Mar 12, 2016

Teen Cult - Teen Cult - 2016

Teen Cult’s self-titled debut is a nearly flawless art-rock triumph that unfurls as one comprehensive piece over 11 songs. The musicianship is impressive, demonstrated by both the technical character of the individual parts and the execution of the performances. The vocal melodies often invoke Jeff Buckley (hear Daniel Velazquez on "Lint" and Ian Sutherland on "Alligator Day") even as the emotional tenor varies from the croon of a witching hour tramp (“Grady”) to the ravings of a horror movie madman (“Teenage Cult”). The drums (Brendan Smyth), guitars (Velazquez / Sutherland), and bass (Nnamdi Ogbonnaya) are tasteful, creative, and proficient. The sound as a whole is reminiscent of Cursive. 

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