Friday, March 15, 2019

Super Cassette - Better In Reverse - 2019

Super Cassette, photo by Nicholas Troughton

Super Cassette is an Oakland garage-pop band built around the guitar and vocal harmonies of two brothers. The band formed when Max Gerlock assembled a group to play his solo project, Maximillian, live. Their first show went so well that it became obvious the project should be transitioned into a full-fledged band rather than a solo effort.


So Cruel is the 6th track from “Tsunami Soul I”, and is also the latest single that the band released in preparation for the album. 

The track has an upbeat groove that swims through the chill vibes of the ambient synths and fiery guitar riffs, laying a perfect foundation for the harmony rich vocals that beg the question, “how could you be so cruel?”.

Heyrocco - Destroyer - 2019

NME "angst-ridden grunge of Nirvana, while flecks of Pavement ensure a distinctly nostalgic flavour to these young guitar heroes”
GIGWISE "You know those perfect songs that soundtrack your summer of late nights, romance and hedonism? Well, HEYROCCO have just dropped one”
CLASH "'... darkly nostalgic vibe - worthy of, say, Radiohead's much neglected 'Pablo Honey' full length”

Lady Sometimes - Cosmetic • Plastergaze - 2019

An introspective journey along the shores of shoegaze, a genre that marked the band since the debut EP 'Sursum Corda' and the resounding success of 'Conquiste': here we find once again new eleven gems set between indie rock, dream pop and emo-core. 

Hawksley Workman - 1983 - 2019

The modern day troubadour wrote and recorded his latest LP following a recent move from Northern Ontario to Montreal. This time around, collaborating closely with Murray in studios throughout his new home of Montreal, there’s no lipstick, literal or figurative – just the purity of loving, loathing, and living. With Median Age Wasteland he’s leading listeners through the figurative looking glass for as clear an image of his true self as we’ve ever been allowed. 

“I’ve always had this constant hunger to innovate, reevaluate what I do, and keep remaking it to confuse myself and maybe confuse my audience,” Hawksley admits. “This time, I’m just committing to writing focused and honest songs, which feels like the most interesting thing I can do right now.” 

The Ocean Party - Nothing Grows - 2019

Tiger Saw - The Featherweight - 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Blueberry Fields - Saint Lo. - 2019

“Blueberry Fields” is that feeling of nostalgia, like the exhale of a sigh.
the constant feeling of shifting away from the past, but keeping it close as you move forward.

“Blueberry Fields” is about people and places loved and lost, while ever cherished.

the video was created by visual artist Malaika Astorga.
illustrated with 16mm film and family photos, “Blueberry Fields” invites you into a sentimental world of childhood memories and tender emotion.

Justin Wright - Drone I: Meditation - 2019

Sleepless Records is thrilled to announce that Justin Wright – the Montreal cellist & composer hand-picked for support duties by luminaries such as Colin Stetson, Hauschka, Johann Johannsson and Bing & Ruth – is gliding calmly into the spotlight with his debut long player Music For Staying Warm, out April 5th