Nov 30, 2019

(Sandy) Alex G Covers Compilation • 2019

A tribute to the best musician of our decade - (Sandy) Alex G. 

All digital profits will go towards a beneficial cause - Bahamas Disaster Relief. 

Nov 29, 2019

SPIDER BAGS • "A Celebration of Hunger" • 2019

Spider Bags got it's start in Muskogee, OK at the Air Force base there. Dan McGee was training to be a cadet, as was Gregg Levee. They were both unceremoniously discharged from the Air Force in 2006. Dan is very near-sighted and Gregg is flat-footed. They were waiting for the bus back to New Jersey and they both had guitars, so they started writing songs. By the time they got back to their stop in North Carolina, they had written 20 some-odd songs. They had some friends in North Carolina so they called them up and made a record. 

Nov 27, 2019

city squirrel • defeat • 2012

Thanks ornaMENTAL xo

Alan Getto • "Jeff Buckley" • 2019

"Alan’s lyrics are often literary (he studied literature in college), but have simplicity and poetry at heart. This aspect mirrors some early influences: Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, David Bowie. His lyrics and sound seat Alan’s music alongside contemporary artists like Big Thief, Deer Tick, Andrew Bird, and Lady Lamb."
- Glide Magazine

"Getto‘s guitar-driven, simple melodies act as a backbone for the lyrical emphasis in his music. Having studied literature, theology, and philosophy in college, his lyrics pay homage to these intense, existential topics, but with a unique, irreverent spin."
- No Depression

"Getto’s simple acoustic number is soft, sweet, and easy to pick-up on.  The melody is familiar like a lullaby or, more fittingly, a campfire sing-along."
- Atwood Magazine

DRALMS • Gracious Host • 2019

We roamed the caves for hours 
Slept amidst the fossils 
We laid on beds of shade grown flowers Why would you roam? 
Unless to be homesick 
Is it taking its toll? 
Are we burning at both wicks? 
Please don't go if you're never coming back 
Am I the gracious host? 
Stuck to your side 
Know that it's you I want the most But why would you shout? 
I'm standing at arms length 
Is it taking its toll? 
Are we pushing past the brink? 
Please don't go if you're never coming back

Damsel Adams • 2019

“I knew I wanted to make a sexy video that was raw and paid homage to my roots in East LA. Every shot in the video is my hometown of Highland Park. I frequent all the bars there, that is my local movie theater, that is my friend’s bedroom, that is my favorite overpass. I was inspired by LA nights,” says Adams. 

Blending classic noir with modern production, 808s beats, synths, sound effects and inspired by LA nights, Adams is delivering an honest and distinctive art.

Nov 24, 2019

Corridor • Junior • 2019

airplane_arms new to this band. really loving this album. fun, dancy, post-punk guitar riffs with clean thudding bass and crisp propelling drums. vocals sung in french with the psychedelic elements of the band sound at times like a more jangly post punk, guitar driven version of stereolab. lots of attention to detail.

Function Space • back & forth • 2019

Kathy Prior 42 Great sounding covers with guitar and music to compliment each song. Function Space puts effort and passion into each song, and it shows!

Spiral • Spiral Demos • 2019

lo-fi country daddies coming out of Chicago… I like it!

Tiny Deserts • Safekeeping • 2019

Withered Hand • Ten Years • 2019

Dan Willson, aka Withered Hand, releases four string-backed re-recordings of tunes from his first album, Good News, on London labels wiaiwya and Fika Recordings. 

The Springsteen of self-deprecation celebrates the tenth anniversary of his debut long player by re-working four of the album’s finest tunes. They were handed over to Pete Harvey (who was involved in the genesis of the original recordings) to re-arrange, lovely new string sections were recorded, and Willson re-sang his vocals – effortlessly moving the anti-folk classics towards anti-chamber pop. 

Nov 23, 2019

Fingertoes • Delicate Cycle • 2019

Ryan (Feels So Reel Music) Warming music for the cold months.

