Mar 31, 2016

SceneSC Sampler - 2016

Founded in 2008, SceneSC is an independently owned multimedia music publication in the state of South Carolina.

Now in its seventh year, the sampler has grown into one of the trademarks of the website and that’s something I really like. Since putting out our first compilation, we’ve grown and changed with the bands. We’ve watched Wylie grow into Brave Baby, and Sequoyah Prep School morph into Susto, we’ve seen Calculator change into ET Anderson and Small Sanctions, and those are just a few examples. As the bands have grown they’ve continued to treat us well, by offering new and some debuting songs on the sampler, benefiting not only us, but their fellow South Carolina musicians. This year we debut 13 new songs that I couldn’t be more excited about. In addition, we have nine bands who make their appearance on a sampler for the very first time. That’s a balance I’m always in search of, having new bands mixed in with the established bands we’ve built a relationship with over the years. We’ve all grown together and every year as the sampler grows it feels great to take it all in and see how far everyone has come. sceneSC

Carey EP - 2016

The Kickstand Band - Cut 'Em Loose - 2016

We've been around since Halloween 2011. Puppy Love is our first album and it's very clean and pretty sounding. The Summer Means Fun EP got a little more intense with the production in a good way. Working on LP2 right now, it's a little more heavy and we're excited to put it out. Always touring or booking a tour. Currently 100% DIY and still in the same Detroit basement.

Mar 29, 2016

Sunshiner - EP - 2016

Sunshiner is an Indie Rock band located in LI and Brooklyn, NY.

Mar 25, 2016

Augustine - The Devil in Me - 2016

Dark, intimate and minimalistic folk, with touches of darkwave and electro. Augustine is Mireille M.Fiset, a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada

josh hwang - phase 1 - 2016

Magic Bullets - Young Man's Fancy - 2016

Magic Bullets was a band that formed on the peninsula south of San Francisco in 2004.
We gradually drifted into San Francisco and began playing shows wherever we could.

Males - None the Wiser - 2016

Dunedin garage-pop trio Males have released a new album. Titled None The Wiser, the nine-song record was laid down in late 2014 with Tex Houston, who also mixed and mastered the album. The group, which is comprised of Richard Ley-Hamilton, Sam Valentine and Paul 'Pipsy' McMillan, have hinted that this album may be the end of Males, but we'll have to wait and see. In the meantime enjoy their latest offering… under

Mar 22, 2016

Angus Stone - Broken Brights + Wooden Chair Live @ 3voor12radio

In another place
In another time
In another face
In another line
In another heart
In another world
In another girl

We were feeling fine
We were in love
We were in love

In your father's tears
In all your mother's pain
In all the world's fear
We'd be the same

In another world
In another time
In another girl

We were feeling fine
We were in love
We were in love

Mar 18, 2016

Jobless - Dangly Ones - 2016

New rock. We made it in our basement. You can listen on the internet. Thank you.

Lemon Meringue Die - nobody wouldn't see good things - 2015

about all the good parts of masculinity like skimboarding and shooting blowdarts on a torn achilles 

legs is a mashup of a boner spaghetti and lidel aslan song 

was going to cover where is my tarp? at the end but the original was way better so i just used that one 

coping skills - Everything is stupid + I Hate it - 2015

"This is just how things happened. I don't know what else to chock it up to... It's something I've thought about a fair amount."

moderately gay
bummer pop

sad songwriter - whisper - 2016

mutters, experimental pluckings, stream of consciousness music…

Casino Hearts - A Different Kind Of Love - 2016

DIY lo-fi bedroom pop out of Nevada

Mar 16, 2016

Dig That Treasure Records - A Home - 2016

Label offshoot of music blog and radio show Dig That Treasure! run by Will Hall.

ALL PROCEEDS GO TO REFUGEE COUNCIL (charity no. 1014576). 

This is a truly DIY project aimed at raising money for the Refugee Council, a charity dedicated to the resettlement and support of refugees and asylum seekers. I would like to thank everybody involved for their time and effort. This is an album that means a lot to me and one that will hopefully mean a lot to many others for years to come. Please enjoy these thirteen wonderful songs released in the spirit of charity. 

Wolf Girl - We Tried - 2016

Great release. Raw, melodic, real!

Jane Who - Songs for Robin - 2016

Jane Who writes songs that relate to everyday life;

She writes about that serial killer
you saw in the movies.
She writes about that guy in school
you’re too afraid to talk to.
She writes about your sad break up
ánd your happily ever-after.
Jane Who writes about you,
in the most various ways.

dear marje - demo - 2011

formed in early 2011, dear marje is three buddies in brooklyn playing twee pop influenced by 90's pop bands like tiger trap. kyle gilbride(big soda, swearin'), allison crutchfield(p.s. eliot, swearin' & bad banana), sandra alayon are into coffee, summer jams, sweetsy pop, blouses and year long shorts. Their name is a reference to a gymslips song.

