Nov 1, 2019

Geoffroy • 1952 • 2019

The simmering blend of down-tempo electronica, chill-wave, and soul that courses through 1952 find Geoffroy taking from his debut, Coastline, and mining his craft further, digging a richer groove littered with hints of R&B and jazz, and growing more surefooted with his ambitions and ideas. Glittering electronics sparkle around the intimate piano of ‘Woke Up Late’, whereas ‘How You Feeling Now’ flirts with the bright lights of dance music and club culture, laying on a thick, pulsating disco throb and finding a sound not too dissimilar to heavyweights in the indie/dance crossover such as Hot Chip and Cut Copy. ‘Closer’ moves with an at times off-beat groove, jousting with varying time signatures and nosedives in tempo, sporting an outfit re-worn for ‘By The Water’, a slightly more relaxed affair but one that further evidences the limber steps forward that 1952 aims to take. 

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