Sep 30, 2014

Gleemer - A Brother on the Carpet and a Brother at the Beach - 2014

This album is about a young guy who has a kid that he wasn't planning on and the events thereafter for the next 30 years. 

I recorded everything in my bedroom. 

Here are two music videos:

A Weekend at the Feelies - Summertime Bloodsport EP - 2014

Dreamy, poppy, indie; doesn't demand a lot from listening to this band, and sometimes that's ok!

Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic - 2014

A record label of family and friends since 2010.
Orchid Tapes is a online + cassette tape-based record label founded in Toronto (now based in Brooklyn) and run by Warren Hildebrand and Brian Vu, two friends with an shared interest in the creation and curation of music and artwork that breaks free of the established norm, disregards trends, reflects the dedication of it’s creator and provokes a strong emotional resonance within whoever experiences it.

The overall goal of Orchid Tapes is to share and explore music that reflects these ideals with those who are willing and able to listen, and also to unite and expose like-minded artists from all over the world under a collective-style label.

various artists - 80N7 - 2014

What an outstanding selection of artists on this comp. 
A must for all indie lovers out there!

Sep 27, 2014

Lily & Madeleine - Folkadelphia Session - 2014

Recorded at the XPN Performance Studio on May 3rd, 2014 by Eric Sanderson and James Clark Conner. Mixed in Philadelphia.

Mary Caroline - Such a Liar - 2014

Over the past few years I've been busy touring extensively throughout Canada. I also spent time living in a remote trapper's cabin on the shores of the Liard River, 600km from the community of Yellowknife. Here I learned about the old trapping lifestyle, sustenance living and arctic gardening.

In order to achieve what I wanted for this album, I removed myself from those familiar surroundings and spent this past summer recording at Hamilton, Ontario's converted church studio Catherine North.

Momuments and Statues - Oh Great Rose! - 2014

Monuments & Statues, based in Kingston, Ontario, combine traditional folk/classical instrumentation with quirky songwriting to produce an eclectic yet familiar hybrid-genre sound.

"Oh Great Rose!" features heavily intertwined vocal harmonies backed by rhythmic banjo and the eventual buildup of layered cello. Written in the midst of personal upheaval, "Oh Great Rose!" is a breezy number with a folksy figure, reflecting the vulnerability of love. Monuments & Statues' overall sound owes much of its influence to vintage Mother Mother, Sufjan Stevens, romantic era classical music, and Simon and Garfunkel.

Pet Sun - "Feel Like I'm Going Away" - 2014

The Wytches, Sonic Avenues, Bass Drum of Death, Hanni El Khatib, Together Pangea & The Black Lips are a few of the bands we've played with this year. We just signed with Sleepless Records and have been asked to be apart of Burger Records Cassette Tape Day which is conveniently the day our first official release coming out, September 27th.

The Red Headed Indian - Honey - 2014

A force of Folk woven with Soul, The Red Headed Indian is debuting her 6 track EP, “Honey”. Influenced heavily by Ray LaMontagne and Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, her simple lyrics sung with soulful heat introduce a style rarely heard from female artists. “Honey” sings of heartbreak and hopefulness. A soundtrack for those wandering back home.

Heath McNease - Fort Wayne (Songs Inspired by the Film) - 2014

After being named Derek Webb's choice for the best album on Noisetrade in 2013 with "The Weight of Glory: Second Edition", Heath McNease is exploring all facets of his artistry with the release of his brand new album and the debut of his new, free independent film. "Fort Wayne" is 17 tracks of folk/pop packed with raw lyricism, lush instrumentation, and atmospheric percussion that gives it a sound that falls somewhere between Bon Iver and Frank Ocean. The record serves as the soundtrack and backbone to his 43 minute film of the same name. McNease (who writes, directs, and produces the film) plays the protagonist, a down and out singer/songwriter stuck in the frozen midwestern town of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The album is premiering on Heath's youtube page, and can be viewed here as well. "Its my desire to become a fully functioning, self contained unit artistically. Being able to make my own film and to let my album serve as the soundtrack to it has been a dream come true," said McNease.

