Feb 24, 2017

Elder Sister Plum - Buried Treasure - 2017

This album is a time capsule, a collection of songs written and recorded many years ago, going as far back as Plum's teenage years when she was first experimenting with song writing. The recordings were made in a variety of places and times. 

100% of her online sales will be donated to the Medic + Healer Council at Standing Rock. This is an indigenous-led collaborative group coordinating medical and healing supplies, human resources, and other types of medical/healing aid for the NoDAPL resistance camps. The fundraiser is taking place between Feb. 13 - Mar. 14. 
(medichealercouncil.com ) 

Dufflecoat Records - Reporters / Young Scum - 2015

Shark? - Abilene - 2017

"…Shark?… play fun, heavy rock, sounding like a mid-nineties MTV Buzz Bin band (in a good way)…" 
- The New Yorker…

"Emerging Brooklyn quartet, steadily gaining momentum with their melodic grit…" 
- New York Magazine

Feb 20, 2017

Bandcamp Playlist #1

I plan on making more playlists for y'all… This instalment are some songs I've been liking from my many bandcamp releases. Enjoy!

Lesser Strays - Love Like A Cigarette - 2017

Lesser Strays began in the bedroom of a quiet suburb in North County San Diego, where Joshua Petroni, frustrated in the boredom of small town life, spent countless friendless weekdays and weekends building the fundamental skills of songwriting and recording. After years of composing nearly a hundred songs, he finally found a sound worthy of pursuing seriously and placed it under the name “Lesser Strays.”

Feb 19, 2017

State Broadcasters - Break My Fall - 2017

Howe Gelb - The Open Road - Arizona Amp & Alternator - 2017

“His work has never acknowledged any borders that might theoretically exist between mariachi waltzes, psychedelic guitar rock, uptown piano jazz, or dusty improvised C&W“ (Pitchfork).

 “In search of treasured happenstance, Howe Gelb is an enigma, an inspiration and some kind of genius” (The Quietus).

free cake for every creature - 2 love songs - 2017

free cake for every creature presents their covers of two classic l♥ve songs, The Only Ones's "Another Girl, Another Planet" & Sade's "By Your Side." performed by katie bennett, heeyoon won, francis lyons & evan marré.

Fog Lake - dragonchaser - 2017

Loney Jon A black & white glitter snow globe.

Feb 16, 2017

Bin Bags - Nappy Valley - 2017

really nice homemade indie pop - sweet vocals, sweet lines, sweet listen

BoringProductions - 2016​​~​​17

If you're a fan of DIY bedroom pillow pop you might get into this Chinese sampler; more than a few cutie tracks, some live tracks...

Feb 15, 2017

Kid Koala - Music To Draw To: Satellite - Featuring Emilíana Torrini - 2017

Kid Koala’s Music To Draw To: Satellite is an uncharted musical journey: an expansive work of ambient electronic soundscapes and chilling ballads in collaboration with Icelandic artist Emilíana Torrini. This inaugural volume in the Music To Draw To series is Kid Koala's first non-sample-based record, instead using an array of synthesizers, keys, guitars, strings, turntables, and inventive recording techniques to portray this heartrending musical story about a couple separated by a mission to Mars. The output is over 72 atmospheric minutes of stardust settling like fresh snow over Kid Koala’s trove of turntables and sentiment.

Earthen Sea - An Act of Love - 2017

ambient smooth with the throb of electonica…

Feb 14, 2017

Just for a Life, A Homage to Slowdive - 2017

Many memories, many images, like a movie that passes in our minds bringing eternal sensations of magical moments that will be kept forever. There is a rare beauty, a magic in Slowdive´s music that has been forever ringing in our minds. 

Just for a Day, Just for a Life, Just Forever. 

This tribute was made especially for the dreamers. 

Special thanks to all bands that are part of this project. 

Dedicated to Nick Chaplin, Rachel Goswell, Neil Halstead, Christian Savill and Simon Scott 

Feb 12, 2017

The New Year - Recent History - 2017

Pre-order album here:

Matt and Bubba Kadane first grabbed ears in the early ’90s with Bedhead, a band that built a cult following on the back of its slow-moving, ruminative releases. After Bedhead dissolved in 1998, the band started The New Year, releasing three records before slowing its productivity after the release of its 2008 self-titled album. While the Kadanes have remained active, including collaborating with David Bazan and Will Johnson in Overseas, they’ve quietly been working on the fourth record from The New Year. 

The Two Tens - Keeping Hope Alive - 2017

The Two Tens’ new “Keeping Hope Alive” single is seriously cool. If you ain’t hooked on these cats by this point, c’mon—unhook that respirator and get out once in awhile. – BLURT MAGAZINE

Feb 11, 2017

VACATIONS - Vibes & Days - 2017

laid back indie songs with a ton of character… brings me back to the 90's in the best way!