Laura Stevenson • Adult Mom split single • 2019

Laura Stevenson and Adult Mom are touring together in December, and decided to release a split single covering each other's songs to celebrate!

yllwblly • Land Lover • 2019

I'm excited to share with you "Show Romance," the debut single of my dream pop outfit, yllwblly. It's a jangling, melancholy track that evokes the performance of romance with guitar textures reminiscent of acts like Atlas Sound, DIIV, and Grizzly Bear.

Nov 21, 2019

Cayley Thomas • Midnight Hours • 2019

“Midnight Hours” is a song of compassion and forgiveness. It urges the listener to be befriend the more challenging parts of themselves.

The title has several connotations for me – it can be a self destructive time of night or alternately the “Midnight Hours” can represent a time of solitude and reflection. The quiet interval between dusk and dawn when we are forced to meet ourselves… where some uncomfortable discoveries may be waiting.

Jerry Leger • "Tomorrow In My Mind" • 2019

“‘Tomorrow in My Mind’ closes the new record, Time Out for Tomorrow. It has a feel and performance that you can only get from playing it live in the studio together, same with the vocals. No tricks, which is the way I like it. I like the playfulness in the lyrics and I love the bridge: ‘Bones are aching, emotions shaking, eyes are waking for love.’ James McKie’s guitar part reminds me something Waylon Jennings would have done. I’m not sure what the song was born out of, I don’t like to over-analyze that. It’s a favourite of producer Michael Timmins’ and the band too. I’m glad it made the cut. I wasn’t sure if it fit at first but it’s a real nice closer to an album that I’m happy folks are getting really into already.” — Jerry Leger

"Time Out For Tomorrow is the upcoming album by Jerry Leger and the 3rd in a row that I've had the pleasure of producing. In my opinion it's the most precise example of his craft and vision so far. It's lean, mean and a beautiful collection of songs and sounds." - Michael Timmins, founding member of Cowboy Junkies

"Jerry Leger has that spark in him that all the great songwriters have. He's the real deal." - Ron Sexsmith

"Time Out for Tomorrow has the compelling stories and great energy that I've come to rely on from this talented and prolific songwriter. Take the time to listen to Jerry Leger!" - Doug Paisley

Sir Woman • Speak • 2019

“‘Speak’ is a love song to every friend you will ever have,” says Wilson. “I wanted to paint this beautiful picture of what it feels like to know someone deeply and love them unconditionally. A song I could give to my Wild Child family (Alexander, past and present band members, and fans) as a ‘thank you’.”

Nov 20, 2019

Futurebirds • Crazy Boys • 2019

"The Athens-based cosmic country band… nails the melancholy of trying to chase
and pin down something that's special and fleeting. It does so with a loose-limbed tangle of reverbed guitars, hollered harmonies, and driving Southern rock rhythms."

The Castle • Juvenile • 2019

In our work we combine Dream Pop sound with Glam rock aesthetics which gives listener a surreal feeling and nostalgia.
The music video raises issues such as the creative crisis, passing youth, hype and new sincerity.

Nov 19, 2019

Skinshape • I Didn't Know • 2019

Skinshape is the project of British musician William Dorey. The sound has roots in many genres but in particular 1960s-0s Funk, Soul, Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Afrobeat and Folk. 

Nov 18, 2019

Z Tapes • Fall 2019

Karima Francis • Shelf Life • 2019

“In a word, Karima’s voice is stunning. In a breath, she's capable of sweeping from ethereally angelic to devastatingly heartbreaking, a power that has seen her captivate audiences live” - BBC Music

“A natural ability to effortlessly disappear into her songs and make a crowd believe her lyrics” – Clash Magazine 

Karima Francis is a critically acclaimed musician and songwriter hailing from the illuminated seaside resort of Blackpool. Known for her ability to blend haunting melodies with honest lyrics and an alluring ambiance, Francis creates entirely captivating music, oozing with emotion and rooted in sentiment.

