Sep 29, 2018

Tomten - Viva Draconia - 2018

Tomten is a Baroque Pop band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 2010.

All Them Witches - "Diamond" - 2018

"ATW  is the latest album from All Them Witches, a Nashville psych-rock band that nods to Blue Cheer, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and all manner of Seventies rock, yet doesn't fall into the standard traps that ensnare much of the Deep Purple-worshipping masses and every bell-bottomed guitar player to ever hit a fuzz pedal. Across eight new tracks, All Them Witches dabble in Moody Blues-esque psychedelic pop, Zeppelin-tinged blues and riffy hard rock, all while still somehow managing to sound fresh and original."

"Another 52-minute furnace blast of mind-bending rawk...
There are plenty of bands trying to capture this distressing atmosphere of dread, uncertainty and slowly enveloping darkness, but few do it with the class, subtlety and controlled intensity of All Them Witches. Five albums in, they are confident in their abilities and seem poised for a remarkable future."
-American Songwriter

The Desert - Gone - 2018

“’Gone’ is about losing something or someone abruptly and how that can make you go a bit crazy. Gina’s voice is quite hoarse in the recording, which helps convey the desperation& frustration. There’s also a kind of excitement in that ‘fuck it’ feeling. The track is overall more positive than negative with each chorus ending ‘but I’ll find somewhere to put it’”.

Sep 26, 2018

Greg Laswell - Will Not Resign - 2018

such beautiful despair…

There is a universality to Next Time and at no point does Laswell seem narcissistic or self-centered. Rather, the themes of redemption, frustration with progress, or the clarity of introspection are conspicuous in their commonality.

Sep 25, 2018

Untitled Love Songs, A Tribute To Moose - 2018

Perhaps this was the most difficult project to have been conceived. Mainly for the mysteries and secrets surrounding the trajectory of perhaps the most obscure and unfortunately forgotten band of the original shoegaze generation, Moose

Sep 23, 2018

Sadclub - Oww, My Feelings - 2018

nice release, doesn't demand too much rather soothes your indie rock tendencies…

Julia Kent & Jean D.L. - The Great Lake Swallows - 2018

The album is an aching, ambient wonderland that ensues beauty at every turn. It was built as a whole and, indeed, should be consumed as a whole. The repetition is hypnotising, a lulling sense of calm entwined in hints of unease that flows seamlessly in and out of sleepy melodies and broken drones. Unfolding over a brief twenty-six minutes, The Great Lake Swallows cannot out-stay its welcome. Everything contained within feels necessary, each movement informing the next, a conversation between two outstanding musicians.

Futura Synk - Broken Town - 2018

“There’s a place where lovers go, to cry their troubles away…” 
Ricky Nelson – Lonesome Town 

Sep 22, 2018

Alice Merton - Why So Serious - 2018

Platinum-selling English born, German-based singer-songwriter Alice Merton has released her most commercial and exciting single to date with ‘Why So Serious’,  which currently is at 4.3 Million worldwide streams, plus an intriguing official video taken from her upcoming and much-anticipated debut album ‘Mint’

tiny deaths- "Don't Let Go" - 2018

"...the group returns with a new release, Magic, that advances the musical cause, creating new nuances and exhilarating new musical climates for the pair."
- PopMatters

"Vocalist Claire de Lune makes glistening pop magic against Grant Cutler's electro-beats."
- Billboard

“Tiny Deaths' Grant Cutler masterminds the group's lush and brooding soundscapes, while Claire de Lune's gorgeous, ethereal voice lends the songs a poignancy and power.”
- The 405

"“Always,” is a soaring and swooning pop anthem." 
- A.V. Club

Sep 20, 2018

Water From Your Eyes - All a Dance - 2018

Water From Your Eyes is Nate Amos and Rachel Brown 

Sep 18, 2018

Timeshare - Intra​/​Extra - 2018

Music For Sleep - Infinite Loops: A Song For Quiet Wednesday Nights - 2018

Tom Rimshot Dimly lit corners in an ornately decorated but empty dining room. Thick reams of curtains block off the windows, and the last strains of purple sunset bleed through the edges of the cloth. A glass ashtray sits on a white table, lined with gold floral adornments - a half-smoked cigarette still smoldering in it. The slow lines of grey billow up in the darkness and disappear into a black ceiling that may as well be the abyssal void of space.

