Mar 26, 2023

David Garza • "Rock & Roll Heart" 3Sirens Sessions • 2023

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer David Garza has released his 3Sirens Session EP via 3Sirens Music Group. The three-song collection continues the East Nashville-based music group’s sessions series and features intimate, stripped-down versions of previously unreleased songs from Garza’s extensive catalog. The EP’s release arrives with the official session video for “Rock & Roll Heart,” an insightful, meditative ballad that celebrates the duality of being human.

Mar 25, 2023

BabyJake • We Got To Get Together To Be Free • 2023

"BabyJake is embracing his grittier rock side"

"Creating his own lane dabbling in rhythmic pop with a love and focus on alternative, the Fort Myers, Florida native has been making major strides within the music industry”."
- Flaunt Magazine

"Few artists are able to bounce so seamlessly from genre to genre than BabyJake."
- Wonderland Magazine

CHARITY EMPRESSA • A Riot Of Snowflakes • 2023


“With Charity Empressa we just have the drones on a cassette tape. We listen, try to figure out a key, and we go. Since there is no real inherent structure to the drones, we aren’t tied to anything traditional, just our own limitations. Hence, the process is a bit more esoteric, and happenstance.” For instance, on ‘Riot of Snowflakes,’ I asked Frank to play harmonica over the drone. It was fun to watch him almost pass out. Then it was, let’s try some banjo, then some bluegrass on the acoustic. 

get it here


Indie Darling • Formula • 2023

Indie Darling is the musical project of Michigan-based pianist, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Luke LaBenne. Luke began releasing music as Indie Darling 2019, but he has been writing his own songs for nearly 20 years. The EP contains three instrumental piano tracks and one track with vocals and piano, showcasing Luke's abilities as both a pianist and a singer-songwriter.

The Snowfall Suite EP was written in the thick of a Michigan winter in 2021. Luke composed these songs while his cats sat in the window watching the wild weather outside. The deluge of snow provided a thematic parallel to the mounting pressure of his day job that would go on to consume him, leading to a disconnection from his music and a period of deep depression.

Mar 22, 2023

Mar 19, 2023

Podcast #7 • The Petals

Aaron Sheedy of The Petals joins me from his home studio in Pittsburg PA for episode number 7 of if it be your will podcast. Aaron not only is the guitars, singer and writer for his band but he is also a mixer and producer, so we had lots to talk about. He is a very talented individual with lots to offer. Be sure to check out The Petals new album dropping on May 5th. And if you need a recorded mixed DM him

At the end of our chat I am including, not one but two of The Petals latest singles, Regeneration / Chorus Of Birds


Mar 18, 2023

BEN COPPERHEAD • "Copperhead Vagabond" • 2023

"Ben Copperhead delves into the elements around us and projects them with a deeply reflective aural spirituality, resulting in what we can only describe as an intimately widescreen experience. Conceived from inside that weird sound dome of eerie urban pandemic silence, the overall sense is one of both immersion and omniscience, exultation and quietude."

"A heady mix of folk and psych as Ben Copperhead delivers a mesmerizing tall tale in 'Copperhead Vagabond'"

Mar 16, 2023

Helen Ganya • delicate graffiti (the clouds sessions) • 2023

Helen Ganya today announces a follow up EP to her 2022 album polish the machine. This new EP titled repolish the machine will be released next week on March 24. repolish the machine includes a handful of different versions of songs from the recent LP polish the machine. Beginning with two live stripped down sessions (the cloud sessions) of delicate graffiti and afterparty and a Thai sung version of the title track polish the machine.

Lontalius • I Want I Want I Want • 2023

New Zealand-based indie pop singer/songwriter Lontalius (a.k.a Eddie Johnston) shares the understated and scenic music video for single “I Want, I Want, I Want” via Kartel Music Group. The clip was filmed at Tarakena Bay in Wellington, NZ and finds Lontalius attempting to outrun his emotions on a coastside jog. Additionally, he made his SXSW debut this week at his first official showcase on Tuesday at Victorian Room at The Driskill and at the New Zealand @ SXSW Official Party on Wednesday. 

Mar 15, 2023

Perlee • Reckoning • 2023

Speaking from Other Rooms, the debut album from Berlin-based Irish band Perlee, is an album about unconditional love, the banality of a capitalist society, destiny and self-realisation. Mostly though it is about love; long-distance love, love that strives to exist across a physical distance, across generations, between lovers and across time.

"A gorgeous, sighing composition that feels both dreamlike and lived-in"

"Berlin group Perlee take the classic slowcore template and make disarmingly beautiful music" 

"We’re more than happy to call it: Perlee are one of the most exciting Irish acts we’ve heard in some time." 
The Thin Air