S K Y T O N E - Live at Loon Cove - 2014

Skytone are a vocal instrumental duo from Ottawa Canada consisting of brothers Rodney and Darius. Their sound is generally considered indie/pop/alternative with Rodney and Darius singing and playing a variety of instruments on their albums. Rodney plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and percussion. Darius plays guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion, mandolin, accordion and some drums.
 Skytone incorporates an eclectic range of influences and styles in their music such as Britpop, fuzz pop, reggae, jangle pop, new wave, blue-eyed soul, post punk, garage rock, surf and acoustic folk.

Dufflecoat Records - 2014

Sep 23, 2014

Dream Suicides - Fanboy - 2014

One part shoegaze, one part acoustic, two parts bedroom pop, three parts dream fluff adds up to equal Dream Suicides newest release...

cyberbully mom club - muck tailor - 2014

Cute bedroom pop out of Philly. 
Worth a listen.

Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting EP - 2014

Nice little EP with a ton of indie swagger. These guys write excellent little pop gems.

Mini Dresses - THREE - 2014

Very lovely release.

Mini Dresses - Emmi // Tom and I - 2014

A little bit of La Sera, a little bit of Samara Lubelski mixed into a delicious surf guitar concoction.

Sep 21, 2014


“In early 2011, Tindersticks were commissioned by the In Flanders Fields World War One Museum in Ypres, Belgium to create the soundscapes for the new permanent exhibition commemorating the centenary of the Great War and beyond.

Tindersticks response was to write, record and produce a continuous, orchestral score to accompany the visitor on their emotional journey through the unique story of Ypres in the Great War. The score evolves through the different, distinctive spaces and sections of the museum, punctuated with private contemplative spaces where the music was allowed to be more poetic.

Made from a series of interlocking orchestral loops, the music flows seamlessly all day, everyday, without beginning, middle or end. The aim, for Stuart Staples, was for the soundtrack to “become the sound of air within the museum”.

Ypres was the epicenter of the Western Front in The Great War and was virtually destroyed by the conflict. It has since, only relatively recently, been rebuilt to its original plans. The museum is housed in the rebuilt cloth hall that stands in the centre of the town and was once the hub of the towns industry.
Hundreds of thousands died in Ypres and the surrounding area, with allied cemeteries and graves scattered everywhere. In keeping with the perspective of the new museum, Staples felt it crucial to “bring the essence of the experience to a personal level. To somehow loosen it away from the images we have all become accustomed to.”. Inspiration for the work was found in the quiet, dignified German memorial garden of Vladslo and Kathe Kollwitz’ famous ‘Grieving parents’ statue that resides there.
Stuart Staples and Dan McKinna worked closely to compose the score and felt the museum building resonated with a key of F. The starting point for the music became a musical cluster of E flat, F and F sharp. The recording was presided over by long time collaborator and orchestra leader Lucy Wilkins. The orchestral recordings were made at the Church in Crouch End, London and were then taken back to Le Chien Chanceux studio in France to prepare for the installation. In collaboration with London Sound designers ‘Sound Intermedia’ a bank holiday weekend in May 2012 was spent meticulously building the soundscape for every individual space.
The In Flanders Field Museum re-opened its doors with tindersticks soundtrack on 11th June 2012. Now tindersticks are releasing the recording of the soundtrack on October 2014 via lucky Dog Recordings”

the leaves are just about to make their final curtain call... Welcome to Fall 2014

swelo - Helvetica - 2014

Harmonial electro-acoustic pop ditties...
get whisked away to a land of velveteen spice. 
that makes sense, right?

Sarah Louise - Field Guide - 2014

More than anything, these songs are a reflection of my home in the Black Mountains of North Carolina: smooth-stone creek bottoms, delicate lunar-born mushrooms beneath rhododendron boughs, extreme changes in elevation. Two of the songs have a deep history with these mountains, beginning hundreds of years ago when connection to the land was common. Abstraction and repetition of elements in these songs, along with original 12-string guitar and vocal compositions, add a new layer of history. Neglected as an integral part of Appalachian music, drone makes reappearances. Raga-like structures and ornamentations reveal similarly old connections between the sacred nature-based music of East and West. I hope some of the old magic in these hills comes through.

