Jul 10, 2023

Divine Sweater • In the Comedown • 2023

"This video is the visual encapsulation of the plot of our new science fiction concept album Down Deep (A Nautical Apocalypse). Our close friend Gregory Fisher had the vision to outline the album’s plot in an animated video and “In the Comedown” was the perfect song to accompany it. The video captures characters seeking shelter in abandoned submarines in a last-ditch effort to keep living while the apocalypse happens around them."

"With a thrumming bass line underscoring hazy synths, listeners are immersed in the band’s nostalgic-yet-continually-innovating melodic palate [...]the rip-roaring soundscape transforms into a snappy confession of love."
Atwood Magazine

"Capturing the challenge of staying fully present in a moment, the track spans the theme of transcendence within its hypnotic sonics as the creative lyrics draws inspiration from the poetic form of pantoum, constantly repeating and recycling lines to create new meaning out of familiar phrases"

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