Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hello Shark album preview - 2016

Baker Island - Demolishing The Fourth Wall - 2016

Baker Island are a band from Newcastle who make indie-noise-pop like “the fuzzy love child of Pavement and Pixies” (NARC).

Pulco - Garden - single 2016

Past echoes from simpler times 
Forgotten tunes and finished mixes 
Every song has it's day 
So open your ears

Monday, September 26, 2016

MOLLY DRAG - everyone i love is dead - fog lake remix - 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Maps of Suburbia - EP - 2016

MAPS OF SUBURBIA is a collaboration fronted by Nick Perlman on lead vocals and guitar and backed by Andy Porta on drums, guitar, and mixing-board sorcery, Seth Nicholson on bass, and Danny Flinn on bodhrán, with everyone lending their vocal talents. 

Together they create a dynamic sound that slips back and forth between alt-country, surf-rock influenced folk and haunting soundscapes. Each song from "Maps of Suburbia" lingers somewhere between the past and present, and explores nostalgia, loss, and joy in equal measure.

Dark Mean - Settle Down- 2016

Yeah I guess we’ll see what you’re made of 
Yeah I guess we’ll see, once you settle down 

I don’t come around 

Yeah I guess you’ll see all your insides 
But I bet you’ll need a little bit of mine 

But summer’s up, the sun is out, I’m cooling off, I’m way outside your range 
Yeah but I won’t even, I won’t even change 

Don’t come around anymore 
I won’t come around anymore

Winter Waves - Bee and Bee - 2016

Some solid alternative rock with this underlining psych rock thread that runs throughout… Nice release…

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Wedding Present - Going, Going… - 2016

"This is a remarkable album by one of our most idiosyncratic bands. A joy from start to finish, Going, Going… is an album full of love delivered with style, speed and substance." [9/10, Louder Than War]

“The Wedding Present have never been afraid to wander off in strange directions... [and] their ninth long-player is in a similarly experimental vein.” [Q Magazine]

Going, Going… is an album that is full of left turns, sudden bursts of feedback-drenched guitars and luscious soundscapes. It is schizophrenic and unsettling yet full of beauty and melancholy. A hard album to grasp as it is constantly going through gear changes (even within the confines of one song) Going, Going… is the sound of a band throwing everything they have into the mix which has in turn created a work that is at once familiar yet progressive, homely and disturbing. louderthanwar

Hello Shark - Violitionist Sessions - 2016

3 Songs and 3 Questions. This is what happened in Denton, Texas.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

moving in - sunburn - 2016

lazy, sleepy meandering indie space pop created in someones bedroom… perfect middle of the night soundtrack