Thursday, January 21, 2021

Ruby Haunt • Reverse Creek • 2021

Monday, January 18, 2021

The Effens • "Pavement Age" • 2021

This track captures the melody, sonic textures, loudness and simplicity that is core to our sound. Recording "Pavement Age" was an excruciating and joyful process, self produced by our lead singer Austin Nops, where we were able to exorcise the demons of perfectionism. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Alex Southey • Rosie • 2021

"Rosie" is one of my favourite songs I've ever written. This album jumps from purely imagistic lyrics, to straightforward lyrics, to stories, and back again. "Rosie" represents a leap in my songwriting. You wouldn't have heard it – at least not the same way – on my last two records.

Hearty Har • "Waves of Ecstasy" • 2021

The sons of Creedence Clearwater Revival mastermind John Fogerty have been working under the Hearty Har moniker since 2012, perfecting their crafts as songwriters and studio hands into a fully formed enterprise. RADIO ASTRO shows off the brothers' wide-ranging musicality; diversity while capturing an identifiable core sound from sibling chemistry. And plenty of hard work.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Grandaddy • 2020's Over Covers • 2020

The Fox In The Snow- I've loved this Belle & Sebastian song for ages. I had to slow it down and tame the "bounce" that it had though. 
I wanted it sweeter and sadder. That's how I hear it: sweet and sad. 

In My Room - For anyone who claims introversion as a primary characteristic and has found themselves in some sort of career that requires communicating in public, this Beach Boys song is yours. Also, scarily fitting for just being anyone out there in the year 2020.


Lou Berry • Part Of Us • 2021

The Inner World album follows Berry's 2016 EP, Blue Sky that found him performing alongside De La Soul and Jamiroquai across Europe. In the time between Blue Sky and now, Lou attended university and collaborated with the Clash-tipped artist, Hendrix Harris, as well as joining the roster of Le Sofa. Le Sofa is a really interesting collective of artists rising out of Paris’s bubbling jazz/hip-hop scene, it includes the likes of Lossapardo – who featured with the Parisian producer, Crayon on the Pitchfork-tipped single ‘Pink’ – and Malia Lynn who has received tips at the BBC previously.

Mt. Mountain • Peregrination • 2021

The Mt. Mountain sound is born out of long improvised jams so, naturally, much of the incoming album was recorded in a live setting in order to capture the band at their most freewheeling. ‘Peregrination’, out today, articulates their creative approach perfectly (the title itself meaning a long, meandering journey.) The result is a slow-building ensemble of shuffling percussion and Krautrock rhythms, masterfully interwoven with cascading reverb-soaked guitars and lulling flutes that lure the song into acid-folk territory.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Fliss • Comfrey and Calendula • 2020

Herbal analogy and vivid imagery provide a beautiful and tender frame for a song that explores the difficult topics of trauma, abuse, religion, and homophobia. The musical arrangements and production augment and complement the lyrics, with soft acoustic strums, walking bass lines, soaring violins, and Fliss’ magnetic, emotionally-charged voice gently guiding the listener.

The video draws on themes of water and healing, in an aesthetically gorgeous visual representation of the heartfelt song. In one scene Fliss’ friends join her for a choreographed moment in a water fountain. In another, Fliss is “baptized” in a river. The video was produced by Emma Lamarre.

Lewsberg • At Lunch • 2020

"At Lunch" is about how valuable it can be to decide to start drinking more. Not because of the amount of alcohol in your blood, but because of the decision. At the same time, "At Lunch" is about how valuable it can be to decide to stop drinking. Again: because of the decision. In the end, the song is about solving crossword puzzles."

Friday, January 8, 2021

The Haunted Youth • Teen Rebel • 2021

Four minutes of mesmerizing psych pop, vying with the best of Tame Impala or DIIV, reminiscent even of 80s and 90s heroes such as Slowdive, Spiritualized or The Cure.

Label buddies (CRACKUPS) Thomas Valkiers and Niels Meukens took charge of mixing and production, in Thomas' uber-comfy Hightime Studio.

Kelly Duplex • Shreveport • 2021

another year gone by – wondering why 

you’re writing so much less – you’re smoking so much more 

choosing to resign 
spare the doors - go take a walk outside 

lost everything in fire 
stay on the right side of desire 
ignoring all the signs you swore you required 
lost everything in fire 

I shuffle around the apartment – analyzing what you meant 
assuming what I can – about your intentions 
and this thing - you won’t mention 

Kelly Duplex’s s/t first full-length album is informed by senses of loss both circumstantial and chosen, a wry but vaguely positive outlook on millennial parenthood, the wool-blanket heat of summer in New Orleans, dreams of fractions, incessant list-making, and an abundance of opinions regarding Sylvia Plath. Written over the span of two years, Avrard’s guitar pop affections have culminated into this: a carefully realized  debut on which the band display their emotional and musical relationships.

POSTDATA • Nobody Knows • 2021

"Coupled with some wide-eyed and open-hearted lyrics, tinged with hints of romance and self-deprecation, the track offers a lovely respite full of folk-tinged joy."
- Under The Radar

"Nova Scotian enormity meets Scottish self-hatred on a song that sounds as if it’s surfing an avalanche on a copy of Rumours."
- The Guardian

"Feelings of warmth and hope on Twin Flames' gorgeous title track."
- Brooklyn Vegan

"The upcoming record is Postdata's most intimate and timeless record yet"
- Exclaim!

"'Twin Flames' is about finding strength in a storm, whatever its nature, but combines it with romantic lyricism and wild instrumentation that comes together like Leonard Cohen meets Bon Iver."
 - The East Mag

“A breathtaking and introspective new album, brimming with deep wonderings and intricately excavated soundscapes.”
- Circuit Sweet

“A gripping artistic colour palette.”
- The Most Radicalist

"A marvellous first impression for what is yet to come in 2021 from the Canadian."
- Secret Meeting