Parquet Courts / Future Punx - LAMC #13 - 2014

We are launching the LAMC split 7” series in loving memory Ariel Panero, our dear friend and a partner in Famous Class.

The series gets its name from the epic Less Artists More Condos concerts that Ariel threw, showcasing amazing bands in some strange and unique venues. Ariel’s driving force was a desire to get the bands he believed in the recognition he felt they deserved. This series simply tries to honor that idea.

For each LAMC split 7” we ask one of our favorite bands to provide us with an unreleased track for the A-side. We then asked them to pick their favorite emerging artist to provide a track for the B-side. Ariel’s LAMC shows introduced New Yorkers to bands they might not have otherwise discovered – we hope that this series will do the same. We’ll also make the tracks available on the FAMOUS CLASS bandcamp page with 100% of the digital proceeds going to the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund at VH1 Save the Music.

We’ve got a bunch of these bad boys coming at you – stay tuned from more details as they come.

No.1: A Place to Bury Strangers/ Ceremony -April 10th 2012
No.2: Future Islands/ Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – July 17th 2012
No.3: Thee Oh Sees/ The Mallard – September 25th 2012
No.4: Deerhoof/ Half Waif – October 23rd 2012
No.5: HUNX/ Cassie Ramone – January 22nd 2013
No.6: Cass McCombs/ White Magic – February 19th 2013
No.7: Ty Segall/ Chad & the Meatbodies – April 30th 2013
No.8: Xiu Xiu/ Lawrence English – June 11th 2013
No.9: Lower Dens/ Horse Lords – June 25th 2013
No.10: Fuzz/ CCR Headcleaner – January 21st 2014
No.11: Mikal Cronin/ WAND – April 1st 2014
No. 12: White Fence/ Jack Name – September 2nd 2014
No. 13: Parquet Courts/ Future Punx – September 16th 2014
No. 14: Speedy Ortiz/ Chris Weisman – October 7th 2014

Kris Ellestad - Lullaby - 2014

A bunch of cover songs done quite well; all fairly subtle in delivery.
from radiohead to Elliott Smith, back to Jennifer Castle and a meander over to Gordon Lightfoot...

Diners - "Always Room" - 2014

Boy guitar pop with a twist of rawness for good measure. I really enjoy their innocence in their short   compact lullabies of angst and love; solid release out of Phoenix.

Sep 16, 2014

With Child - YESS - 2014

Recorded live at Visual Arts Collective on August 18th, 2009, three days after returning home from the hospital following the tragic accident that took the life of my mother and left me with a broken face and body. With my jaw wired shut, still in shock, grateful to be alive, deeply saddened and in a cloud, I played my music. I suppose the show must go on. 

Dedicated to the delicate, mindful life of my dear sweet mother, Karen Kristine Lindsey Jensen. All the utmost love and remembrance.

Sep 14, 2014

Benjamin Shaw / Jack Hayter / Cloud / Broken Shoulder- You & Me - 2014

I wanted to release a cash-in digital single of Benjamin Shaw's "You & Me" superhit to get rich quick and expedite our rise but we had no B-Side. 

Then we realised it'd be a whole lot nicer to get our friends involved, so I asked JACK HAYTER, CLOUD and BROKEN SHOULDER if they'd be up for recording covers/re-works of Ben's original and they were. Here they all are. They're all completely different but very beautiful. I hope that you enjoy it. 

Benjamin Shaw's "You & Me" is taken from the 'Goodbye, Cagoule World' album, which you can buy here on CD/Stress Ball and Download:

Her Name is Calla - Aether - Single 2014

Described by NME as 'massive, pastorally apocalyptic music" 
and by The Sun as 'rare and beautiful'.

Sep 12, 2014

The Foreign Films - The Record Collector - 2014

To me recording is the pursuit of sonic and emotional magic.
It's an attempt to be free of one's limitations.
It's an attempt to communicate the joy and sorrows of life.

At a time when music is being reduced to ring tones I find myself going in the exact opposite direction.

