Nov 28, 2016

doubleu - quit + wuss - 2016

A double whammy from

long island ladies #1 - 2016

a cover compilation for friends 
celebrating the music we love 
songs by katie and allison crutchfield

all proceeds will go towards supporting 

the standing rock sioux of north and south dakota: 

the council of american-islamic relations' new york chapter: 

Nov 27, 2016

Polyvinyl Plays Polyvinyl

Looking back on our 20-year existence, we’re proud to say that Polyvinyl has never been defined by a particular genre.

From early records that documented the Midwestern emo of American Football, Braid, and Rainer Maria to of Montreal’s mercurial mining of musical styles, Ida’s intimate harmonies, Joan of Arc’s sonic experimentation, STRFKR’s electro-pop, the raucous rock-and-roll of Japandroids and Beach Slang, etc. etc. there’s no predicting what a new Polyvinyl release will sound like — just that it’s something we love and think you will, too.

And so, to celebrate this diverse discography, we asked 20 members of the Polyvinyl family past and present to cover a song by one of their labelmates. Fittingly, this led to a slew of beloved tracks being re-imagined in a variety of new and surprising ways.

Seal Eggs - Sunday Will Be Snow - 2016

Seal Eggs is vocalist, harpist, and sound artist Gwen Wolfenbarger.
Wolfenbarger weaves dense ambient soundscapes with looped and processed voice and harp. She studies in Colorado Springs, CO, and is from Knoxville, TN.

The Secret Sea - Everest - 2016

Cult-status indie icon from Tel Aviv, now living in Portland OR.
One of the first and most substantial and influential songwriters in English to emerge in Israel in early 2000, known for his incredible finger-picking, deep imagery, heartfelt lyrics and emotional delivery. 

Nov 23, 2016

Joplin Rice - the hook​/​disown - 2016

a couple songs that like each other

Owl & Mouse - Departures - 2015

The boldly open hearted yet delicate songs come straight out of the same school of Australian songwriting as The Go-Betweens, Triffids and Courtney Barnett, with lyrics that draw on the familiar to talk about the universal difficulties of fond farewells, baggage carousels, and missed connections.   

Nov 22, 2016

aoi - 1 (EP) - 2016

A voyage through lands where the organic and synthetic evolved in symbiosis, when the past and future coexist simultaneously. There one can hear piano and guitars from the 70s being led by digital synths, the chaotic sounds of electricity flowing through the dynamic tension of a jazz chord progressions, tribal beats played on a drum machine, the triomphant march of cyborgs preceding a moment where one wakes up after being adrift in an unknown sea. Amongst other sonic oddities. 

Nov 21, 2016

Whitney Lindquist - Something Special - 2016

really liking this release - vocals are understated, but strong, playing is pretty good too. I like the more restrained songs far better - next project for me; minimal instruments and hushed vocals - recorded in a vast open space. Just an idea...

Adela - Your Wifi Signal Has Been Lost - 2016

wonderfully simple yet compelling songwriting… cello and the female voice are meant for on another.

if i die in mississippi - artless - 2016

Just another great bedroom pop release from

Nov 20, 2016

DenMother - Blood: a memoir - 2016

haunting, subtle builds… I'm liking the atmosphere this release breeds…

In Love With A Ghost - i thought we were lovers w/ basil - 2016

always good, always fresh from

Nov 18, 2016

little Barefoot - Never Always - 2016

nicely melodic and warm in many sonic ways… nice 1$ release 😏

Cigarettes After Sex - K. - 2016

Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop collective led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez & is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY.

CAMP COPE - Keep Growing - 2016

MVB like an inner monologue this slow burner dregs the kind of shit that plagues internal struggles, simple and perhaps what some might call mundane and repetitive, it oddly gives a sort of comfort and strength to my insecurities that is strikingly singular to this track. though not all-baring, it has a hearty tone of honesty reflecting true battles with mental health in the borderline banality of daily life

Nov 16, 2016

Lunar Quiet - Cold Spell - 2016

Shoegaze with a post-punk aesthetic… two nice tracks for a blistery day.

blue milk - Playing in the Dark (it's fun in here) - 2016

bedroom melodies out of Nashville

TIGERCUB - Abstract Figures In The Dark - 2016

 A huge behemoth of an album that weaves elements of alt rock, stoner, powerful melodies, heart achingly strong lyrics and look… 

Nov 14, 2016

matt pond PA - Winter Lives - 2016

Worst Party Ever - Anthology - 2016

Quirky, lo-fi, melodic, meandering music from bedroom USA… all their releases in one record.

This is pretty much everything we've put out under the name "Worst Party Ever' over the last two years. Any purchases from this album will go to ALSO Youth. 

Sleepy Seahorse - Used To Be Confused - 2016

Mellow melodies. 
Lugubrious lyrics. The songs of Joey Corsentino…

Blue Plutos - Moon Language - 2016

Reminds me a lot of the Rentals and Weezer in delivery and melody….

