Monday, January 15, 2018

cavetown - LEMON BOY - 2018

Think I just found another Ben Lee's Grandpaw Would.

fuvk - ghosted | fragmented - 2018

beautiful yet subtle female vocals streamed together with strings of simplicity...

Wrecked - Drum Songz 2 (Migraine Thought) - 2018

Erik Wangsvick returns with a new volume of WRECKED music for Patient Sounds (this is the 4th cassette of WRECKED music we have released). Recorded quite some time ago, before a move across country, from Colorado to New York City, this collection of fractured scrap yard junk pop and plunderphonic ambient noise is WRECKED and sharper than ever. Earnest and weird, full of fragmentary hooks and melodies and looming trashbarrel echoes. Ultimately damaged but loveable, like a rescue pet or a brilliant caveman. An outsider firmly aware of the limitations of normalcy, and unshakably comfortable making striking work with garbage. A bowerbird building a scrappy domicle from Radioshack trash. A note-worthy step forward in the evolution of this long-running rummage.

Cinchel - A Sad Study in Temporal Dissonance - 2018

A Chicago ambient/drone fixture, the music of Cinchel focuses on texture and melody as story-telling devices in wordless music. A Sad Study in Temporal Dissonance finds Cinchel channeling guitar and electronics into complex compositions that both charm and elude listeners. Melodic waves sway across fields of bristling texture and languid rustling. A clock never runs out, but time vanishes before our very eyes. Chimes and bells mark the breeze with their tolling, their story telling, their time in memoriam. 

Joey Nebulous - high on daddy's day - 2017

Oddly beautiful in delivery and melody...

the modern folk - indica - 2018

a guide to the sounds of entheogenic plants

Unlikely Friends - Crooked Numbers - 2018

Unlikely Friends is Charles Bert (Math and Physics Club), D. Crane (BOAT), Chris McFarlane (Jigsaw Records) and a rotating cast of thousands that currently includes Mark McKenzie (BOAT), Jackson Long (BOAT), and Ethan Jones (Math and Physics Club).

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Terry - Remember Terry - 2017

After returning from summer 2016's European tour, Terry set about writing a new album of songs. These are now grouped together as 'Remember Terry', an album full of wish fulfilment, critiqued characters, memorial muscle and historical hustle.

Sky Faction - 2017

This 5 piece band draws influence from anime, twee, shoegaze and mom and dad's old vinyl record collection.

Killer Bee - Otaku - 2016

I named the album 'Otaku' to poke fun at myself and my love for anime/Japan. It also falls in line with Lofi Hip Hop's obsession with the anime aesthetic. I always joke with my friends that I'm a step away from getting a body pillow. I also wanted to explore the stigma behind it and question its definition. I don't think people should judge each other so harshly. 

fog lake / euphoria again - 2018 split

awakebutstillinbed - what people call low self​-​esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you - 2018

Tara Stark Raw, unfiltered angst in musical form. You don't have to see yourself in these words for them to resonate with you. And a variety of dynamic gives me chills more than simple-instrumentation punk has any business doing.

Marika Hackman (7 Layers Session) - 2018

The Naked Sun - Do You Wanna Dance? - 2018

“Do You Wanna Dance” will make its way into your soul and you’ll find comfort in the soothing rhythm; in the choruses—and that soaring solo—you’ll find pure electricity.

Duran Duran - Girls on Film - 1979 Demo - 2017

The Rare Debut Recordings with The Original Version of Girls on Film! 

The historic unreleased demo recordings by ‘80s new wave icons Duran Duran featuring the group’s early frontman Andy Wickett alongside Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor! 

Includes the original version of the smash hit single “Girls On Film” plus “See Me Repeat Me,” which would later become “Rio,” and 2 other songs that the group shopped around to various labels, eventually signing with EMI!