Sep 11, 2014

Ry Vieira - You're The One That I Want - 2014

Laetitia Shériff - Games Over - 2008

Contrairement au patronyme qu'elle s'est choisi, Laetitia Shériff n'est pas du genre à (faire) respecter la loi. Elle serait même plutôt de ceux qui la transgressent avec gourmandise, comme en atteste la liste de ses collaborateurs par le passé, tous des vandales de la bien-pensance musicale (l'immense saxophoniste de jazz François Jeanneau, la diva punk Lydia Lunch, le producteur de musiques électroniques Robert Le Magnifique, l'expérimentateur Noël Akchoté ou encore le guitariste polymorphe Olivier Mellano...).

En dix ans, sans aucun plan de carrière réfléchi à l'avance, la chanteuse/bassiste a su laisser son empreinte indélébile sur une poignée de disques exigeants, sous son nom ou bien sous un autre (Trunks), mais également dans des BO de documentaires, au cinéma, au théâtre ou dans des spectacles de danse. 

Néanmoins la véritable performance de Lætitia Shériff, c'est de réussir à justement canaliser cette soif de liberté, à formater son audace formelle. Son dernier disque, « Pandemonium Solace and Stars », est ainsi une petite merveille de rage lumineuse, de désespoir fertile, qui l'autorise désormais à marcher dans les pas d'illustres ainés comme Scott Walker, Neil Young ou Nick Cave. Bien sûr, dans sa discothèque personnelle, on imagine que les disques de Sonic Youth, Dominique A ou The Breeders tiennent également une place de choix. Elle en partage les obsessions en tout cas. Et l'art de la mélodie sournoise, comme par exemple celle du refrain de « The Living Dead » qui vous poursuit toute la journée.

Epaulée par son vieil ami Thomas Poli (guitariste de Montgomery et collaborateur de Dominique A), le batteur Nicolas Courret (Eiffel) ainsi que la violoniste Carla Pallone (Mansfield.Tya) invitée sur trois titres, Lætitia Shériff voyage ici entre la « Daydream Nation » de Sonic Youth et le « Hips And Makers » de Kristin Hersh, quand le son clair des guitares voudrait ignorer encore un instant le grondement inquiétant de la basse. Mais qu'elle vous attrape par le colback et vous crache son « Wash » au visage ou qu'elle vous bouleverse par l'intensité de son « A Beautiful Rage II », la Shériff vous remue toujours de l'intérieur. Parce qu'au grain de sa voix, au son de ce disque équilibriste, on sent qu'elle ne triche pas. Qu'elle ne peut pas.

« It sounds like Love » susurre la belle à la fin du « Far & Wide » tout en suspension qui clôture cet album. Il y a de ça effectivement.


Saskia Sansom - One Young Lover - 2014

Delicate in so many ways...

two white cranes - twowhitecranes - 2014

There is a lot of good in this release; the guitar is partnered well with the vocals... I stripped down version of Hospitality with more innocence throughout.

Sep 10, 2014

Jackie - Joy - 2014

Swedish goodness...

Just Jack - Winning EP - 2014

Sometimes even an indie boy needs a little electronica... 
Nice vibes coming out of Brighton.

Miss Mobile Home - Phototaxis EP - 2014

Dream Pop, Shoegaze duo from New York, Chris Stoddard (songwriter/guitars) and Samantha Ritter (vocals/keyboards) formed to create the lush and reverb-drenched indie band, Miss Mobile Home. Look for upcoming shows in the autumn of 2014.

Victor Florence - Summer Bummer Fantasia EP - 2014

Similar to Tyler Burkheart in spirit, Victor produces soul wrenching melodies that envelop his lyrical play with dignity and strength. 
Strong songwriting all around.

tyler burkhart - burning house / lost lullaby - 2014

Dreamy, sad songwriting... It shows me that you don't need to make a zillion dollars to have musical soul.

Lesser Strays - Heaven to Hell - 2014

…I'll fly from this city, escape from your eyes 
Paint my sorry ink against the sky… 
Heaven to Hell is the 3rd extended play release from the Portland based indie band "Lesser Strays" 
The title and content is born from the observation of the fluctuating quality of the human experience. We step in and out of moments of heaven and hell, as well as the stagnant points in-between. To travel back and forth from both places, is simply to live.

