Jan 30, 2019

Sister John - I'm The One - 2019

The first single from the new album, ‘I’m The One’, welcomes comparisons to a post-Nico Velvet Underground and Patti Smith but the overall footprint is unmistakably Sister John’s.‘Lost and Won’ may well be the album’s true masterpiece, a dark sparse sorrowful affair that sees Amanda McKeown's vocals matched with Jonathan Lilley's slide guitar and the harrowing strings of Heather Philipsand Sophie Pragnell.

No Alarms - Marble Bars - 2019

Through blending the lines between modern indie pop and new wave revival, with the help of producers with Sefi Carmel (Phil Collins, Massive Attack) and for this release Mario Borgatta (Foster the People, Muse, Young the Giant, Death Cab for Cutie), the ensemble have formed their own unique take on modern indie pop, whilst showcasing their early 00’s rock inspirations.

Jan 29, 2019

Lullabies from under the Lake - 2019

Yak - This House Has No Living Room ft. J Spaceman

Photo credit_ Zackery Michael

"This is the last song we recorded at RAK and it's definitely my favourite. It sums the whole record up. I guess it's inspired by mortality and memories of loved ones past and present. It also features my good friend John Coxon on piano and harmonica without whom I doubt the band would be where we are today. If it's the last piece of music I ever make I'll be happy."

Jan 28, 2019

FUR - Angel Eyes - 2019

around 4 and a half million YouTube hits later, the band have landed support slots to the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Matt Maltese and more; their listenership is fast-spreading with praise - and even fan art - coming in from all over the world. "I think the one thing we really appreciate is people telling us we have a fanbase in places we never expected”, noted Murray on this. “Indonesia has become a big thing, and when people in Peru say there are whole groups of people out there that love us, that's amazing.”


"Their penchant for classic, infectious pop melodies is unquestionable ..." -Paste Magazine

"The kind of heavily-accented, rock’n’roll cadence you’d find on a dusted-off record from another era." -The Line of Best Fit

"Awash with jangling guitar-centric melodies and a wistful overall groove, their affair with finding a means to modernize sepia-toned hooks continues..." -PopMatters

"Brimming with notable hooks... utterly bracing and rejuvenating." -The 405

"Nostalgic, Beatles-esque romp..." -DIY Mag

a. harlana - "faces (subway song)" - 2019

Juno Roome could be America’s poster child for “Least Suspicious Egomaniac,” which is hilarious considering he printed 500 f*cked up business cards. He really wanted a much larger font. (Editor’s note: I’m very happy with the cards.) So that between the business cards and the new guitar, he could pull off subtly overcompensating with a hip aesthetic. Juno also powerlifts and subsists off chicken and vegetables, which makes him the nerdiest bro I know. And is honestly sad because he’ll never be truly accepted by nerds, or validated by bros. He is an art bro, a breed all their own.

Snakerattlers - Ooga Booga - 2019

Of the forthcoming album Dan from Snakerattlers said “This album is a culmination of two years of very hard work. We’ve literally put every ounce of energy we have into this record. We’ve heard the test pressings, and I genuinely think we’ve produced the best album in mine and Naomi’s “career” as a songwriting team.”

Jan 26, 2019

too far from town to learn - 2016


amidst synthesizers, keyboards and eighties drum machines, we have “Hero”, the first advance Single of her second album “Think I Heard A Rumour”, and a good sample of the focus of the album – disco hits from the end of the 80s and beginning of the nineties, with complex harmonic developments and impossible turns that, according to Moore, “push the choruses even higher”.

Z Tapes - Winter 2019

A soundtrack for winter 2019 

Jan 21, 2019

Brand New Friend - I Was An Astronaut - 2019

The quartet - still barely out of their teens & fronted by siblings Taylor & Lauren Johnson - have today released the new video for latest single 'I Was An Astronaut', alongside a brand new track, 'You Make Me want To Grow Up, Sometimes'.

The video for 'I Was An Astronaut' - lifted from their impressive debut album 'Seatbelts For Aeroplanes' - was shot close to their hometown of Castlerock, on Downhill Beach, better known as Dragonstone in Game Of Thrones. Also - rather sweetly - the little boy who stars in the clip is actually Taylor & Lauren's little brother.