Nervous Twitch - Don't Take My TV - 2016

Paying homage to the Ramones and their favourite 60s girl-groups via the medium of punky pop songs. And, make no mistake, that’s a perfectly fine thing to be. There’s actually a bit more to the Twitch than that might suggest, though – that extra bit of proficiency and imagination a band needs to make them stand out.
(Louder Than War)

VARSITY - Eye to Eye / Kelly - 2016

"varsity's music is almost ridiculously catchy. a track from the group's self-titled debut, feels like being enveloped in memories of your past. the song invokes unremembered nostalgia for an easier time, one filled with intense emotions, black-and-white narratives and the promise of the future." CT

Mar 14, 2016

Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing - 2016

Frankie Cosmos dropped her Fit Me In EP in November, and now, she’s prepping a brand new full-length. Next Thing, the proper follow-up to 2014’s excellent Zentropy, is due out on April 1st through Bayonet Records.
As a preview of the 15-track effort, the lo-fi singer-songwriter has shared lead single “Sinister”. Over mellow, jangling guitars, she confesses in matter-of-fact fashion, “Sometimes … I just feel sinister.” CoS

Mar 13, 2016

Pleasure Beach - Go - 2015

Can't get enough of this track…

If they throw down a rope in the hope for survivors 
Or a boat with an antidote could find us here 
Go, go because you're better to the world alive 
Go, go you've got a fight in your eye 
You know I only lived a delicate life 
But I see a future and it's colour and lights 
And full of everything you ever really wanted to do 
Go, go you know it has to be you 

When I was a kid I thought I'd really be a man 
Now I know I guess I couldn't understand 
The kind of pressure anyone can be under 
Every other cloud steals a clap of your thunder 
Every other day is a day to ignore 
Every other animal a wolf at the door 
I can't remember anything I ever really wanted to do 
Go, go you know it has to be you 

From a new silver city to the nuclear plains 
From the corridors of power and whatever remains 
Of the government or whoever can hold the reins 
And keep everybody pacified and arranged 
To the carbon, chemicals and constellations 
Saturday supplements, satellite stations 
Everybody's going to want to see your name in bloom 
Go go you know it has to be you 

And if they don't come back for the rest of us 
It's alright, 
They took the best of us tonight…

Mar 12, 2016

The Wandering Lake - From James' Garden / Ashame - 2016

Adrianne Lenker - Hours Were The Birds - 2014

Diego Arango Every song is great melodically and lyrically.

sydney amanuel Beautiful lyrics and beautiful voice. Adrianne Lenker, wow. Gone and Butterfly are my favorites, but I listen to the whole album on repeat. 

Payson A true talent and a gifted songwriter. She has managed to create beautiful Folk Music without there ever being a dull moment. Flawless vocals wrapped effortlessly around brilliant lyrics. 

Tindersticks – Philharmonie De Paris - 2016

01. Keep You Beautiful
02. Medicine
03. Johnny Guitar
04. Into The Night
05. Boobar Come Back To Me
06. Come Feel The Sun
07. A Night So Still
08. The Otherside Of The World
09. Drunk Tank
10. Factory Girls
11. Sometimes It Hurts
12. My Oblivion

Tom Woodward - music for clowns - 2016

Resolutely heralding seemingly sporadic artists such as Bernard Parmegiani, Bill Callahan and John Fahey as stylistic icons, Woodward worked the album in between epic busking shifts across the east coast of Australia.  Various tracks were recorded on a zoom h1 mic in parks, abandoned buses and urban alleyways.  This improvised working style makes for a collection of resourcefully produced songs crafted out of the vagaries of his vagabond life - engines make melodies, pots and pans provide grooves.  On songs such as the Beatles-esque opener, Sad Nonsense, a choir of his own hastily recorded vocal harmonies in a public disabled bathroom provides a triumphant melancholia.  An unrelenting loner and stylistic enigma, Woodward proves with this latest - his ninth full length album - that his unapologetically prolific output is taking him further toward a weird and phantasmagorical frontier of his own devising. 

Mairearad Green - Tanera Talisman & Star of Hope - Official Videos 2016

Having grown up in the Scottish Highlands and performed in various folk bands, The Summer Isles and the folk tradition are deeply rooted in Mairearad Green’s composition. As a result, Mairearad has produced a beautiful new solo album, Summer Isles, a seamless and exciting progression from her previous work.

