Friday, June 23, 2017

gorgeous bully - time - 2017

digital single released to help raise some extra money for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund! 

Indietracks Compilation 2017

This is the official compilation of artists playing the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire (UK) on 28-30 July 2017. 

All money raised from this compilation is donated to the Midland Railway Trust, the charity which hosts the Indietracks Festival. 

DISQUE LA RAYE - 60's French West Indies Boo​-​Boo​-​Galoo - 2017

frenzy transcends the venue: musicians waddle onto the stage, dancers rush on the dancefloor, their patent shoes gliding on the lacquered wood flooring, and everyone sings along to the rhythm of “Haaa… bi-bi!”. Each performance brings the same madness, and night clubs all over New York are shaking. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Moth Equals - Honey Trap - 2017

Honey Trap flits between trip hop, breakbeat and post-dubstep, with colourful plunderphonics and an undercurrent of uneasy nostalgia. The album's eclectic sample palette draws from international cinema, video games, vintage records and diegetic noise, creating a blend unlike any other. 

Spiritualized In Other Medications - 2017

When I heard Spiritualized for the first time, it was as if I were listening to a prayer, I became static, I just admired that beauty in sound forms, and from that moment I became a fan, a huge fan, that still hear all those magic songs, and still hear them as if they were prayers. 

Ah yes, that song, or rather, that prayer I heard there in 1991 was Feel So Sad. 

Thank you J. Spaceman. 

This record is dedicated especially to all the bands that made their versions as new medicines for the treatment of the heart and soul. 

Caution: In this Tribute we have almost 3 hours of music, and as said my friend Johnny (Astral Lite) "was what I expected from a Spiritualized tribute".... and I have to agree with him. 

With love and respect.... 

Renato Malizia 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Good Good Blood - Songs From Where I Live - 2017

Songs From Where I Live sees Good Good Blood (aka James Smith) take his gift for delicate songwriting and direct it toward a personal account of his own experiences. Written and recorded at home during the first week of January 2017, the album was born out of a long bout of depression where the act of musical creativity was cathartic and self-affirming.There are echoes of Alex G and Mount Erie at work, uplifting moments that signal rebirth and growth, and lyrical themes focusing on life, mental health, family and ultimately, the grounding embrace of the little Northern England town where he lives. 

Z Tapes Summer 2017

Indie pop | Bedroom | Lo-Fi

Tough Old Bird - Where The Great Beasts Are Buried - 2017

Alt-Country | Folk | Acoustic

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Clea - Fairweather - 2017

Indie | Female vocals

Luke Reed - Won't Be There - 2017

DIY | Bedroom | Indie

In the corner of his small bedroom in Somerville, Massachusetts, Luke Reed of Bent Shapes and Mini Dresses spends most nights quietly writing and recording solo material ranging from quiet and deliberate meditations, to summery jangle pop. Over the years, Luke has amassed a prolific collection of lonely and disenchanted pop songs, seldom released. 

two white cranes - conway court - 2017

DIY | Female harmonies | Indie folk

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Amerikana - 2017

"A flawless raucous composition combining bewildering ‘60s psychedelic spirit, candid rebelliousness and soothsaying, and even manages to tastefully weave in that twang element we usually associate with early American roots music. This is fresh and meaningful, with an in-your-face wake-up call we should all welcome (and even wish on others)"  – The Spill Magazine

"‘Pulls you into a trance with its swaying, lilting in a mix of psonicadelia in what are mere minutes of spacey zen that lend to a sense of timeliness. With vocals as incredibly powerful as James’ vocalist Tim Booth, the energy factor is ideal in this piece of fantastic music mastery" – Big Takeover Magazine

"Their blend of ’60s-era psychedelic folk with elements of modern indie Americana becomes a form of protest... With woozy atmospherics that echo Kurt Vile and lyrics that veer into the spiritual, the band uplifts without preaching and encourages without chastising" – The Revue

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Arctic Flow - Umbrella - 2017

One boy on the beach, flying his kite in the summer breeze. The Arctic Flow is Brian Hancheck, the boy in question. Creating dreamy songs of love, loss, joy and sadness.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mundy's Bay - Wandering & Blue - 2017

 ‘Wandering And Blue’ is a delicious clash of 80s subcultures; splicing skeletal gothic wings onto a hybrid shoegaze/new wave torso, its overall, emergent shape is something entirely new, cold and beautiful. Coursing through each track, Esther Mulders’ voice snatches darkness from the wide open Canadian skies and forges it into wavering, swooping and resonant harmonies. Dive in!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cayetana - New Kind of Normal - 2017

Ian Armstead The first Cayetana album was incredible, but this one just goes one better. No one can listen to this and not think "Yep, I get that" - so personal but so universal at the same time, this album deserves to be heard, can't praise it enough.