JoJo Worthington - STABILIZE - 2018

Each scene in the video is full of chaotic and beautiful colours – representing characteristics of mental illness that can prove to be difficult and inconvenient to deal with, but are not things that we should feel ashamed of. Those of us who do not know these struggles should always be ready to extend an open hand of understanding to those in need. 

Jan 17, 2019

Fever High - Avec You - 2019

Blackbook praised the video, saying it “is a pastiche of sensual but thought-provoking images, surely begging to be analyzed for historical artistic references,” and that the song “grooves along with impossibly cool aplomb (shades of early Bananarama).”

Mindy Gledhill - Boo Hoo! - 2018

"Rabbit Hole" was the first track that we happily released in late 2018. The song is uniquely spirited- at once, urgent and ethereal- a perfect musical articulation of a personal fall and rise. Consistent with Mindy’s own struggles, “Rabbit Hole” is dynamically and intimately voiced with the sort of passion, eloquence and wisdom only harnessed by someone who’s been in and out of an existential journey- a baptism by fire, a battle to claim one’s true self. 


Weeknight - "Outside the Pale" - 2018

"Weeknight is a dark-synth [band] out of New York City that play music that's brooding, sensual, and infectious... The [band] manages to extract the elements of 80s goth and new-wave, and re-appropriate them in a context that isn't reliant on nostalgia." -Noisey 


Fri 2/1 - Baltimore, MD - Joe2
Mon 2/4 - New Haven, CT - Cafe Nine
Tues 2/5 - Boston, MA - Middle East Upstairs 
Wed 2/6 - Portland, ME - The Apohadion
Thurs 2/7 - Montreal, QC - Brasserie Beaubien
Fri 2/8 - Toronto, ON - Baby G 
Sat 2/9 - Hamilton, ON - This Ain’t Hollywood
Tues 2/12 - Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club 
Wed 2/13 - Chicago, IL - The Hideout 
Thurs 2/14 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR Pub (Free!)
Fri 2/15 -  Columbus, OH - Big Room Bar
Sat 2/16 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern 
Wed 2/20 - Brooklyn, NY - Alphaville

Elyssa Vulpes - Front Line - 2019

If you only listen to one steam punk-influenced professional hypnotherapist and singer-songwriter in 2019, make it Elyssa Vulpes! Having cured her own anxieties (including stage fright) through a combination of her day job as a hypnotherapist and through writing and performing music, she hopes to inspire others to release their “scorpion energy” – confronting their fears by essentially shedding this negative skin from themselves.

For Esme - To Love - 2019

"To Love is a visual journey exploring gaze and seeking balance between all of its contradictions. The film objectifies female cliches in order to question their validity with playfulness and sarcasm. To Love intends to create refreshing and powerful narratives within societal normalizations of femininity. For Esmé epitomizes the reclaiming of the gaze, and the video illustrates Mar Meredith’s evolution from object of male desire to principal subject of her own narrative.” 

Advance Base - "Answering Machine" - 2019

"Ashworth's style has always been prismatic, slipping through time and space to craft enduring and dreamlike portraits, this time of loves lived and lost."

"Charmingly homespun downer-pop."

"Ashworth's songs never cease to be entertaining and authentic."

"Bizarrely heartwarming...full of bleakly romantic imagery"

Jan 13, 2019

Miss Grit - Talk Talk - 2019

"The New York-based polymath's new release is an essential listen."

"Incoming EP 'Talk Talk' is their boldest step yet, matching astute songwriting to daring sonic flourishes, recalling everyone from Sharon van Etten to LCD Soundsystem in the process."

"Sohn's clear vocal drives deceptively gentle synth-backed ditties into surges of heavier guitars reminiscent of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs."
-  Line Of Best Fit

"Sohn’s quiet-storm vox against cataclysmic synthesizers creates a soundscape that is both emotionally raw and dynamically energizing, a perfect blend of introspection and catharsis."
- The Deli NYC

"Miss Grit is a thrilling new project that takes its cues from a bevy of indie heavy-hitters and turns it all into something all the more exciting. On her new single 'Talk Talk,' which also happens to be the title track of her upcoming debut EP, Sohn keys into both a sound and state of mind that will make her one to watch in the new year."
- The 405

A Fragile Tomorrow - Circling- 2019

"A Fragile Tomorrow have built a reputation around power-pop anthems."

"Everyone needs to know this band...and I mean EVERYONE."

"One of South Carolina's leading indie lights, period."