Fireflies - Covers - 2009

I try to craft each song into a tiny snow-globe-sized universe you can curl up in and get lost for a little while.

Playlists: Up To Our Eyeball In It: A Popboomerang sampler - 2014

Brand new sampler on the Popboomerang Label promoting the class of 2013/14. If you like what you hear, check out the current releases and back catalogue from all the acts within the Popboomerang bandcamp site!

Sep 7, 2014

Playlists: PIAS America Label Sampler - 2014

[PIAS] might be fresh on US shores but our independent label has already released records from artists including the Pixies, Basement Jaxx, Agnes Obel & Dry The River. We're happy to share tracks from some of these artists as well as others we've worked with over the past year. Please enjoy, share with your friends and support independent music.


Dry The River - Gethsemane
Melanie De Biasio - The Flow
Horse Thief - Devil
MONEY - Bluebell Fields
Agnes Obel - Fuel To Fire
Cherry Gost - Clear Skies Ever Closer
Joan As Police Woman - Holy City
Celebration - Tommorow's Here Today
Sumie - Show Talked Windows
The Trouble With Templeton - Six Months In A Cast

Playlists: Harvest Records - Mixtape - 2014

Harvest Records is pleased to present our first mixtape, featuring 12 songs from 12 Harvest artists. Harvest is dedicated to true artist development, with a diverse roster, spanning all genres of music, from every corner of the globe. We hope you enjoy and discover some new music that you love as much as we do.

BANKS - This Is What It Feels Like
Syd Arthur - Ode To The Summer
Arthur Beatrice - Carter (Cut)
Glass Animals - Psylla
White Lies - First Time Caller
Beady Eye - Iz Rite
together PANGEA - Offer
The Preatures - Is This How You Feel?
The Olms - On The Line
Bootstraps - Sleeping Giant
Young & Sick - Continuum
D.A. - Glowing

Sep 6, 2014

Magic Hands - Let Me Hold You While You Fail - 2013

Magic Hands are a dream-pop duo inspired by traditional music cultures, modern electronic music and 1970's psychedelia. Over the past 12 months, Magic Hands have been writing and recording their debut album Let Me Hold You While You Fail and they are thrilled to be launching it into the stratosphere on Saturday, September 20th at the Gasometer, Melbourne 

Memory In Plant - An Epic Triumph - 2014

Music Junkie Press - ”… Imagine if you will, what your mind sounds like as it is cycling through your thoughts, racing around from one subject to the next, still with one common thread trying to hold it together.That is what their music recreates for me and it is quite unique and wildly inviting.”

Spacerockmountain - ”…This is music for the future, so you can take all your retro records and throw them in the trash now.”

Here Comes The Flood - ”…With its shifting time signatures and mood swings - pastoral acoustic guitar, Zappaesque breaks, Sixties vocal harmonies and a hint of metal they continue their quest to build a bridge between the avant-garde and left field pop.”

Blackburn Hall - 2014

"In a haze of fuzz saturated in an endless loop of tape delay that races as if it were a machine.. you will find our latest self titled record.."

Dinner Belles - Wandering Eyes - 2014

Dinner Belles formed as a family of fast friends over a mutual love of folk, roots, rock and roll and country music. Comprised of singers and songwriters, the band calls Southern Ontario home, and is all about good vibes and good times. The seven members of Dinner Belles come from a variety of musical projects and together are known for their original sound and infectious live performance.

Sep 4, 2014

Make It Count - A Timelapse of Switzerland

Life is short, our days are precious. Make them count.

Kevin Morby Videos

"Super 8 footage shot by my grandfather in Scottsbluff, Nebraska during the 50s and early 60s. This video loosly follows my Aunt Carol from childhood to her high school graduation, and along the way you are introduced to my father, uncle, and grandmother, amoungst many other extended family members, most of whom I have never met. In loving memory of Larry Anderson & Dorthy Fletcher."- KM

Live 5 December 2013 at Doug Fir Longe, Portland

Playlist: 1984

Cool playlist from Vapour Trail blog