Jan 29, 2011

Covers & Compilations - OnE [2011]

So many covers from great artists out there, cutting them down to a few handfuls is hardly fair... THEREFORE, OnE is the first in a series of covers from some of the most brilliant musicians. Enjoy - TrY OnE

Jan 28, 2011

Porch Songs: Dreaming of Summer

A little bit of snow has fallen EVER day over the past 30, covering the landscape with a wintery chill. These songs have reminded me of the heart ache of the more difficult months - like now; and the relief once winter finally breaks. Those first warm days when the sun once again wakes the skin. This mix will bridge today with then for now. Enjoy. TrY

Jan 4, 2011

Song Writers Supreme - Mix 2

Another small offering from a music library that never seems to end... I have selected a few really amazing songwriters for sampling. Their music and words are among my favourite - the two just seem to work well as compositions. Enjoy! TrY...

World of Fox ep [2011]

Genre: Indie Folk Pop

JEANE is a stripped down waltz take on the This Charming Man b-side

I KNOW VERY WELL HOW I GOT MY NAME originally the flip of Suedehead, and now with a lovely uke, and Clair Horton vocal

splendid, splendid... i hope the rest of your year is as good as these tracks... and tell your friends..

Jan 3, 2011

Active Child performing "I'm In Your Church At Night" on KCRW

The Sleepy Trees

Girl Talk - Feed the Animals [2008]

Genre: Mixed Up Classics
If you have never heard of Girl Talk consider this your education. GT compose excellent dance mixes with so much great music from all different styles all held together with beats and samples all mixing together in some kinda mish-mash songs. If you love old music and the dance feel that often don't meet, welcome to Girl Talk.

Sleeping At Last -Yearbook: January [2011]

Genre: Indie Pop

Sleeping At Last - Yearbook: November [2010]

Genre: Indie Piano Pop Sweetness
Deciding to start a year long journey of EPs for every month of the year seems to be right up the music industry’s alley of bite-sized releases at the moment. Sleeping at Last’s latest ops, November, reminds me of exactly why I fell in love with their previous album, Storyboards a year ago.
January on the way ;-)

The Narcoleptic Dancers - Not Evident [2010]

Genre: Indie Pop
Hailing from France and the Netherlands, Anton Louis Jr and Melody Van Kappers play soft, cutesy acoustic folk ditties as The Narcoleptic Dancers. The French-Dutch duo’s relationship is shrouded in mystery, apparently naming the band after the nickname of their famous footballer father the two may or may not be brother and sister. Either way the hazy, electro tinged folk melodies offered up on their debut Not Evident EP are kooky and hauntingly infectious. TLOBF

Jan 2, 2011

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes [2009]

Genre: Hipster Pop Rock
This albums gonna be high on my list for a while for sure. Best heard at high volume with a cold beer. Preferrably with flower children dancing around in a field of wheat right in front of you, that will add to the ambiance of the album. Seriously, check em out, you'll love it!

Bart and Friends - Make You Blush [2010]

Genre: Romantic Indie Pop
LOST AND LONESOME RECORDS Indiepop purists rejoice! Bart Cummings has reunited with his former Shapiros bandmate Pam Berry and Bart & Friends friend Mark Monnone to help out on his first recordings since I Was Lonely ‘Til I Found You (2001, Library Records). And having mastered the art of stripping back the nonessentials to reveal life’s true detail, these new songs are more than worthy entries in the Bart canon. New friends Louis Richter and Stanley Paulzen drop by to lend a hand, and the resulting eight songs on Make You Blush are perfect sleepy-eyed vignettes, not a million miles away from the quintessential indiepop Bart was making with bands like The Cat’s Miaow in the mid-90s. TPills

Mix of Music for 2011

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk, Rock

To start the year off on an excellent note, I have assembled a small offering to help you through the new days of 2011. The snow is almost all gone and the spaces outside that would normally be occupied with sliding and skating are now robbed from us once again by mother nature.