Monster Rally - Mystery Cove LP - 2016

"Mystery Cove, is a soundtrack to an imaginary movie both fit for the vaults of TMC and primed for a grindhouse exploitation flick screening. Mystery Cove contains a narrative arc of young lovers on an island getaway. As the grooves spin, Monster Rally reveals a cabalistic presence in the jungle that leads them on an adventure of surf competitions (“The Big Surf”), voodoo terror (“Tourismo”), and plenty of slushy cocktails (“After Hours”). The occult meets the salt-rimmed rum mix on Mystery Cove. 

Nov 12, 2016

Leonard Cohen's Other Songs Vol 1 and 2 - 1972-2010

Leonard Cohen's live and rare recordings - some tracks don't have the best quality to them, but in these moments I don't give a hoot! If you're looking for a new soundtrack for the day I recommend these albums.

Track List:

1. Red River Valley - Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen Rare Live Songs (1976-88)
2. Never Got To Love You - Leonard Cohen duet with Anjani -  Live, Program Trzeci Polskiego Radia (3/31/2007)
3. Canít Help Falling In Love  -  Leonard Cohen - Rare Live Songs II
4. Ride Around   -  Leonard Cohen - Leonard Cohen Rare Songs (Live, 1979)
5. The Union Makes Us Strong - Leonard Cohen - Rare Songs, Live - England (1979)
6. We Shall Not Be Moved -  Leonard Cohen - Live, Israel  (1972)
7. To Love Somebody -  Leonard Cohen - Live, Eppelheim 1980
8. The Hypnotist - Leonard Cohen - Blossoms Of Heaven, Ashes Of Hell ñ Zurich Disc 2 (5/21/1993)
9. Chelsea Hotel #1 - Leonard Cohen - Live, Israel (1972)
10. Thereís No Reason Why You Should Remember Me - Leonard Cohen - Complete BBC 2 Broadcast (1968)
11. Streets Of Laredo - Leonard Cohen - Rare Songs, Live -England (1979)
12. Do I Have to Dance All Night - Leonard Cohen - Live, Amsterdam (1980)

Track List:

   1. Je Veux Vivre Tout Seul: 27 May 1976, Le Grand …chiquier (A2-TV), Paris, France (Bird on the Wire with French verse) (4:39)
   2. Kevin Barry: 1972 (4:00)
   3. Die Gedanken Sind Frei: 1976 (3:31)
   4. Store Room: Montreux, Switzerland, 25 June 1976 (4:37)
   5. As Time Goes By: 1972 (2:26)
   6. Donít Go Home with Your Hard-on: Bryn Mawr, US, 23 November 1975 (2:59)
   7. Blessed is the Memory: Frankfurt, Germany, 25 April 1976  (3:26)
   8. Silent Night: Birmingham, UK, 15 December 1979 (2:24)
   9. Dead Song: Frankfurt, Germany, 6 May 1970 (0:20)
  10. Another Saturday Night: Melbourne, Australia, 8 March 1980  (0:58)
  11. Ballad of the Absent Mare: Vienna, Austria, 6 July 1985  (7:06)
  12. Guerrero: Bryn Mawr, US, 23 November 1975  (3:19)
  13. The Butcher: Toronto, Canada, 31 January 1975  (4:32)
  14. Un As Der Rebbe Singt: 1976  (0:58)
  15. Song to the Machines: Tel Aviv, Israel, 19 April 1972  (2:46)
  16. If It Be Your Will: Vienna, Austria, 6 July 1985  (3:48)
  17. Thirsty for the Kiss: London, UK, 6 December 1979  (3:33)
  18. A Thousand Kisses Deep: Armelle Brusqís documentary ìSpring 1996"  (2:19)
  19. I Tried To Leave You Vienna, Austria, 6 July 1985  (14:56)
  20. Whither Thou Goest: Warsaw, Poland, 31 March 2007  (1:45)
  21. Mr Cohen Must Be Going: Paris, France, 19 October 1974 (0:38)

In Memory of Leonard Cohen

Listen to the hummingbird
Whose wings you cannot see
Listen to the hummingbird
Don’t listen to me.

Listen to the butterfly
Whose days but number three
Listen to the butterfly
Don’t listen to me.

Listen to the mind of God
Which doesn’t need to be
Listen to the mind of God
Don’t listen to me.

These lines, described as a “sweet little song" Leonard Cohen "has been working on." were recited at the Oct 13, 2016 You Want It Darker Event in L.A.

His last interview
David Remnick from The New Yorker shared yesterday his last interview with Leonard Cohen on September 2016.

His final song of his final performance
Vector Arena, Auckland - 21-12-2013

The loss of Leonard Cohen, who has died at age 82, is huge, and is going to take some getting used to. As poet, novelist and most influentially as a late-starting singer-songwriter, Montreal’s most celebrated son left an indelible mark on the past five-plus decades. An artist who was considered old by the standards of pop culture in 1967, when his debut album Songs of Leonard Cohen was released, ended up outlasting almost all of his contemporaries as a vital creative force and cultural presence.

