Thursday, October 13, 2016

MOLLY DRAG - Fear Mint Vol. 3 (split with David F. Bello) - 2016

acoustic, ambient and dreamy… nice split

LINDA GUILALA - Accidente - 2016

We are still sifting through some of the biggest moments from LINDA GUILALA’s new album, “Psiconáutica”, an album spiritually connected in equal parts to MY BLOODY VALENTINE and LOS PLANETAS, full of immediate hits infected with noise and feedback. And now we have “Accidente”, a song that lets us get a glimpse of their most urgent spirit, a link to Iván and Eva’s past in JUNIPER MOON, though the main thing that differentiates them from the ancestors is this: JUNIPER MOON would have made 8 songs in the 42 minutes of this album, whereas LINDA GUILALA, in that same amount of time, have 20. Urgency and noise, psychedelia and ambiance, but above all, melodies. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Take Turns - Cryptomnesia Crept - 2016

"Stormingly good... flips between full-on slacker-pop and heartfelt indie with each passing hook" GoldFlakePaint

"(Their) Animal Fat EP is a full-throttle psychedelic thrum from the Pavement school of alt-rock." NME

"The excellent melody and eccentric, swaggering vocal quirks of ‘Finisher’s Medals’ set the bar for the EP’s level of quality" Raw Meat

Take Turns are four guys from Leeds who play fuzzy songs in the spirit of an indie-rock golden age; big choruses, noise, probably a few too many solos. They've supported Alex G, Merchandise and Tacocat, and have appeared at Live at Leeds twice. Their debut album Cryptomnesia Crept was recorded to tape at Greenmount (Pulled Apart by Horses, The Cribs, Vaccines) and mastered by Carl Saff (Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr.).

Monday, October 10, 2016

Oh Peas! - How to Come Back from the Total Annihilation of Your Self - 2016

This e.p is the result of a concerted effort to plunge a not insignificant blockage in the creative u-bend of my brain. The songs were a struggle to come to terms with which made the process a pretty arduous one but I hope you enjoy it. 

Sisterland - 2016

Reminiscent to Yo La Tengo - nice release.

Abel - Trust No One - EP 2016

dark, minimalist female vocals haunt this short EP

Hope and Social - FEEL- 2016

n the tradition of the travelling bands, we guess we’re a bit like a Yorkshire E-Street Band...meets Arcade Fire...meets The Faces…meets Dexys Midnight Runners…meets Prefab Sprout…at a an argument about who gets to have sex with David Bowie. We're not as good at describing ourselves as others are, so...

"a big sound from this impressive outfit...inspired, anthemic, great" - Q magazine

FEEL is the 5th original studio album by Hope and Social. Written and recorded over a two year period, we stole an 808 handclap and anything else we could get our hands on, chucked it in a bag and shook it all up. The album is covered in analog synths, brass, backing vocals. And coffee mugs. And ukuleles. Numerous home keyboards. A concert xylophone we found in a garden. Plastic trombones. A swanee whistle... And 6 different kids brass bands. And an elephant… flying a helicopter. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Lewis Fieldhouse - Theodor Washington and the Central Valley - 2016

‘Sparse but deeply affecting songwriting’ Clash

Fieldhouse presents to us his firebrand wit with a troubadour’s knack for both lyrical sincerity and absurdity. Offering snippets of life and coupling humour with calculating insight, his work evokes the sound of Eagles and Father John Misty. On his debut album Theodor Washington and the Central Valley, his ear for irresistible pop songwriting is undeniable. 

Sam Brockington - Peace of Mind - 2016

The EP’s title track Peace of Mind, references the longing for affirmation, giving your all to someone but not having that returned. Previous single Follow also features on the EP and has racked up over 150,000 Spotify plays. The single showcases Sam’s intricate guitar style and delicate vocals, which combined, create beautiful melodies and effortless harmonies.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Stairs - The Unnatural Bridge - 2016

A 2002 song for song cover of The Silver Jews' The Natural Bridge album by members of The Stairs. Recorded at 1200 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA in two days. An experiment and a tribute, we had fun making this but don't think it stands up. Only listen if curious and a huge fan of the original. You have been warned.