Mar 13, 2016

Pleasure Beach - Go - 2015

Can't get enough of this track…

If they throw down a rope in the hope for survivors 
Or a boat with an antidote could find us here 
Go, go because you're better to the world alive 
Go, go you've got a fight in your eye 
You know I only lived a delicate life 
But I see a future and it's colour and lights 
And full of everything you ever really wanted to do 
Go, go you know it has to be you 

When I was a kid I thought I'd really be a man 
Now I know I guess I couldn't understand 
The kind of pressure anyone can be under 
Every other cloud steals a clap of your thunder 
Every other day is a day to ignore 
Every other animal a wolf at the door 
I can't remember anything I ever really wanted to do 
Go, go you know it has to be you 

From a new silver city to the nuclear plains 
From the corridors of power and whatever remains 
Of the government or whoever can hold the reins 
And keep everybody pacified and arranged 
To the carbon, chemicals and constellations 
Saturday supplements, satellite stations 
Everybody's going to want to see your name in bloom 
Go go you know it has to be you 

And if they don't come back for the rest of us 
It's alright, 
They took the best of us tonight…

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