Monday, March 19, 2018


Yep Roc - 2018

After more than 20 years Yep Roc shows no signs of slowing down or changing the script as evidence by this genre spanning collection of 11 essential new tracks for 2018.

CADE - 2018

CADE is the recording project of Toronto based Kaiya Cade who creates ethereal and haunting dream-folk, combining acoustic instruments and synthetic sounds with her bewitching and spellbinding vocals.

'Feed' centres on the opening line 'one more time he said' and, as the song unfurls, drenched in mystery and longing, layers of ghostly vocals spiral in and around, gently hovering over picked guitar.

Moby - This Wild Darkness - 2018

Apportioned like madness in season
Bracing all like a breaking of reason
With every night lost, and every day torn
With a drama feeling calmer it's a comma in the storm
Speakers are crying like a forest in the rain
I was so alone with my thoughts and my pain
And the darkness closed like a mouth on a wire
And night, I'll never be free

Ooh, in this darkness
Please light my way
Light my way...

I can't stand on my own anymore
I can't stand in the stain of the broken and poor
I can't break what I held and it never was true
In the mirror what I said was I lied to you
And me and everything I see and everything I could
I tried so hard to be good
For myself, for you, for the hidden and divine
For everything but I can fail just so many times

Ooh, in this darkness
Please light my way
Light my way...

I can't stop when I feel like stopping
At 5 A.M. just cry, shoot, copping
The perfect life was enough for you
But never enough to see me through
For all the lies that were spoken in ways
And the way we lived as an affront to the days
It was an affront to the things that we cared about
Was an affront to everything that we cared about...

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Girl Ray on Audiotree Live - 2018

Girl Ray makes self-proclaimed "estrogen pop" that seems to exist outside of time. Though heavily indebted to harmonious crooners and jangly indie acts of the 60's and 70's, Girl Ray creates a sound that's fresh, ambitious and all their own. Poppy Hankin's vocal delivery is calm and collected, forming a spirited juxtaposition to her biting lyrical wit.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anna McClellan - “But at the Same Time” - 2016

Haunting melodies float on a summer breeze. Anna McClellan is practicing on the grand piano;  her melancholy lyrics and precise keystrokes are muffled by walls of her friend’s house in the Dundee neighborhood. Step inside the house and it becomes clear: the calm singer-songwriter with oversized eyeglasses is on fire.

So you think you're leaving
But you don't know where to go
Well, you'll leave this season
It's just an ordinary winter snow
It's just a warm embrace holding you tight
It's just a sad refrain in the night

Where do you think you could go that would be as nice?
All four seasons gives chance to resign
If you went south, you'd miss those long nights in the house

When you walk, you walk really fast
You can't go anywhere without looking back
You stayed, you stayed through the spring
With a goal to do everything, you went wandering
There's no way to know what's really out there unless you go

But I will miss your warm embrace in the day
And the sad refrain you always sang
And it's such a tragedy that we're apart
But at the same time I have your heart
And the warm summer breeze whispers close
Wish I could miss you and be with you
Both at once

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Z tapes - Winter 2018

A soundtrack for winter 2018 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Floating In Space - Dreamland - 2018

Expanding far beyond the band's earlier piano-driven motif to focus on organic melody, every song on Dreamland is brilliantly structured and realized...each an impressive soundscape worthy of the act's name. A truly timeless, uplifting and enlightening album, each note on Dreamland has a purpose. Each choir-like vocal cadence is well measured. You will hear love and inspiration in each flourish of the guitar and each syncopated beat of the drum. Sweeping across every conceivable emotion with cinematic showmanship, Floating In Space pierces the psyche in a way reserved only for the upper echelons of post-rock

IBON ERRAZKIN - Foto Aérea - 2018

Melody that tastes like the sea and the breeze. This is where the breaking point comes. Among all the instruments, there is a song being sung – the first one that Ibon sings in his entire career. What’s more, it’s a cover, a delicacy with touches of Broadway and lounge, written by Jerome Moross for the musical “The Golden Apple” in 1954: “Lazy Afternoon”. 

Ed Dowie - PostMap 02°08 Richard! - 2018

three great songs bordering on the verge of nothingness...

Nap Eyes - I'm Bad Now - 2018

deathlist - FUN - 2018

“Fun plays, ironically, like a tour through hell—it’s challenging, uncomfortable, and completely immersive.” Portland Mercury 

Cloud - Plays with Fire - 2018

"Astoundingly accomplished…taking his black parade out of the basement and into the streets.” - Pitchfork 

Flower Face - Baby Teeth - 2018