Jan 2, 2011

Bart and Friends - Make You Blush [2010]

Genre: Romantic Indie Pop
LOST AND LONESOME RECORDS Indiepop purists rejoice! Bart Cummings has reunited with his former Shapiros bandmate Pam Berry and Bart & Friends friend Mark Monnone to help out on his first recordings since I Was Lonely ‘Til I Found You (2001, Library Records). And having mastered the art of stripping back the nonessentials to reveal life’s true detail, these new songs are more than worthy entries in the Bart canon. New friends Louis Richter and Stanley Paulzen drop by to lend a hand, and the resulting eight songs on Make You Blush are perfect sleepy-eyed vignettes, not a million miles away from the quintessential indiepop Bart was making with bands like The Cat’s Miaow in the mid-90s. TPills

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