Jul 31, 2023

Ballsy • Be Your Baby • 2023

“This song allowed me to explore some tough feelings around my absent mother, and how I feel moving through life without unconditional maternal love in my life. While she hasn’t been around in years, and I thought I made my peace with it, memories of her and my complex feelings around it all present themselves from time to time in ghostly ways - showing up and then disappearing - leaving me with even more unanswered questions around how this all even happened in the first place.”

Tele Novella • Broomhorse • 2023

“For those that might not have seen one of the greatest love stories of all time- Harold and Maude- this video is a direct tribute. The 1971 cult classic sure caused a lot of controversy when it first came out, and I’m sure it still does today. Yet our intentions from the beginning were to honor life, love and death and a film that makes us all more human. After receiving the terrible news of the loss of the member of our community- we gave a week in respect. Thank you for understanding.

The Kind Hills • Clusterluck • 2023

The album Clusterluck by The Kind Hills features 10 warm and relaxed indie-tunes that are the perfect soundtrack for a chilled picnic in the countryside, an exhausted or hung-over moment in bed or a long, beautiful road trip.

Jul 16, 2023

Bonnie Prince Billy • "Crazy Blue Bells” • 2023

The Lighthouse And The Whaler • I'll Wait For You • 2023

"Agreeably effervescent folk-pop, elevated by forays into orchestral grandiosity [...] an artist on the rise"

"The Lighthouse and the Whaler are making some serious waves, winning over new fans and critics alike with their unique brand of orchestral pop."
Rolling Stone

"The Cleveland band has grown from a folk leaning outfit to a genre-blurring innovator"
- Paste

Jul 14, 2023


Ada Lea • hometown • 2023

Jul 13, 2023

Mutual Benefit • Little Ways • 2023

New York-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Jordan Lee aka Mutual Benefit has today announced details of his fourth album, Growing at the Edges which is set for release on October 6 via Transgressive. Alongside the news of this 10-track body of work, Lee has shared the first single, “Little Ways” which arrives with a video directed by Vidhu Kota in Brooklyn.

Lead Pony • Sincerely • 2023

“'Sincerely is a sister track to the album’s title-track ‘Vultures',” notes vocalist/guitarist Jesse Hofstee. "It's sung from the perspective of the person that was left behind when the character in ‘Vultures’ moves to the big city. It's a farewell and an encouragement to always see the beauty in everything and hear the ‘symphony' of the city, in this case. We did some field recording in downtown Seattle to try to create the 'city symphony' that play through the outro of the song."

Jul 10, 2023

Divine Sweater • In the Comedown • 2023

"This video is the visual encapsulation of the plot of our new science fiction concept album Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse). Our close friend Gregory Fisher had the vision to outline the album’s plot in an animated video and “In the Comedown” was the perfect song to accompany it. The video captures characters seeking shelter in abandoned submarines in a last-ditch effort to keep living while the apocalypse happens around them."

"With a thrumming bass line underscoring hazy synths, listeners are immersed in the band’s nostalgic-yet-continually-innovating melodic palate [...]the rip-roaring soundscape transforms into a snappy confession of love."
Atwood Magazine

"Capturing the challenge of staying fully present in a moment, the track spans the theme of transcendence within its hypnotic sonics as the creative lyrics draws inspiration from the poetic form of pantoum, constantly repeating and recycling lines to create new meaning out of familiar phrases"

Homes at Night • Midwest Summer • 2023

Homes at Night blur the boundaries between genre and generation with their alternative pop/rock anthems. It's a sound that's both nostalgic and modern, layered with organic instruments, synth-driven soundscapes, cinematic hooks, percussive pulse, and story-driven songwriting that nods to their Nashville roots while simultaneously pushing far beyond them. With multiple US tours under their belt, as well as press support from tastemakers like idobi Radio and Atwood Magazine, Homes at Night are emerging as a band that should be on everyone's radar. 

Jul 9, 2023

Semihelix • "Slower Pace" • 2023

Austin, Texas's Semihelix is a '90s leaning dream and psychedelic pop trio formed in a cloud of fuzz and delay in 2012. With melodic, yet loud, sounds that harken to influences as broad as the Pixies, Black Tambourine, Sonic Youth, and even the Kinks, the band released their last full-length, Recoil, via Mariel Recording Company on October 1, 2021.  The release garnered international recognition from tastemakers both near and far.

