Nov 3, 2016

The Dance Asthmatics - Lifetime Of Secretion - 2016

Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand, The Dance 
Asthmatics emerged from the womb a few years ago as 
a PiL-worshipping dub-punk aggregate unlike anything 
else on their native isle. In fact, New Zealand hasn’t 
seen this much menace and casual aggression in a band 
since The Gordons stalked the earth. Comparisons can 
also be drawn to such demented precursors as Killing 
Joke, Butthole Surfers, and Terminal Cheesecake. But 
ultimately, The Dance Asthmatics have carved a unique 
identity out of their country’s bedrock. And they’ve 
fashioned a fortress from which they can let loose 
volleys of devastating power.

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