Nov 21, 2019

Jerry Leger • "Tomorrow In My Mind" • 2019

“‘Tomorrow in My Mind’ closes the new record, Time Out for Tomorrow. It has a feel and performance that you can only get from playing it live in the studio together, same with the vocals. No tricks, which is the way I like it. I like the playfulness in the lyrics and I love the bridge: ‘Bones are aching, emotions shaking, eyes are waking for love.’ James McKie’s guitar part reminds me something Waylon Jennings would have done. I’m not sure what the song was born out of, I don’t like to over-analyze that. It’s a favourite of producer Michael Timmins’ and the band too. I’m glad it made the cut. I wasn’t sure if it fit at first but it’s a real nice closer to an album that I’m happy folks are getting really into already.” — Jerry Leger

"Time Out For Tomorrow is the upcoming album by Jerry Leger and the 3rd in a row that I've had the pleasure of producing. In my opinion it's the most precise example of his craft and vision so far. It's lean, mean and a beautiful collection of songs and sounds." - Michael Timmins, founding member of Cowboy Junkies

"Jerry Leger has that spark in him that all the great songwriters have. He's the real deal." - Ron Sexsmith

"Time Out for Tomorrow has the compelling stories and great energy that I've come to rely on from this talented and prolific songwriter. Take the time to listen to Jerry Leger!" - Doug Paisley

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