"Scruffy, scratchy indie rock with a dash of psychedelic sweetener"

"Fuzzy guitars, groovy bass lines and grungy yet ethereal vocal harmonies"

EVI VINE - SABBATH feat. Simon Gallup - 2019

"I love the deep textures and 'other-worldly' spaces - made from guitar loops and percussion treatments. Evi's vocals are beautiful. Haunting. Sailing across this huge 'universe'. I think it is very original" – Phill Brown, audio engineer (Talk Talk, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Throwing Muses) 

Kings and Queens of the Do it Now! - 2019

A selection of tracks from upcoming releases due in this glorious year of 2019. Most releases will also feature a limited run on fancy colour vinyl. For more deets, watch this space, or hop on our mailing list to hear about it before we unleash to the gen pub! 

Jon Tessier - For a Little Eye Candy - 2019

An upbeat song in minor key, it has hints to bands like Depeche Mode, Nirvana and Billy Talent. The result is a catchy song with good energy and cool electronic vibes.
I sincerely appreciate your consideration. Thank you so much for your continued support.
Jon Tessier

Jan 11, 2019

Sister Sparrow - Gold - 2019

Sister Sparrow - Gold gif 1

"One of the biggest voices in rock music." – NPR

"Lush... fiery... almost mischievously playful." – Billboard

“A sterling stampede of elemental proportions.” – The Aquarian

Jan 10, 2019

Papooz - You and I - 2019

Enabled by Durand’s butter-smooth production and Penicault & Cottin’s androgynous vocals (sung by the two Anglophiles in English throughout), ‘Night Sketches’ finds Papooz distilling these unlikely antecedents into distinctly skewed exotic pop, leavened with surreal, character-driven lyricism.

Simulated Void - Osquello - 2018

‘Good Morning Simulation’ is both electric and melancholic, fusing kaleidoscopic soundscapes, hazy beats and Osquello’s incisive rapping. It is a universal record, aiming to reach out to as many people as possible, letting them know that they are not alone in this distorted reality we find ourselves in 2019.

Jan 9, 2019

I Am A Rocketship • Face Off • 2018

"A unique combination of slow harmony and sonic dissonance... a blend pleasing to the ears and compelling to the heart. ‘Face Off’ is both a lack of banality and a slow burn into the senses that slowly boils over with the confidence of musical experience like a poet unconsciously building to the stanza. Brilliant" – Jammerzine

LISA PAPINEAU - Little Hell - 2018

if i am too weary put me aside

the years break their silence written in salt
forgotten in spaces left at high mark
but dutybound vigil saves hope that survives       
and carries it willingly on the white tide

little hell little hell little hell

Jan 7, 2019

After Elmer - Buckets - 2019

a hangover-single in the purest form, which doesn’t try to cover up the tragedies, but makes them a little bit easier to overcome. With the song comes an animated video, which dresses the grey suburbs of Rotterdam, The Netherlands with happy pencil-animations, which include Darth Vader, Tarzan and The Mummy. 

Waves of Dread - Lay - 2018

Written and recorded by Nick Hodgson at his Heaton home during Autumn 2018.

Lumen Craft - Stranger - 2019

“Stranger - a track in the sonic territory of alt-pop with a cornucopia of electronic sounds added to the mix. With a frenzy yet jazzy bassline alongside sensual guitars, ‘Stranger’ is thrust to a fresh soundscape. Fueled by John Evans’ bracing yet sultry vocals, 80s-inspired synths, and vivacious dance beats, ‘Stranger’ lives and breathes on a dance floor near you.” - The 405

Jan 3, 2019

LØZNINGER - Never Come Back - 2019

Pickle Darling - Bigness - 2019

DeerSkulled probably the best twee/synthpop/bedroom pop ive ever heard in my life. warm and comforting like a 3am bowl of maple peanut butter oatmeal, where despite everything, you're here

Sarah P. - Lotus Eaters - 2018

The former frontwoman of Keep Shelly in Athens,
who collaborated with numerous artists such as
Mmoths, Sun Glitters, Plastic Flowers, and The
New Division, does not shy away from revisiting the
past as she uses music, aided by magnificent, selfdirected
visuals, to divulge her endless
accomplishments: be it her openness about mental
health and the creation of her monthly zine
EraseRestart aimed to wipe out the stigma that
surrounds it, to the lobbying for the protection of
artists’ rights as an active member of IAO
(International Artist Organisation).