Mar 31, 2016

SceneSC Sampler - 2016

Founded in 2008, SceneSC is an independently owned multimedia music publication in the state of South Carolina.

Now in its seventh year, the sampler has grown into one of the trademarks of the website and that’s something I really like. Since putting out our first compilation, we’ve grown and changed with the bands. We’ve watched Wylie grow into Brave Baby, and Sequoyah Prep School morph into Susto, we’ve seen Calculator change into ET Anderson and Small Sanctions, and those are just a few examples. As the bands have grown they’ve continued to treat us well, by offering new and some debuting songs on the sampler, benefiting not only us, but their fellow South Carolina musicians. This year we debut 13 new songs that I couldn’t be more excited about. In addition, we have nine bands who make their appearance on a sampler for the very first time. That’s a balance I’m always in search of, having new bands mixed in with the established bands we’ve built a relationship with over the years. We’ve all grown together and every year as the sampler grows it feels great to take it all in and see how far everyone has come. sceneSC

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