Feb 2, 2014

Kramies - the Wooden Heart - 2013

“… this EP is folk, velvet, intimate, a rich work in minor tones, we see touches of these people and that the creator is actually so and so so and so helped by another and another ( you can see the great artists are there) , the production is perfect, but these things do not explain enough what a wonderful listening experience this is and the fantastic spell it emanates. What I want is to give you the desire to become human during the time of this disc, closing the eyes little by little on the brilliant artwork of Jérôme Sevrette ( I quote a great love for the work of the photographer and his good taste when choosing work) and find out that The Wooden Heart is a true work of art , vital, indispensable . God I love music.” - A Decouvrir Absolument

“Built on a base dark and melancholic pop, these six songs enjoy a delectable atmospheric character that is reminiscent of the old inspirations of the genre. On the fly, we instantly think of Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse or Slowdive. Kramies moves in the same folk-rock liberator and vocal register, with one exception. Because unlike the three references cited above, his compositions are delicately enamelled electronic textures, handling the organic aspect of his work with shadowy and enigmatic feelings ( The Beginning,  Upon The Northern Isles ). Psychedelic light points on the pieces where Lytle is involved ( Sea Otter Cottage, Clocks Were All Broken ) also recall that wander in a dreamlike music involves some risk taking.” – IndiePopRock

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