Feb 10, 2017

Waxahatchee - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert - 2013

The songs Waxahatchee brought to the NPR Music offices aren't just stripped down for this Tiny Desk Concert, this is Katie Crutchfield as Waxahatchee, spare and exposed; this is what she does. Sometimes there's a drummer (her sister's boyfriend Kyle Gilbride) and at other times another guitarist, her boyfriend Keith Spencer (both play in Swearin'), but even on Waxahatchee's second album, Cerulean Salt, there are plenty of bare-boned songs. This is intimate music for an intimate setting, as we got to stand in careful silence, listening intently and capturing this frail and powerful performance. --BOB BOILEN

Someday - This Doesn't Exist - 2017

"A conceptual and musical journey. Engrossing and intriguing from beginning to end... a bit of a roller coaster taking in the oppressive post punk of Joy Division, the playfulness of The Smiths, and the noise experiments of Sonic Youth" - Overblown Magazine

Ummagma & A.R.Kane - Winter Tale - 2017

This is a really brilliant post-rocky shoegazey woozy ambient thing. It's absolutely beautiful - Dani Charlton, Amazing Radio

Full kaleidoscope of sounds, harmonies and musical instruments… the result is massive with an intricate fabric - Rolling Stone Russia

Ethereal pop indebted to Cocteau Twins and much of the rest of 4AD’s ’80s output - BrooklynVegan

Dream Joints - So Much Fun - 2017

With the gloomy psychedelia of The Growlers, the spaced out vocals of Jesus & Mary Chain and the expansive instrumentation of Brian Jonestown Massacre, Dream Joints weave together a patchwork of influences to create a unique sound that stretches from vampiric to blissful. All the while sounding immediate and absolutely vital.

Ghost Thoughts - Purple Period - 2017

This is the new project from Davina Shell (of Thee Ahs) and friends, and truth be told, it's really not too different from her previous band. And that's a good thing, because I LOVED Thee Ahs and their brand of pure and simple indiepop with the sweetest vocals - as much as I loved the Fat Tulips back when Sunday Records reigned supreme. Not to insinuate that these songs are all flowers and butterflies - in fact, they're rather darker in tone. 

Feb 9, 2017

gorgeous bully - best of - 2010 - 2016

a simple introduction to gorgeous bully - 14 songs from the last 6 years.

Gorgeous Bully — the Manchester-based bedroom pop project fronted by Thomas Crang — has the sort of Bandcamp back catalog that’s both intimidatingly extensive and satisfyingly rich, built up over six years of steady releases. SG

Spartan Jet-Plex - Amygdala Sky - 2017

Sean Rice Beautiful and timely - “The world is filled with people who are no longer needed. And who try to make slaves of all of us. And they have their music and we have ours. Theirs, the wasted songs of a superstitious nightmare. And without their music and ideological miscarriages to compare our songs of freedom to, we'd not have any opposite to compare music with --- and like the drifting wind, hitting against no obstacle, we'd never know its speed, its power....” LOVE TRUMP HATE

Girlpool - NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert - 2015

lotte kestner - february covers - 2017

"It’s like the Little Match Girl instead sold all of her matches and bought a guitar."
- {Sic} Magazine

Shakey Graves • The Man From Taured • 2017

B-sides and rarities from the shakey graves archives 2007-2017

Feb 5, 2017

Mercy - Evil Baby + EP - 2016-2017

“Evil Baby” is a protest song against Donald Trump's presidency.
But it's not a dull political lecture. It's fun, and the video is proudly DIY.

Mercy brings her unique, mesmerizing voice to songs that showcase her eclectic musical tastes and styles, from urban chill, to indie folk, to jazz, to new wave retro disco. In everything she sings, she brings her own unique depth of feeling, as well as a sly sense of humor, which shine through her singing and draw you into her world. 

These songs are the result of a collaboration in the winter of 2015-2016 with Christopher Pellnat, who wrote some of the songs, did production and recording, and played instruments. He sings a duet with Mercy on "A Torrent." 

Coast Modern - Comb My Hair - 2017

LA duo Coast Modern, that's Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas, understand this and they've written an entire song about it—premiering below. As they put it: "Sometimes when ur tripping out or life is tripping u up, comfort comes best with the touch of a kindred hand. Comb My Hair is a musical caress for weary universal travelers everywhere. We're all echoes of love." noisey

FINDLAY - Forgotten Pleasures - 2017

Findlay runs and jumps across genres. She revisits 90s grunge, flies up into the skies of shoegaze and creates lightning with hip-hop, before landing in a dream world of garage pop. She loves Motown artists, psychedelic rock, blues and well as hip-hop, she creates electronic soundscapes drawing from all styles to mix and create textures filled with aspiration. She composes alone, mostly on guitar, sometimes on piano, or turns her voice and words into drum rhythms to serve as a canvas, always on the lookout for strange sounds and new distortions, carried by her addictive choruses.