Singles Submissions

"Sofia Hardig doing exciting things ... beneath the surface bubbles Sonic Youth .. combine the blue-bottomed vocal rock temperament” Dagens Nyheter, National Swedish Press

"The wild wolfwomanstyle she has done well. It is wonderful grinding and darkness and thunder ... Sofia sings with aggression and drags her hair  in the dirt and is a chick with raw potential.”  Expressen, National Swedish Press


In the finest tradition of deathless rock’n’roll, ‘End Of The Party’ is an electrifying mix of the grit and the glitter, built on an infectious glam-rock groove interspersed with sparks of searing guitar.


Take a room full of highly skilled but unrehearsed instrumentalists, supply them with enough musical notation to map their way through a song they’ve never heard before, then hit record and listen to the wild nervous energy that this occult ritual will raise. This is the precarious and painful process that birthed ‘On A Red Horse’ - a song which resists all the tepid and cliched formulae of today’s lukewarm folk pop to stand apart from anything else like some twisted aberration of nature.


Musically the band’s début single ‘Memory Man’ wears its influences clearly on its sleeve, evoking classic elements with an electrifying crunch and soulful swagger. Think Alex Turner a la Last Shadow Puppets with vocal spice from James Blake thrown in and an added touch of Jamie Woon - you’ll see what sort of ballpark we are in here.

Teen Cult - Teen Cult - 2016

Teen Cult’s self-titled debut is a nearly flawless art-rock triumph that unfurls as one comprehensive piece over 11 songs. The musicianship is impressive, demonstrated by both the technical character of the individual parts and the execution of the performances. The vocal melodies often invoke Jeff Buckley (hear Daniel Velazquez on "Lint" and Ian Sutherland on "Alligator Day") even as the emotional tenor varies from the croon of a witching hour tramp (“Grady”) to the ravings of a horror movie madman (“Teenage Cult”). The drums (Brendan Smyth), guitars (Velazquez / Sutherland), and bass (Nnamdi Ogbonnaya) are tasteful, creative, and proficient. The sound as a whole is reminiscent of Cursive. 

Mar 10, 2016

Scott Orr - Everything - 2016

Scott Orr is a passionate Hamiltonian and a fantastic singer songwriter. Scott released his first album in 2003 and he hasn’t slowed down since. Winning Hamilton Music Awards, being featured on Degrassi (what up, Canadiana!) and crafting other music through his label Other Songs Co.  Scott’s work ethic and DIY approach to music is admirable. CfS

Mar 9, 2016

My Son Gordeaux - Peach Pit - 2016

indie fem hap-sap w a male drummer

Heart Beach - Counting​/​Relief 7" - 2016

Gavin Hellyer A group from Tasmania I really admire after their excellent debut LP from last year. They've followed up that melodic release with this excellent double A-Side single.

Ben Collier - Bardo Junction - 2016

get a guitar, write a few songs in your basement room, plug a mic into your computer and hit record… this is a solid diy release.

classic muscle - SILVER COUNTRY - 2015

pretty good ruckus going on here… 

natalie nicoles - Lucent - 2015

"Lucent" is an organic overflow of a honest creative process. With nods to traditional American and Celtic folk, it has modern textures and production that lend itself to a myriad of other genres far beyond traditional and contemporary folk. The entire album is centered around growth, and coming to terms with change, which the album artwork (done by the incomparable Marissa Quinn) lends itself to. The album title "Lucent" means glowing with or giving off light. I believe that a glow, even the softest one, can stand in all weather, and we should always grasp it as our hope for positivity and growth. 

I hope these songs help you to grow and embrace your seasons of change. I create to make people feel in hopes that these projects fester in the deepest parts of your soul and to warm the smallest cockles of your heart. My sincerest thanks for taking a listen, and I truly hope you enjoy this record. 

To read more about my start and musical journey, go to 

Mar 8, 2016

Quilt - Plaza - 2016

Plaza is the third album by Quilt; a name implying a meeting place, a crossroads, a coming together. In the space of ten songs, Plaza clarifies Quilt’s musical stance of a congregation, mixing folk, pop-psych, and wanderlust into a common ground where each form takes on the characteristics of one another to create something wholly satisfying, styles and sentiments hand in hand, the purest and sharpest distillation of Quilt’s group aesthetic to date.

Quiet Lights - In The Future - 2016

Recorded over three years, In The Future shows a Quiet Lights heads down in soundscapes and uplifting restraint.

Hospitality - "The Drift" & "Monkey" - 2012

A couple of early tracks from...
Hospitality are a Brooklyn-based avant pop outfit featuring songwriter and vocalist Amber Papini, Nathan Michel (who, at the time of joining the band, had several solo albums out on labels like Tigerbeat 6 and Tomlab), and Brian Betancourt.

Alex G - RACE - 2010

Already over 6 years old but such a great start to Alex G's diy bedroom creations.