Teen Suicide - Bonus EP - 2016

Teen Suicide’s latest 'Bonus EP' is a concise collection of songs which were only previously available via Dropbox links from the band’s Facebook page. Salvaged from the internet abyss between thinkpieces on Marilyn Manson’s ribcage and pictures of Omar from The Wire, Bonus EP’s six tracks are as genre-defying as their latest twenty six track swansong LP It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot - pulsating, glitchy arrangements like opener “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” and the autotune-heavy “Slow to Work it Out” are as captivating as the psych-pop-influenced “Lately” and “Lost Cause” are catchy. Though it exists as a compilation of almost-lost tracks - the EP’s refusal to be tied down to a single defining genre or mood for more than a few moments is as accurate a portrayal of Teen Suicide’s impetus as a band as we’re ever likely to get.

Hefner - Breaking God's Heart - 2007 (expanded edition)

This is Hefner's debut album. We are now proud to announce it's re-release as a 2 disk edition. The new version includes all the b-sides and all the singles surrounding the release including Pull Yourself Together, the Hefner Soul EP and the orginal long deleted first singles on Boogle Wonderland.

Sandy Hsu - Savage Youth - 2016

Self-described as “Suburban Sad-Girl Dream Pop”, Sandy creates a musical world that is raw, anti-perfect, and almost intrusive to listen to. Personal insights that, when mixed with pop melodies feel like a dream and sound like a sigh of despair at four in the morning. 

Foxing - White Flag - 2016 single

United we stand...

Nov 10, 2016

RIP Leonard Cohen - 1934 - 2016

Leonard Cohen: ‘I intend to live forever’
he will

Tributes in front of his Montreal home. The sorrow that  hangs over the city is constant... 

Super XX Man - Vol. XVII "What Once Was Live" - 2016

The final album by Super XX Man
Recorded live on November 14, 2015 at Idler Studio in Austin, TX.

This Frontier Needs Heroes - Real Job - 2016

Listening to This Frontier Needs Heroes is like having your friends play in your backyard while the sun comes up. With their powerful delivery and delicate harmonies, their music is full of idealistic lyrical stories of love, loss and longing for a better world.

Before The Brave - Better Country - 2016

Over the next few years the collective left behind their folk roots for a more ambitious sound that draws on the likes of classics Fleetwood Mac as well as contemporaries like The Head and the Heart.

bed. - Klickitat - 2016

Coined as slow-fi… has a nice wavy quality with beautiful female vocals that warm the soul.

Nov 9, 2016

Earth Heart - Homesick - 2016

good dose of diy garage rock…

REIGHNBEAU + BK Beats - Sleep - 2016

REIGHNBEAU is sounds made by Bryce Hample and Lovely Friends.

Nov 6, 2016

deadplant records - diy friends comp vol. 1 - 2016

a showcase of talent from our favorite diy artists, that we think you should know. we hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do. 

all proceeds will go to standing rock 

The Haywains - Girl In The Holly Court Diner - 2016

deep vocals drive this jangle pop outfit… nice songs

Nov 5, 2016

Blood Sound - Nothing + Rockets - Single 2016

darkwave 80's - familiar sounds sound heavy, deep, contemplative….

Nov 4, 2016

Lou Barlow - Apocalypse Fetish - 2016

There are 4 other songs on the EP, none of which are political in nature but are similarly "fired up." The melodic inspirations for the record came from my day in the back stairways and basement of the enormous Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Dinosaur Jr. were there opening for Primus in August 2015.) I was alone and playing my ukulele in the cavernous spaces and tiled showers there. The unique reverberations brought the beginnings of these songs. The hall is reputed to be haunted and I’m not so sure it isn’t. 

too far from town to learn - 2016

A new compilation from GoldFlakePaint.

Nov 3, 2016

lotte kestner - November Covers - 2016

Lotte Kestner is the solo project of Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William.

Olive & The Pitz - Landlocked - 2016

“Landlocked” is about growing up. From likening your level of inner strength to a reptile at the mercy of its surrounding environment, to losing your innocence after a wild prom weekend, to battling with the daunting realization of your potential in a cold college dorm room, coming into your own is a profoundly cumbersome and poetically awkward experience. 

The Dance Asthmatics - Lifetime Of Secretion - 2016

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, The Dance 
Asthmatics emerged from the womb a few years ago as 
a PiL-worshipping dub-punk aggregate unlike anything 
else on their native isle. In fact, New Zealand hasn’t 
seen this much menace and casual aggression in a band 
since The Gordons stalked the earth. Comparisons can 
also be drawn to such demented precursors as Killing 
Joke, Butthole Surfers, and Terminal Cheesecake. But 
ultimately, The Dance Asthmatics have carved a unique 
identity out of their country’s bedrock. And they’ve 
fashioned a fortress from which they can let loose 
volleys of devastating power.

Nov 2, 2016

HPSTR GEMS: November 2016

 • diy indie label that puts out •

How The Solar System Moves Through Space