Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Lauren Lakis • We'll Be Fine • 2020

"The video was made while in quarantine in Portland, Oregon. I’m fairly certain I was sick with Covid19 throughout the month of March, and at the tail end of my illness my producer/partner Billy Burke (who I was quarantined with) and I shot it along the trails near our apartment. When I’m in the woods, among the trees, I feel that I’m in nature’s domain, I’m not in control anymore. As a city dweller, I’ve lost touch with nature in many ways, and it can sometimes be a foreign, scary place. The woods represented the prison of my own mind, there will never be an escape. This again touches on the opportunity to go inward, to face one’s shadow, and in the video I am running from  it, going insane, to eventually emerge back out into the real world. Sometimes it feels like the nightmare will never end, but it does. It ends. This too shall pass. We’ll be fine"

M180 EP • 2020

 “We grew up with social media all around us and were recounting stories in Jimmy Mac’s tour bus, laughing about our school days with Facebook parties, pictures you weren’t meant to see and finding amazing music. A few days later I was reading about yet another teenager greatly troubled with mental health issues and the role the internet played. I had also been keeping up to date about the #MeToo movement and yet another profiled predatory pervert taking advantage of aspiration.”

‘Goodbye Beautiful’ is a maelstrom of frenetic energy that encapsulates all that the Grimsby outfit are about.’ Clout

“Like a fine wine, getting better with everything they release” It’s All Indie

‘Enraged Rockers MINT With Loud And Clear Wake-Up Call To Save Our Planet’ Turn Up The Volume

“You cannot help but find yourself under Mint‘s spell.” Clunk Mag

 ‘Mint have created a frenzied assault on the senses’ Indie Buddie

Monday, July 6, 2020

Maxximo • The best kiss... I'll never have • 2020

“I wrote this song after my heart realized that the most beautiful dream of love I had will never come true, so I wanted the video to show that dream, but also the power of letting go and strength that comes with embracing pain”, Maxximo Explains.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sufjan Stevens • America • 2020

When the gods of music close a door, they open a window. Vanilla Ice may have had to cancel his Fourth of July concert due to a pandemic, but hey, Sufjan Stevens is here to cheer us up with a probably super-fun, patriotic track called “America.” What’s that? it’s a 12-minute rumination on disillusionment, suffering, and loss of faith in his nation? That makes more sense. Vulture

Phoebe Bridgers • Inner Demos • 2020

“inner demos” is the collection of 3 voice memos singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers posted on her Bandcamp, with the profits being donated to benefit bail funds.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Rosehip Teahouse • Regretting It • 2020

Cardiff five-piece Rosehip Teahouse (Faye, Tony, Will, Josh and Teddy) will take you on a journey through lovelorn landscapes and drop you off home just in time for tea. With gorgeous vocal harmonies, twinkling guitars and heartfelt lyrics, Rosehip Teahouse carry the indie-pop essence. Formed originally by Faye Rogers (Guitar & Vocals) back in 2015, playing only a small number of house shows and DIY gigs, Faye crafted these subtle and delicate songs, which command your attention, from start to finish.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Dears • Is This What You Really Want? • 2020

“The Dears have a knack for writing pop music that somehow feels right for troubled times.”
- WNYC New Sounds

“Lovers Rock is an album made for an anxious time.” – Montreal Gazette

"Fuel your romanticism for existential dread with Lovers Rock." – Exclaim!

Suburban Living • How To Be Human • 2020

Frontman Wesley Bunch said of the song, "I've always dreamt of being born in a different era. I walk down city streets and my mind constantly wanders. I dream of what architecture, people, cars, etc would of looked like in the exact place I'm standing at that moment. I'm lucky to live in Philadelphia where the history is abundant, but sometimes these thoughts can be distractingly haunting. PM

"Such intrepid lyricism detailing the otherworldly loneliness — paired with shimmering keys and dark, baritone vox a lá Robert Smith — further hones the song’s ruminative energy, yet its pervading percussive drive and last-minute sax solo by Max Swan keeps things vibrant and lush."
- Post-Trash

"The track is a shimmering reflection of a place, fusing slick gated drums, sharp guitar, and soaring synth pads into a evocative template. Check out the track, as well as tour dates, and album tracklist below."
- Under The Radar

"Philly's Suburban Living infuse their dreamy synthpop with punkish angst on "Main Street," a glimmering, slow-burning power ballad."
- Bandcamp Daily

Slomosa • Slomosa • 2020

Acclaimed Norwegian music journalist Totto Mjelde NRK P13) claimed it to be “some of the best new music to surface in the last couple of years”, saying the song “took his breath away”. At the end of the year the same radio station picked “Horses” as one of their five best songs of 2019. Regional newspaper Bergens Tidende proclaimed the band had released “one of the year’s best rock songs” with “Horses”, raising the expectations for their next release. The following single, “There Is Nothing New Under the Sun”, also debuted on P13, and Spotify quickly added the song to their official “Stoner Rock” and “Norwegian Rock” playlists.

TJO • Cruel Summer • 2020

Twenty-eight years into her kaleidoscopic discography, Songs for Peacock is the first album singer/guitarist/composer Tara Jane O’Neil has credited to just her initials: TJO. Recorded at home using primitive electronic instruments in addition to heavily effected electric guitar, bass & voice, Songs for Peacock is a collection of pop covers recalled from TJO’s youth, intended as a “mixtape” for her late brother Brian. Over twelve tracks & thirty-nine minutes, Songs for Peacock abstracts radio hits by the likes of Boy George, Bananarama, Leonard Cohen, Siouxsie and the Banshees & INXS, distilling earworms into thin wisps of dreamlike atmosphere, or stretching them into languorous psychedelic soundscapes. Songs for Peacock warps our collective musical memory to form a singular & cohesive body of work that defines TJO’s highly personal sonic landscape.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Sigmund Faust • Banchō Stanza • 2020

The album is a sort of indie alt surf rock blend, with moments of both excess and ambience.