Marika Hackman - I'm Not Your Man - 2017

It's amazing how the floodgates open when you shut out all the internal and external noise, stop pandering to stereotype, cease listening to your anxieties, and disregard the compartment society has built for you. I'm Not Your Man, the Charlie Andrew (Alt-J, Rae Morris)-produced second album from Marika Hackman, begins with an impromptu hearty laugh. It's not the sound of silliness; it's the sound of liberation, spontaneity, and joy. 24-year-old Hackman is feeling more herself than ever. Life isn't necessarily funnier or happier, but when there's cause for a joke or a big ballsy statement, she's not holding back any more.

Kacey Johansing - The Hiding - 2017

She has toured internationally and shared the stage with such acts as Kings of Convenience, Angel Olsen, Chris Cohen and Little Wings, and has collaborated with members of My Morning Jacket, Real Estate, Fruit Bats and The Range of Light Wilderness. She is currently preparing for the release of her third album, “The Hiding”

Monday, June 5, 2017

Dying Adolescence - lonely - 2017

Filip Zemčík 
i walk this road 
all alone 
i dont know where to go 
just dont take me home 

i lay in bed 
i know hes dead 
i just need some rest 
from the thoughts in my head

Good Good Blood - Mount Eerie - 2017

track one is a GGB version of my favourite Mount Eerie song (which helped me through some darker times). much love and thanks to Phil Elverum for giving me permission to release this version. 

track two is just a little instrumental I made which seems to fit ok. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

clairo - brains a bus station - 2016

glitchy n' kitschy

Sprinters - 2017

'Sprinters' is the band's first studio effort, and was recorded (mostly) live in Wigan throughout 2016 with friend of the band, local engineer Ste Jones. Comprised of a selection of songs from Jarvis's solo albums and new material, the record proved to be a labour of love, taking just under 12 months to piece together. Sprinters have emerged triumphant with a pure departure record, heavy on hooks, melodic and lyrical interplay, and a more clear and honed sound than their previous lo- fi recordings. Jarvis cites some of his major influences for the process as: The Replacements, Pavement, Neil Young, Ariel Pink and The Velvet Underground. 

deer scout - sad boy - 2017

beautiful bedroom pop pill

Thursday, June 1, 2017

CLUSTERSUN - Surfacing To Breathe - 2017

Sound explosions, loaded with shoegaze reverb, soundscapes, psychedelic atmospheres and space dilations... It's no surprise that My Bloody Valentine, Ride and Slowdive easily come to mind when listening to Clustersun – Rolling Stone

Ethereal enjoyment... British early 80’s postpunk/60s soft psych hybrid, somewhere between “Faith” Cure and early 4AD catalog bands, with a moody sheen from Procol Harum, Moody Blues and post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd – Big Takeover Magazine

Vast Robot - Dinner Music - 2017

Sitting in a kitchen at a house party in early spring of 2017. sitting with a bunch of friends around the  kitchen table, when one of the friends uttered the words “well, I wouldn’t call it ‘Dinner Music’ per se…” For some reason this phrase immediately resonated with Jason and the ironic setting it was presented in. Jason got up, excused himself and grabbed a guitar in the next room. ...15 mins later he had emerged with all the bones of “Dinner Music”. the song just unfolded in front of him. and after arranging the structure he sent the music to John Agee in Missouri. 3 days later John and Joe sent Jason the demo back with the vocals. as soon as he heard it, he declared.

"Well damn, that’s some dinner music! "

Lanikai - “Motor Inn” - 2017

Lanikai’s “Motor Inn” eases the listener with a simple back and forth piano and organ until lead singer and songwriter Marti Sarbit’s unforgettable voice pushes it into a swirling chorus.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Paper Trail Records - Choice - 2017

Following on from our 2015 Mental Health Day Compilation, Thanks for Listening, we decided to work together with a cause closer to home. We asked some of our favourite artists here in Ireland, and further abroad, to contribute an unreleased outtake, b-side or live version to be compiled and the response was wonderfully overwhelming. We're really proud of this release, and think it showcases some wonderful talent as well as highlighting how close a cause this is to peoples' hearts. 

Every sale goes to The Abortion Support Network through Paypal, so you can be assured that your donations are being put to good use. Big thank you to Ben Dillon, Anna at Repeal, Andrew at Bandcamp and Mara at ASN for making this happen, and to all the artists that donated songs - we're forever in your debt. 

gorgeous bully - great blue - 2017

recorded in a morning on my phone

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

thanks for coming - thanks for having me - 2017

pretty much just the sound of small children crying with the ambient sound of rain in the background

Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Epic Jammers and Fortunate Little Ditties - 2016

missed this one… but found you now!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

RONNY MORRIS - All About Love - 2017

The new single is entitled “All About Love” and was recorded and produced in Stockholm in collaboration with the Swedish producer Adam Kviman (Jewel, Eagle Eye Cherry) and is featuring the Czech National String Harmonic. The native Danish artist Ronny Morris's music, has been aired on major TV shows such like One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters and Ghost Whisperer, and this single is the new single taken from his debut album titled “Sweet Silence” which will be released October 2017. 

