Monday, April 6, 2020

Hook • 2020

Debut EP from Dublin based new wave band - Hook.

Darque&Dearest • Into Night • 2020

Darque&Dearest are a German/English duo.
Both solo artists, they have come together to infuse influences from electronica, techno, house and triphop as well as Rock, Folk and many more

Venus Furs • Living in Constant • 2020

“Living in Constant” is centered around a tone-setting, hypnotically repetitive bassline, with doubled guitar riffs building into a trippy crescendo, while lyrically describing the final days of a disgraced priest.

Loose Koozies • Forget To Think • 2020

"Southeast Michigan-based country rock outfit Loose Koozies make thrillingly unfussy music"
- Fader

"In these trying times, the humanist message of [second single] “Forget To Think” is a welcomed mantra, and we should be glad that folks like Allen are getting it out there."
- American Songwriter

"They’ve created something that feels like pure new-wave country, and it feels like an emotionally-full, substantive sojourn—the listener arcs through all 11 tracks feeling as though they’ve had a fulfilling visit at the Kooozies' lodge, sequenced to peak, to valley, and to re-jolt the system the same way a good movie might space out it’s narrative structure."
- Ideas Adrift

Baneful Town • Flare Gun Eyes • 2020

"Flare Gun Eyes" is the 2nd single by indie folk band Baneful Town. It has generated about 60k streams on spotify so far and we wanted to follow up with some video content. The official release date is set for April 9th, 2020. We recommend it if you like Indie Folk and Bright Eyes, Elliot Smith, Ryan Adams or M.Ward.

Baneful Town is an experimental singer-songwriter project strung together by drunken love songs. 

The band consists of Marshal Herridge (a Vancouver born jazz bassist/singer-songwriter) and Laura Fasanella (a Montreal native and singer). The two met happenstance in Montreal where they discovered that they shared similar musical interests. Marshal is the creative force behind the band supplying the bare bones of songs most likely written in his bedroom on a rainy October evening. Laura fills in the missing spaces with her angelic voice and pleasant musical sense. The result is a wistful musical experience with a common theme for love and longing.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Anna Burch • If You're Dreaming • 2020

With twelve months of heavy touring behind her, the Detroit songwriter is ready to go with her sophomore record, If You’re Dreaming – a more considered, confident and predictably polished body of work than her 2018 debut, which introduced her proficiencies for energetic and complex melodies and lyrics laced with irony.

Where Quit The Curse at times felt a little empty and, to be harsh, repetitive when it came to instrumentation, the new record compiles the previous album’s qualities with more dynamic arrangements, which create more space for her soft and seductive vocals.

Current situation aside, If You’re Dreaming feels like a cat’s day spent sat looking through the window – largely sparse and delicate, with the occasional rush of excitement. The slow-climbing chord progressions carry as much emotion as her lyrics, pointedly on single Tell Me What’s True, which sees Burch almost whisper over the softened, staccato keys.

This silky-smooth delivery mellows further still on the charmingly dreamy, Jacket, where the restrained instrumentation balances sublimely with her vocal to create one of the record’s highlights. secret meeting

SPC ECO • 4月EP April EP • 2020

Thievery Corporation • Symphonik • Sweet Tides 2020

This version is so beautiful it induces chills. I love the warm radiance of the original, which is already a perfect song - however hearing it anew with orchestral accompaniment is indeed a delight! Also Czech orchestras are known for their excellence, don’t know the story behind your collaboration with this specific Prague ensemble but wonderful choice! TzadikTheManic

Sparklehorse • Saturday • 2007

The sound of Sparklehorse has been described as atmospheric, ballad-driven, and sometimes a little surreal. However, when it comes to writing a straight-forward pop song, Mark Linkous - the driving force behind Sparklehorse - feels he has to try a lot harder to make it sound interesting.

Boston Painting • 2020

a friend and I recorded this while isolating separately. figured some folk here may dig it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Clem Snide • "Some Ghost" • Live From Just Beyond • 2020

Clem Snide performs "Some Ghost" live at The Houghton Mansion in North Adams, MA. Get Clem Snide's new record 'Forever Just Beyond':

Tom Rosenthal • 157 • 2020

Happy April my friends! 

Because you are the special ones, the ones in the inner circle, the great ones etc I didn't want to play an April Fools trick on you like I've done to the folk who only have Instagram. So... for the last few years I've been releasing a new song on April Fools day and this years one is as song called '157' which is essentially me singing my way to the number 157. It's eleven minutes long lol. And to be honest I've never put more time into a song than this one. It's got many different instrumentalists in it, 11 guest voices, my kids voices, and 2 separate choirs. In many ways it might just be my fave song I've ever made. It also has such a great animation. 
Anyhoo here it is 

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Smoke Fairies • Elevator • 2020

"A masterpiece” (Metro *****) / “Deliciously dark and endlessly engaging” (The Sun) / “This is Smoke Fairies’ strongest, most urgent album to date” (MOJO ****) / “Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire continue to beguile” (Record Collector ****) / “An album you can truly get lost in” (Clash 8/10) / "Spellbinding” (Uncut 8/10)

The Rentals • FORGOTTEN ASTRONAUT {A Song For Michael Collins} • 2020

The new music on the Q36 Forgotten Astronaut Special Feature EP explores four totally different sonic perspectives, each one a way for the listener to approach The Rentals’ sincere tribute to astronaut Michael Collins. The “acoustic mix” of the song has been stripped back down to where it all began, with only a couple original scratch tracks of Matt Sharp’s beaten up 1920’s Martin parlor guitar and his vocals, plus nothing but endless space for his friends in The Gentle Assassins Choir to fill the chorus backgrounds with a bed of glorious, Beatles-esque harmonies. On the two “Z36” (vocal and instrumental) mixes, the arrangements focus primarily on the atmospheric worlds built on the guitar work of Nick Zinner and Sharp’s own vintage synthesizers. These polar opposite musical viewpoints offer a better understanding and sense of depth to Dave Fridmann’s main album mix featured in the video.

annie hamilton • panic • 2020

The long awaited Annie Hamilton EP follows a string of standalone singles, including "Kitchen", "Fade" and "My New Tattooed Chameleon". The six tracks tie together the frays of navigating, processing and documenting her own lived experiences. Never more evident than on her debut EP is Hamilton’s North Star; her songwriting. Examining the mundane and profound, the everyday and the bigger picture she creates a world so vulnerable and accessible that her specific experience feels like universal truth. 

“This EP is the culmination of the last few years spent finding my voice as a solo artist. These songs have come from a place of introspection and experimentation, following my intuition while improving my production and engineering skills in the process.” she says.