Nov 3, 2019

Ro Bergman • All we are • 2019

“The video perfectly captures Bergman’s style of understated, melancholic pop.”
Rolling Stone India

“He’s not playing games, nor is he half-assing his music.”
Atwood Magazine

“It opens with a neat spacious arrangement that builds to a crunching finale.”
CLASH Magazine

“Buoyed by pulsating rhythmic cadences and stirring arena-ready guitars, Bergman displays his deep vocals here that waver on the brink of vulnerability.”
The 405

                “Ro Bergman's musical path is a border crossing - subtle spun works combine lyrical depth with musical heights”.

“A calibre from this shot and grain has not existed in Austria for a long time.” 
(VH-1, MTV)

“‘Clouds’ is an upbeat belter of a tune. A perfect atmospheric song to soundtrack summer nights.”
XS Noize

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