Nov 5, 2019

Russian Baths • "Wrong" • 2019

“Sometimes a rock band exudes such swirly, Goth-tinged intensity, you’d swear you can actually hear the smoke machines and foreboding light.” ~ NPR Music

“…an ambient wash of artfully loud rock music, pushed and pulled by lulling vocals and echoing yet powerful riffs.” ~ Stereogum

"NYC-based Russian Baths blend ’90s influences like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Archers of Loaf, Lungfish and more to create a cocktail that nods its head to classic indie, post-hardcore and feedback-riddled punk like Flipper all at once." ~ Brooklyn Vegan

"Russian Baths’ polished brand of psych rock is enveloping, swallowing its listener whole." ~ Paste Magazine

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