Your Heart Breaks • 'The Wrack Line' • 2023

"Clyde Petersen pressurizes their songwriting into Your Heart Breaks. It’s sharp and unapologetic, sometimes cutting into the heart membrane with shocking precision."
B-Sides & Badlands

"Your Heart Breaks should be indie-rock royalty..."
OUT FRONT Magazine

"[Petersen]...brings an earnest sheen and an ear for textural indie pop hooks..."
Under the Radar

"...a secret charmer you should all put on your radar..."
Austin Town Hall

On planet Earth, the wrack line is a collection of organic material and debris left behind on the shore after a high tide. Walking the wrack you’ll find kelp, seagrass, shells, driftwood, dead sea creatures, agates, remnants of humanity and, once in a while, secret treasures thrown overboard from a container ship caught in a storm. Clyde Petersen’s The Wrack Line holds true to this natural phenomenon–a summation of the past few years, a lifetime of friendships, feelings and memories, broken free of a gyre and left upon the artists’ shoreline. The album was written as a collaborative effort between Petersen, occasionally known as Your Heart Breaks, and a slew of many special guests across the world. These songs were created through numerous exchanges of concepts, hooks, riffs, and emotional conversations, processed through tin-can telephones, carrier pigeons, twilight dreams, and shooting stars. Take your shoes off and walk the beach.

Jul 6, 2023

James Leonard Hewitson • Black Jeans • 2023

James Leonard Hewitson hails from Hartlepool in North East England, and depicts everyday life and his surroundings through a bleak yet energetic take on making music. Taking influence from the likes of Jonathan Richman, Pavement, The Fall and many more left-field, guitar-based trailblazers, James is often joined both live and in the studio by his band. 

Julii Sharp •Toucan • 2023

In a languorous introduction that soars to the heights of stripped-down folk where every note is caressing, “Toucan” takes us straight to the heart of the matter and announces the programme from the outset. It's beautiful," sings Julii Sharp in the opening bars of the song. 

Jul 5, 2023

Annie Taylor • Schoolgirl • 2023

“Annie Taylor have honed an ability to bring a buoyant mood to life”
"Mellow, cool girl guitar romp through desert rock, shoegaze, indie and pop influences. Lush.”
“No-frills rock n roll with a lot of colour and full of energy”
“Annie Taylor finds a perfect balance between heavy, psychedelic fuzz, garage-rock, and beachy, west coast pop straight out of California. It’s a raw, hooky, and cinematic record that feels fully formed, ready to kick up dust.”

The band's signature sound is evermore present in their newest single ‘Schoolgirl’, a mixture of contemporary indie rock similar to that of Wolf Alice, combined with 90s girl band rock, making it a track that would be at home on an angsty teen movie soundtrack. Undeniably catchy, the punchy guitar driven single is made up of snappy riffs, tight snares and lead singer Gini Jungi’s pristine vocals, capturing the excitement and uncertainty of falling in love in a fresh and honest way

Rosemary Ginger • Ocean in Between • 2023

Adam Doucette, aka Rosemary Ginger, has quickly become one of the most in-demand young musicians in the Vancouver indie scene. Having been trained in piano and saxophone since a young age, it was in a Toronto hotel room after his audition to one of Canada’s top jazz schools when he decided that indie music was what he truly enjoyed.

Jul 3, 2023

if it be your will Podcast +

Any support for the continuation of if it be your will Podcast would be very grateful. 😇 


Angelo De Augustine • Toil and Trouble • 2023

The fourth solo album from Angelo De Augustine, Toil and Trouble exists according to its own quixotic logic, inhabiting a psychic landscape as sublimely mystifying as a fever dream or fairy tale. In creating such an all - enveloping body of work, the Souther n California - based artist spent nearly three years working alone and exploring the vast expanse of his imagination.

Jul 1, 2023

Podcast #19 • Clara Engel

There's the end of season 1… Hope you enjoy!

In this season's final podcast, I was joined by singer-songwriter and artist Clara Engel. Clara is a pioneer of minimalist indie folk, with an ever evolving need to reconnect with the natural truth. On Clara's recent record Sanguinaria (blood root) they explore themes of human disconnection from the natural world and an incessant need to reconnect to what's real if we have any hope of a rebirth of humanity to our natural world, beautifully seen by Clara as "The non-human world is awesomely heedless of, and dispassionate towards, human codes of meaning and morality." The spacious instrumentation complements the words is such an ethereal manner throughout the tracks, making it a record that will be on repeat for most. Be sure to check out Clara's massive discography and beautiful artwork 🖼️ 


Featured Track • I Died Again