Monday, April 24, 2017

sleepy - Birdo (Unknown) - 2017

diy - lofi - single - indie

Sports Coach - Inversions - 2017

electropop - new wave - indie pop - bedroom electronica

Diet Cig - Swear I'm Good At This - 2017

‘Swear I’m Good At This’ is the first full-length from the band and accumulates their tenacity for crafting life-affirming, relatable tales with a gutsy heart at their core. Luciano has the ability to write lyrics that are both vulnerable and badass, perfecting a storm of emotive reflection that creates a vision of a sweaty, pumped-up room screaming these lines in unison. Diet Cig make it okay to be the hot mess that you are. 

Snails - Starting with Mine EP - 2017

SNAILS generate moments of suburban guitar pop reverie for lonely people walking to the shops. Formed after a friend's request to soundtrack a budget slasher involving a homicidal nun, their sound bears the influence of mavericks such as Basil Kirchin, Syd Barrett and Nico.

I See Rivers - Dad Ram - 2017

“This is vocal harmonising at its exquisite expert best.” – Fresh On The Net Faves, BBC 6 Music blog

Hailing from the Northern, Southern and Western parts of Norway, the now Liverpool-based trio I SEE RIVERS creates an organic musical landscape they’ve dubbed ”Float Folk”. With memorable melodies and untraditional harmonies their soundscape can be associated with artists such as Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens and Feist. After releasing their single “Loved Ones” and touring the rural parts of Norway, playing festivals such as Belladrum (Scotland), Green Man (Wales) and Malakoff (NO), the girls did their biggest tour to date supporting Newton Faulkner all around the UK and are now preparing for this summer’s festival season with great festivals to be released. The girls have also recorded and produced their debut EP being released April 2017 with the lead single ‘DA RUM’.

“Their music is delicate Folk Pop based around clever vocal arrangements, and outstanding vocals. They just look so natural performing together, and have a level of cohesion that is genuine, rare and pretty special too». - Nordic Music Review

“Perhaps the hottest prospect from Norway’s consistent excellent outpouring of specially tender bands, this now UK-based trio make the kind of indefinable Scandinavian magic that instantly catches the eyes and ears. Part-folk, part swooning pop songs.” – Green Man Festival 2016.

Fallen Love Records - Secret Gardens - 2017

put a Spring in your step… 

Included here are 70 minutes of music performed by 22 artists from 8 different nations. Which? Well, since you asked: Australia, Canada, England, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and The United States of America. It’s like the twee pop songs-about-spring equivalent of the Olympics. Patent pending. 15 of these songs are previously unreleased.
Fallen Love Records is a bedroom label based out of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. We traffic in pop songs. We had been on hiatus since autumn 2015 but now we are back. So fold up your sweaters and oil your bike chains. The blankets on the beds are melting and the flowers will be blooming soon. Let’s start again.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nadia Reid - Preservation - 2017

always solid song writing from Nadia Reid… nice release.

Delicate Machine - softworld - 2017

shimmering guitars on butterfly wings