One Leg Mary - On The Quiet - 2017

One Leg Mary is a balance between sweet melodies and edgy instrumentals. Following the thread from the 80-90’s alternative/post-hardcore American scene, up to the latest indie-rock acts, the band finds its own voice.

We are OneLegMary, a four-piece band from Athens Greece and this is our latest release "On The Quiet". 
Although labeling our music has always been a difficult topic, 
one could say that we experiment with our favorites sounds from the 90s - 00s indie / punk / post-hardcore / math rock era.

BETS - project violent femmes - 2017

BETS was created to cover these Violent Femmes songs - she brings the angelic, the rawness, the simplicity of some really great songs.

Feb 4, 2017

Imp of Perverse - Not Getting What You Want, One Step at a Time - 2017

Artists We Also Like
Gross Magic, LSD and the Search for God, Yo La Tengo, Dinosaur Jr., Doves, Radiohead, Shmu, Apples In Stereo, Half Japanese, and a billion more

Grouper - Water People - 2011

when everything seems absolutely crazy around you, put these sounds inside you…

modern folk III - 2017

"slow rock'n'roll from an injury contributed shacks in oregon"
- SKOGSGOSPEL  skogsgospel.blogspot.it

"one can almost picture the artist coming home from a back-breaking 9/5 and crying in frustration"
-BOSTON HASSLE  www.bostonhassle.com

Porcelain Raft – Microclimate - 2017

The new 10-track collection was recorded with Grizzly Bear and Beach House mixer/producer Chris Coady, who helped helm the 2015 Porcelain Raft EP, Half Awake.

01. The Earth Before Us
02. Big Sur
03. Rolling Over
04. Rising
05. Kookaburra
06. The Greatest View
07. Bring Me to the River
08. Accelerating Curve
09. The Poets Were Right
10. Zero Frame Per Second

H-Burns – Kid We Own The Summer - 2017


“Un spleen rock durable, parfait pour l’hiver avec de très beaux éclats” MAGIC RPM

“Un disque éclatant de maîtrise. La B.O du teen movie parfait”. NOISEY

“En bon orfèvre de la mélancolie, H-Burns rend une nouvelle copie impeccable, donnant encore un peu plus de légitimité à la reconnaissance dont il jouit désormais”  NEW NOISE

“on se laisse transporter par le vertige de cette fuite en avant, à l’américaine” LES INROCKS

“Un songwriting en béton armé” TECHNIKART

Feb 2, 2017

Foxygen - Hang - 2017

Foxygen is the Big Bang of two combusting minds. It's the splayed Galaxy of polar geniuses Sam France and Jonathan Rado. It's a handshake with a knife behind your back. A cosmic, Californian death-game of highway chicken. A sleepless night in a five star hotel. Truth or dare. Foxygen is the risk of pushing your best friend off the ledge just to see if they can fly. You listen to this album properly. You take in each moment. Each new melody that threads forward from the fingertips of one of this generation's finest piano men in Jonathan Rado. And you fall in line behind Sam France's sprawling and reckless lyric. Witness his mastery. Feel them struggle against the walls of their own creations. Follow them there. To the perimeter. To the exit sign. And let your eyes fog up with thoughts like 'For at least this moment I understand how cold blooded and beautiful I am.' Notice that the two young guys aren't there anymore. They're outside looking for another joint to haunt. They're already out of sight. 

Allison Crutchfield - Tourist in This Town - 2017

The debut full-length by Allison Crutchfield titled Tourist in This Town sonically pulls back the curtain on her life and places Crutchfield center stage, fully revealing her power, conviction, and grace. The Alabama native has immersed herself in music since her teenage years, forming notable bands such as P.S. Eliot and Bad Banana (both with her twin sister Katie of Waxahatchee). In 2012, she co-founded Swearin’—the band in which she would truly begin to formulate and understand her full potential as a songwriter.

Camera Obscura - 25th Elefant Anniversary Reissue - 2017

They are solid proof of what these Scots are capable of: delicious melodies, dreamy folk-pop, delicate and colorful arrangements, and a certain sixties effervescence.

As we said back then, it is impossible to get tired of listening to CAMERA OBSCURA; they have the magic necessary to combine the eternal and the immediate with the spontaneous and the elaborate. 

Feb 1, 2017

Talisco – Capitol Vision - 2017

Love can make me weep
Something like that
Something so strong
Travel back
Travel back and forth in time
Jus before
Just before the picture fades