll show them again

Imaginary People, a character-heavy work of light, fresh indie, came together from the surplus of music Martin has written both inside and outside of his partnership with Hovvdy’s other half, Will Taylor. With another Hovvdy record on the way, the time afforded to Martin by the life-halting effect of the pandemic allowed him to simultaneously create this solo work with the help of his friend and audio engineer, Evan Kaspar. paste

PLEASURE CENTRE • Blue (Bertha) • 2021

This second track is about our friend’s car, aptly named “Bertha”, it’s a little blue Ford Fiesta that we drove about North Yorkshire to go to friends’ houses or parties and everything in between.

Charlie came up with the guitar riff and some sort of chord progression and then Aneela fitted some lyrics. Then Charlie made a demo and the whole band started adding to that then we took it to Young Thugs in York and did it properly.

To Twelve • The Return • 2021

To Twelve's music is about being on the road. With folky guitars and polyphonic vocals, Olga and Jasper tell their story of endless summers "on the road", about leaving and coming home, and all the adventures in between.

Parks N' Rec • "Wish I Was Here" • 2021

"A Little Cruel" deals with how painful finding closure in a relationship can be. It was written on a communal farm in the jungle area of Manzanillo-Gandoca in lower Costa Rica. The ethereal subtle Caribbean sounds in the back of the track are my favourite ingredients.. There's a melancholy here that is both empowering and easy. I think we (as in I) can easily sweep pain under the rug, and we all know how well that works out...right?!

Dutch Wine • Whisky • 2021

"The idea started as a sort of speakeasy vibe and it just developed from there. More than anything else it was a fun experience putting it together. I'm still fairly new to this music video business and I feel like I'm learning so much with every project we do."

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Super Pyramid • No Discipline • 2021