Watch The Video;

RONNY MORRIS / All About Love / Live Strings Recordings Prague

Coucheron - HIGH BY THE RIVERSIDE (feat. ARY) - 2017

"I’ve been fortunate to work a lot with ARY this past year, mostly on her stuff. But in this case we both felt this would be a song for me. I immediately bonded with the storytelling in this song, and felt it belonged in my universe, so I did my best to compliment her beautiful vocals."

Burkini Beach - Supersadness Intl. - 2017

The arrangements on "Supersadness Intl." are deliberately meager and instrumentation is kept sparse. „I wanted to avoid falling into the kitsch trap at all costs“, says Maier. „With singer-songwriter / acoustic-guitar-stuff it's always a thin line between cheesy and okay.“ In this case, a claustrophobic gem emerged, which is reminiscent of genre heroes like Elliott Smith, Mark Kozelek or Sufjan Stevens. "Supersadness Intl." is an atmospherically dense work of sometimes painful intensity, which Maier, however, can always break open with mischievous pleasure and with the use of textual and musical pointers.

Old S Resort - Melt Me Down single - 2017

Old S Resort is based in Oslo, Norway and was formed in the spring of 2016.
influencers; Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Grimes and Blood Orange

Tiny Eyes - EP - 2017

Tiny Eyes’ self-titled EP is his first major solo outing and it’s a resoundingly consistent and accomplished effort. Fitting nicely into the space that Tobias Jesso Jr re-opened for candid retro piano pop, Tiny Eyes is a heavy-lidded reverie through the mind of its maker. Heartfelt melodies entwine languorously with artful rhymes and psychedelic production to make a dream tapestry that’s on the one hand maximal and immersive, and on the other considered and spacious. Fuelled by a literary eye for juxtaposition and imagism, the stories on this EP move through tales of the morning after the night before (‘Fifteen Feet Of Snow’) to creativity itself (‘Golden Thread) via meditations on love and selfhood (‘Falling’ and ‘Tiny Eyes’). For a first effort Tiny Eyes is the sound of an artist already arriving fully-formed and with a clear and unified vision of the creative road ahead.

This Is Lorelei - Better To Be Down And Around - 2017

written/recorded/mixed/mastered by nate amos 
march 9-10 and 17, 2017 at pallet sound in chicago, il 

Eef Barzelay - Fan Chosen Covers (songs we hate) - 2017

two covers done only the way Eef can…

Friday, May 26, 2017

Blood Cultures - Happy Birthday - 2017

Cattle - Slow Sailor EP - 2017

Following up on their powerful debut from a couple years back, Tokyo's Cattle have given us another winner with their second EP, "Slow Sailor". It starts off deceptively gentle with the lovely midtempo "Sherbet", but then kicks it into high gear with a trio of instant hits, including a very spirited rendition of Ride's classic, "Twisterella", before closing off with the midtempo (but still punchy) title track. Musically, they remind me a lot of Ringo Deathstarr and the noisier side of Pia Fraus, with confident female vocals over crunchy guitars, and a whole lot of melody ringing throughout. This is seriously some of the best dreampop I've heard in a while!

Darren Hayman - Thankful Villages Volume 2 - 2017

 Thankful Village is a village where every soldier returned alive from World War I. The writer, journalist and educator Arthur Mee coined the term ‘Thankful Village’ in his series of guidebooks, The King’s England in the 1930s. Darren Hayman visited each of the 54 Thankful Villages and, focussing on village life, made a piece of music and a short film for every one. Some take the form of instrumentals inspired by the location, some are interviews with village residents set to music, others are new songs with lyrics or found local traditional songs.

Monday, May 22, 2017

gorgeous bully - HOLSTEN - 2017

bedroom pop | DIY | lo-fi

Saturday, May 20, 2017

adult mom - Soft Spots - 2017


It's For Us - Come With Me - 2017

Riff ladened Swedish indie pop with gorgeous female vocals powering this music from within.

Peaness - Are You Sure? - 2017

Female driven indie pop… Jangle yourself through the day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jason Bajada - Blondie / In What World Do You Savages Live Where You Thought I'd Be Cool? - 2017

singer songwriter | indie

Sunday, May 14, 2017

METRIC - Mother - 2013

James Shaw and Emily Haines of METRIC cover John Lennon's "Mother" at The Magic Shop Recording Studio in New York City.

Phosphorescent - This Land Is Your Land - 2017

Somebody out there on the internet had made a collage of footage 
Of thousands of folks singing this song together at Bernie Sanders rallies 
Voices raised together in a spirit of generosity; 
Then juxtaposed it with footage from Trump rallies from that time 
People punching, spitting, yelling 
So much hate and anger 
So much ugliness; 
Everyone at ease with the empty mean-ness of it all; 
Everyone agreeing on impotent vile-ness 
As basic human-ness 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

lotte kestner - best of covers '16​-​'17 - 2017

A wonderful collection of angelic covers spanning over a couple years…

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kevin Morby - City Music - 2017

The record is a collection of ten songs, a Germs cover and a Flannery O'Conor passage read by my friend Meg Baird, inspired by and devoted to my metropolitan experience across America. It is a mix-tape, a fever dream, a love letter dedicated to those cities that I cannot get rid of, to those cities that are all inside of me.