Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sammm. • 'Four Eyes' • 2020

"It’s an emotional journey for any viewer, but also a warning that though everything may seem fine, we never really know what’s going on with those around us." (Blunt Mag)

"As elegant as it is angsty, the single channels the style of bands like The War On Drugs and Real Estate with ease."
(AU Review)

"Woozy strumming guitars, lo-fi drums and sweeping chord progressions. Add to this Sammm’s perfect vocal delivery and you’ve got a hit."
(AAA Backstage)

Gim Kordon • Joskus mä pelkään • 2020

With music that mixed ‘90s-inspired guitar-based American alternative rock with Finnish rock, punk and sensitively primitive poetics, the band reached number 13 on the Finnish charts with their debut album and played at the biggest Finnish festivals, including Flow Festival and Sideways. Gim Kordon also warmed up for American alternative legends Superchunk. Following their debut album in 2014, the band released the single Vieläkin on ikävä (“I Still Miss You”) in 2015, after which the band members took a break for several years due to work commitments.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Molly Tuttle • Olympia, WA (Rancid Cover) • 2020

Molly Tuttle has released her cover of Rancid's “Olympia, WA” The new song is joined by a companion visual and will appear on Tuttle’s forthcoming record …

Kitchen Dwellers • Hey You • 2020

“The Kitchen Dwellers have been cooking up something special”
 - American Songwriter 

“an impressive feat of musicianship that shows you don’t need a studio and tons of overdubs to do Pink Floyd justice” 
- Cover Me Songs

Heartless Bastards • Revolution • 2020

Revolution is about self love. I think if people loved themselves more there wouldn’t be racism, bigotry, and classism.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Andy Shauf • Judy / Jeremy's Wedding • 2020

It was so nice I thought the bridesmaids looked beautiful Jeremy’s suit was a little stiff but that’s how it goes, Judy  Why didn’t you come say hello in the receiving line? I think he would have liked to have said hi Oh you look so nice, Judy  Part of me misses you almost all of the time You say “Out of sight, out of mind” Oh, I disagree Judy  Smoke a joint on the side stairs, it is so nice You ask me if I wanna dance Oh it makes me laugh, Judy  Skip a step Land on your toe, you make a face You forgot that I’m so bad at this and I’m so stoned And it makes me laugh, is it all okay Judy? And it makes you laugh, is it all okay Judy?

Boosegumps • 5 Demos • 2020

These 5 songs are considered demos but Heeyoon's beautiful and delicate songwriting shines through like a beacon of hope and light. "Perfect Autumn Day" is a sure standout and could possibly be mistaken for a lost track by The Softies. A meandering, melodic lead guitar line floats atop of the rhythmic guitar strums while two layered, harmonizing vocal tracks beautifully detail, well, a perfect autumn day. Each song is a cozy portait of an intimate scene, vivid and comforting in a time when we need tenderness and connection more than ever.

John K. Samson • Fantasy Baseball At The End Of The World • 2020

I manage my fantasy baseball team better than I manage my anger these days, and I’d trade my best pitcher for a draft-pick and picture of the president writhing in pain. It’s a weird thing to wish for but I can’t stop wishing, refreshing the browser, someday if I live long enough and the world doesn’t end my wish will come true, in a way, and he’ll die like we all die, in pain or asleep, and we’ll still have our fantasy baseball, and the next fascist fucker in line for the job of demolishing hope for us all. So I’m putting in love now, I’m putting in faith, putting fear on a long-term IL. I’m going outside, I’m going to help organize something better. Something beautiful.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Various Artists • Text Me When You Get Here • 2020

Text Me When You Get Here is a collection of home recordings from the spring of COVID-19. 

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Blame Baby • Silhouette • 2020

“’Silhouette’ is about incomplete relationships, the tense push and pull of secret lovers, and the phenomenon of explosive human chemistry. Embedded in the shoe-gaze-inspired tune is a structure that mirrors this tension and release. Tight staccato rhythms launching into soaring distorted guitars underpin a longing and lascivious dreamscape.  ‘Silhouette’ is one of the most beautiful sounding words, all at once evoking feelings of fantasy and playfulness with mystery and darkness. For this very reason, the song began with the title and then it wrote itself.”

Friday, July 24, 2020

Tilly and the Wall • I Want to F​*​ck It Up: Tilly and the Wall 2002​-​2013 • 2020

three singers, a tap-dancer, three songwriters and songs meant to be thrust into the sky with joyous punches. Recorded in a basement by Conor Oberst, the album’s danceability and “f*ck it up” chants, it’s sorrow and punk, dress up brawling and bottled call to friendship and grab-it-off-the-shelf folk was like nothing that had ever come before. It took indie pop and kissed it on the forehead leaving a glitter smear. It stomped on hate and refused to be part of any scene that wouldn’t let every single kid in the door.