Salad Boys • This Issue • 2019

Nov 16, 2019

Freya Beer • Dear Sweet Rosie • 2019

Live Dates

Nov 30 - The Lexington, London (w/ Brix & the Extricated)
Dec 4 - 1865, Southampton (w/ Dr John Cooper Clarke)
Jan 20 - The Social, London (w/ TheBoy Least Likely To)

Freya Beer’s upcoming single, ‘Dear sweet Rosie’ was recorded early this year in Manchester. The song draws from a number of literary influences including Allen Ginsberg’s ‘An Asphodel’ and Anna Sewell’s ‘Black Beauty’. 

Alongside Freya’s thick guitar riff and tender vocals, I Am Kloot drummer Andy Hargreaves adapts a Led Zeppelin-esque drumming style to the song which creates a non-toppling wall of sound. 

Drug Couple • Little Hits • 2019

Brooklyn-based indie rock duo Drug Couple share their debut EP Little Hits, out today via PaperCup Music. Self-Titled premiered the EP, praising, "The duo is set to unveil their debut EP on PaperCup Music tomorrow, but we’ve got an early listen to the hook-laden guitar heroism of Little Hits — “a collection of songs about finding someone special to share the end times with” — below, along with a short but oh-so-sweet track-by-track commentary that references everything from the Gin Blossoms to Shania Twain…."

Dante Palminteri • Far from Me • 2019

I am excited to send you the new single from New York based actor and musician Dante Palminteri. Entitled 'Far From Me' the track, which was just premiered with Live Nation's Ones To Watch, showcases simple guitar melodies, velvety vocals illustrating his impressive range and yearning lyrics which tug at your heart strings. 

Multimagic • Move On • 2019

"It’s a synth lover’s dream – slick, impactful, and something you’ll be singing and replaying all day." 
- GroundSounds

"Cincinnati’s Multimagic have been on a winning streak ever since they returned this year... uplifting and feel good, with an important message to boot."
- We All Want Someone To Shout For

"It’s good to have this exhilarating band back doing what they do best."
- Born Music

Tombstones In Their Eyes • Open Skies • 2019

"Sounds like slow codeine-laden bliss or drug-numbing love translated into sonic form. It’s astoundingly fresh, slow core perfectly-balanced with alternative rock" – Big Takeover Magazine

"A wall-trembling, skin-crawling, psychedelic-drenched, shoegaze number... Together, they bottle up a raging, Midwestern storm and unleash its fury" – The Revue

Promo image

Tom Rosenthal & Cosmo Sheldrake • Swarm Swamp Swim • 2019

‘Swarm Swamp Swim’ comes out this Thursday 24th! 
It’s a collaboration with the musical wizard Cosmo Sheldrake
It’s an uplifting banger! 

Nov 15, 2019

Charlotte Lawrence • God Must Be Doing Cocaine • 2019

Acclaimed pop singer-songwriter Charlotte Lawrence has unveiled her new single “God Must Be Doing Cocaine” – her third song release via Atlantic/Gold Tooth Records. Written alongside Julian Bunetta and John Ryan, the stunning and simplistic video showcases her powerhouse vocals.

Atlas Clouds • Sirens • 2019

Atlas Clouds has been inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Depeche Mode and the Young Gods (in their quiet moments). Spherical synth sounds accompany the thoughtful singing in «Sirens», the new single of Atlas Clouds. Musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist Christoph Meier, who actually is Atlas Clouds, invites you to music that is charming in its beauty.

Tokyo Tea Room • Designer • 2019

"Tokyo Tea Room paint a dreamscape on new single 'Designer'" GIGWISE

“kaleidoscopic psych-pop… dream-like” The Line of Best Fit

“dreamy pop music, the band sluice together shoegaze guitar effects and dappled synths amid heavenly vocals” Clash

Nov 13, 2019

King Princess • Hit the Back • 2019

Born Mikaela Strauss, the Brooklyn-based artist was a young music prodigy, reportedly offered a record deal when she was just 11. She studied at USC before leaving school to pursue a music career. Early songs like "Send Pix" and "Sunburn" featured a more bluesy rock tone, one that she would polish on her 2018 breakthrough, "1950." The queer love anthem received cosigns from the likes of Harry Styles and Halsey and was her first release for Mark Ronson's Zelig Recordings label.

