Sunday, February 18, 2018

Lemuria - Recreational Hate (2018)

"Recreational Hate" is, along this avenue, something different. The songs can be traced to a past, present, and future existence of the band, running in every direction, but always coming home to a definitive observational point of reference. "Recreational Hate" is the next book in a fantasy series. It's the surprise 6th act in a never-ending performance. It hints of familiarity in a place where the guidelines have been abandoned, and anything is possible.

Dreamweapon - SOL (2018)

Lowland Hum - Early Days EP (2018)

Lauren and I got married in early 2012 and formed Lowland later that year. Upon entering 2018, we wanted to take a look at back at the early days of our collaboration, hence the name of this EP.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Pom Pom Squad - HATE IT HERE (2017)

"[Hate it Here] is made for peering into darkened summer skies and counting the stars... Pom-Pom Squad shares their whole heart with us and its resounding heartbeat sticks with you long after its conclusion." - The Grey Estates 

Wax Mistress - A Ghost in the Garden (2018)

Summer Salt - One Last Time (2018 single)

Baby girl when was it that you had decided 
You’d call it off and on  
You were just having fun  
With loving one last time 

Anyken - Wherever You Go, I'll Protect You (2018)

I’ve always tried to be someone in my life, someone who's not actually me. I tried to avoid people; I didn’t trust them, all I wanted was to be alone and shut out in my own world. But now I feel that I'm starting to change, and these changes are definitely in a good way.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Songs: Ohia - Travels In Constants (2018)

Sometime in 2001 – sandwiched between the release of Ghost Tropic and its follow-up, the cryptic classic, Didn't It Rain – Songs: Ohia recorded an EP for Temporary Residence's distance-themed subscription series, Travels In Constants. The untitled EP consisted of a single 18-minute song – performed live by Jason Molina in his living room, recorded directly to 4-track cassette as the sounds of a typical Chicago night bled through the air. Built solely from an acoustic guitar and Molina's familiar melancholy croon, it's a hauntingly intimate track. Molina once remarked that it was "probably too out there" for a proper Songs: Ohia album, which is perhaps why is felt right at home in this context. 

dead bedrooms - Bummer (2018)

This album is about feeling like an imposter in an environment that was once so comfortable. It's about becoming reclusive and leaving social events with the feeling that something just doesn't fit, and enjoying being alone with yourself while at the same time longing for companionship. 

Haley Heynderickx - Fish Eyes EP (2016)

tom255 Powerful, truthful melancholy wrapped in a warm psych-folk envelope. What's not to love?fem

Mouse Trap (2018)

pretty nice alt-indie band… with name your price to boot!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Barlow - In a Stranger's Car (2018)

*This re-released version of "In a Stranger's Car" features previously unreleased material from recording process as well as some sneak peaks of what is to come.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Kadija Kamara - Nothing Left To Lose (2018 EP)

“a funkier version of St. Vincent or a younger version of Lenny Kravitz” - The Revue

Based in London, Kadija Kamara is a singer songwriter who best describes her sound as ‘Alt Soul’. With a love of 60’s and 70’s analogue sounds, Kadija combines her affinity for retro soul music with a host of modern influences. 

The Tillers - Revolution Row (2018)

In the beginning Mike Oberst (banjo, vocals), Sean Geil (vocals, guitar), and Jason Soudrette (upright bass) busked for coins and burritos around Cincinnati, playing traditional songs - Woody Guthrie, southern blues laments, anonymous relics of Appalachian woods, churches, riverboats, railroads, prairies, and coal mines. Awarded a Cincinnati Entertainment Award from City Beat Magazine six times, the band caught wider attention nationally when they were featured by news anchor Tom Brokaw in his documentary about the historic Route 50. no depression

Sunday, February 11, 2018

100% Silk - Silk To Dry The Tears (2018)

Silk To Dry The Tears collects 31 such songs from a spectrum of 100% Silk alumni and affiliates, threaded across four sides of fogged house, fantasy acid, nocturnal electronics, sleepwalker pop, and rhythmic reveries of varied internal states. Totaling nearly 170 minutes, it’s a sprawl and a statement, shared in the spirit of inclusion, endurance, and empathy. Music brought us together; music will keep us together.