Happy New Year

Top 20 Albums of 2010

So another year comes to an end, and here at bolachas we like to reflect on the pass twelve months and look at some of the diamonds in the mine... If you have enjoyed the posts this year I believe you might get into the songs that were seen as the best of 2010 according to me! Enjoy the songs, make a new playlist, listen back over the year in tunes while cooking your roast beast. I have included a few tracks that are just too good not to listen to at least once in this reflective period of the year. TrY

  1. I'm In Your Church at Night - Active Child
  2. Come On, Let's Talk About Our Feelings - Fight Like Apes
  3. Rabbit Hole - James
  4. I Wrote a Song - Pascal Pinon
  5. Calling Out Your Name Again - Darren Hayman & The Secondary Moderns
  6. Never Listen To Me - The Thermals
  7. Veronica Sawyer - Summer Camp
  8. Landslide - Sin Fang
  9. Strong Swimmers - Said the Whale
  10. You Don't Know Anything - Stornoway
  11. The Attic - Smile Smile
  12. You Are One - Fanfarlo
  13. The Ghost Of Rockschool - Belle And Sebastian
  14. Not in Love (feat. Robert Smith) - Crystal Castles
  15. Bagatelle - Young Rebel Set
  16. Natural Light - Sun Kil Moon
  17. I Know What You Mean Billy Pilgrim - The Sleepy Trees
  18. And This Is What We Call Progress - The Besnard Lakes
  19. Julien - Bear Hands
  20. Slow River - a Singer of Songs
  21. Hermit - The Wilderness of Manitoba
  22. Early Christmas Present - Kate Nash
  23. In a Dream - Skybox
  24. Half Ton Load - Icarus Himself
  25. Dropout Jr. - French Films
  26. Work - The Bewitched Hands
  27. Real Life - Tanlines
  28. Heartbreaker - Girls
  29. Good Company - Comaneci
  30. Honey Moon - Monster Rally
  31. We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun) - The Candle Thieves
  32. Block After Block - Matt & Kim
  33. Barnacle - Lovers
  34. Zero With A Bullet - David Dondero
  35. Animal Arithmetic - Jónsi
  36. Drive On - Avalanche City
  37. Set Your Arms Down - Warpaint
  38. The Wurlitzer Prize - Venice Is Sinking
  39. Slowest Romance - Herzog
  40. Biting Your Tail - Iron & Wine
  41. My Girl the Horse - Fences
  42. Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem
  43. Running On - Villa Nah
  44. Coming Back Home - Zachary Lucky
  45. Mirror, Mirror - Dr. Dog
  46. Orange - Yoyoyo Acapulco
  47. Dear Headlights - Radar Brothers
  48. Indie Rock Freestyle - Jason Lytle
  49. Everybody Loves A Showtune - Math and Physics Club
  50. Darlin' I can see you fallin' - Florian Horwath

Top 20 Albums of 2010

On the eve of 2011 I sit in a reflective mode looking at the year in music that was... I liked it! I found many great albums that occupied the space in between something and nothing. Again, you will find no "big" albums here, rather indie style albums that caught my attention and represent excellent albums as a whole, from start to finish. To make the list I was looking at a few choice conditions; firstly highly melodic in essence, secondly outstanding compositions, and finally lyrical albums that said something real or just funny. I would like to wish all bolachas followers a superb 2011, and thank you for your time spent at bolachas, I hope that we have a great 2011 together yet again. All the Best :-)

1. Pascal Pinon - s/t

2. The Bewitched Hands - Birds and Drums

3. The Thermals - Personal Life

4. Belle and Sebastian - Write about Love

5. Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame

6. Icaus Himself - Mexico

7. The Candle Thieves - Sunshine and other Misfortunes

8. Darren Hayman and the Secondary Modern - Essex Arms

9. Fanfarlo - You are One (ep).... too awesome to not include

10. Fight like Apes - The Body Of Christ And The Legs Of Tina Turner

11. Jonsi - Go Live

12. Math and Physics Club - I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do

13. Monster Rally - Ep

14. Matt and Kim - Sidewalks

15. a singer of songs - Old Happiness

16. Stornoway - Beachcomer's Windsill

17. Skybox - Morning after Cuts

18. Smile Smile - Truth on Tapes

19. Tanlines - Volume On

20. Sleepy Trees - Young Joseph