Romantic States • Ballerina • 2019

Romantic States has been releasing music under the name for almost a decade. They've toured sold-out theaters as Beach House's support. Guitarist Jim Triplett was half of Wham City blasters Videohippos. Their striking cover art is by singer-songwriter Ilenia Madelaire. For this new record, the band grew from a duo to a quartet to include Wildhoney/Expert Alterations bassist Alan Everhart and drummer Shawn Durham (who has spent time drumming for Snail Mail, Emily Yacina, Gauche, and many more).

Nov 10, 2019

In The Valley Below • "Elephant" • 2019

Discussing the video, Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob, stated, “For the video we just wanted to go to a great place. We love Mexico and we hadn't spent much time in Mexico City, so we decided to do it there. We brought some giant inflatable elephants and drove in a van. We turned on the camera in the places we liked. The police drove us away from some places, but most of them were all curious. It was quite magical. We are thrilled to be able to return to Mexico City, to perform at one of the best festivals in the world.”

Minutes to Midnight • Skinny Kid • 2019

Minutes to Midnight, a music producer based in the UK, has launched a new artist project specifically to tell a real-life tale of imprisonment and liberty.

Nov 9, 2019

Kevin Morby • Blue Christmas • 2019

Advance Base • Sweet Old World • 2019

What If Elephants • ETA • 2019

Montreal indie pop-rock quartet, What If Elephants, is a rousing blend of Young The Giant and Hey Rosetta! that lyrically lends a positive perspective on adversity. They’re currently working with Walk Off The Earth producer, Tokyo Speirs, preparing material to release in 2020.

“We bring substance to the pop crowd and an approachable cheer to the indie rock scene” -Joey Langlois

Nov 7, 2019

Peter Caws | Parkington Sisters • THE BOOK OF HYLAS • 2019

The Book of Hylas

Celebrated Seattle, WA independent label Barsuk Records is honored to announce the release of The Book of Hylas, available for pre-order today and on digital services Friday. Written by Peter Caws, University Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at The George Washington University and father of Nada Surf's Matthew Caws, The Book of Hylas is a set of meditations on life and how to live it. 

Nov 6, 2019

Lanterns On The Lake • Every Atom • 2019

4/2/2020 – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
4/3/2020– Manchester – Deaf Institute
4/4/2020 – Newcastle – Boiler Shop
4/15/2020l – London – EartH
4/16/2020– Brighton – Patterns
4/17/2020 – Exeter – Phoenix
4/18/2020 – Nottingham – Bodega
4/22/2020 – Birmingham – Castle & Falcon
4/23/2020 – Norwich – Waterfront Studio
4/24/2020 – Cambridge – Portland Arms
4/25/2020 – Bristol – Thekla
4/30/2020 – Glasgow – King Tuts

Musically, this is a leaner Lanterns on the Lake – at times unusually stark. Their sound has been beautifully winnowed into something more pared back, urgent and direct – in keeping with Wilde’s messages - on an album loaded with songs marked by an arresting intimacy. “Swimming Lessons”, first teased as an in-progress idea on Instagram, is writhing and supple as Gregory’s arpeggiated guitar dovetails with Ol Ketteringham’s pulsating drumming and Wilde’s keening vocal. “Every Atom” rides on insistent beats which lay a bed for a warped and playfully robotic guitar line, while “Secrets and Medicine” weaves and lopes achingly, weaving its atmosphere from Spartan means: piano, celestial guitars and diminished brass.

Leif Vollebekk • Transatlantic Flight • 2019

New Ways is a new album by Montreal’s Leif Vollebekk, his hotly anticipated follow-up to the Polaris Prize finalist Twin Solitude. It’s a record that lives between the kick and the snare, in that instant of feeling before the backbeat.

Nov 5, 2019

VETIVER • Up On High • 2019

Aaron Ott Wonderful direct and concise songs from
Andy on this album. Where in the past, there was more of an atmosphere and space set for songs that slowly sucked you in, this is more like watching him play live with an amazing band for a private show. The effect is equally compelling, and speaks deeply to that side of me that can’t get enough of those early 70’s Northern Cali folk groups that speak directly into your ear from their hearts with a gentle, but restless melody.