Sep 13, 2018

Spirit Fest - Anohito - 2018

Supergroup built around acclaimed Japanese duo, Tenniscoats. Featuring members of Notwist, Jam Money and Joasihno.

cave people - Salt - 2018

subtle singer songwriter charting his course towards solitude...

Fall 2018 Sampler

Sep 12, 2018

Alison Cotton - All Is Quiet At The Ancient Theatre - 2018

A solo project in the truest sense, viola, recorder, percussion and mesmerising voice are the instruments in Alison’s orchestra as she takes the stage at the Ancient Theatre. Rich sound breaks the stillness. Drone dreams seep through sepia photographs. Nothing here now but the improvised recordings, captured on two sides of cassette tape. 

j.knife - New Hobby (2018, demo)

Oh wow another shit one I wrote 
Oh wow why don't I give up and go 
Oh wow thought it could work this time 
Oh wow letting you down’s my new hobby 

My new hobby 

Oh wow I messed up the chords again 
Oh wow my lyrics don’t feel the same 
Oh wow since when did I use the drums 
Oh wow letting you down’s my new hobby 

My new hobby 

and I don’t think about it anymore

Michael Cera - Best I Can (feat. Sharon Van Etten) - 2018

was it a dream we shared? 
or was I half awake 
once in the night you took my hand, I know you're still with me 

listen to how the trees 
tap on our windowpane 
no matter what the case may be I'll always be right here 

all I needed was your love 
I'll be with you through and through 
tell me that you love me so 
I will always do the best I can for you 

sometimes it's like a plane 
passing the golden sun 
rains wash away the afterglow 
puddles evaporate 

all I needed was your love 
I'll be with you through and through 
I know that you love me so 
I will always do the best I can for you

wished bone - cellar belly - 2018

such simplicity such melody… excellent stuff out of VT - connects me to a place where I can feel authentic expression…

Woolen Men - Post - 2018

News Paper The perfect combination of creativity and simplicity and not just another band piling on pedals to hide their boring, badly written songs. They know exactly where to rein it in and exactly where to insert a bass line, a fill, or a groovy guitar noodle to make you involuntarily air drum. Thoughtful and relatable.

orchid mantis - instrumentals 2018

found sounds, tape collages, and pop songs about forgetting.

Johanna Samuels - Have a Good One - 2018

27-year-old Johanna Samuels broadens the definition of pop music. The melodically and lyrically focused singer-songwriter stands on the shoulders of the great musicians of the 1960’s and 70’s she manages to create a sound and sense of musical place that is completely her own. 

Don Babylon - “Lose Sometimes" - 2018

Premiering emotional and gritty new track “Lose Sometimes”—Don Babylon’s first single from their upcoming LP.

"Yet even with the sold out venues, they’re not afraid to go back to their punk rock roots and be inspired by everything around them."
-Elena Childers, BTR Today

Christopher Pellnat - Liftoff - 2018

The "folk" feel of these songs is anchored by acoustic guitar and dulcimer, while embracing instrument combinations that include clarinet, violin, flute, and accordion, as well as some electronic sound. The songs on this record are strange little works of art that are drawn from the search for something of substance and meaning amid all the chaos we see everywhere.  

Sep 10, 2018

Cosmo K. - DK63 Último disco - 2018

Grabado y producido en La Huerta Grabaciones en Madrid, 2018. 
"Paloma" parte de un poema de Jorge de Cascante. 

THE BUOYS - Arm Wrestle - 2018

Equal parts sweet and savoury, Sydney femme 4-piece The Buoys are gearing up to release their sophomore EP, after their debut Soft Boy received airtime on FBi and Triple J Unearthed, backing up shows with Aussie outfits such as Big White, Pist Idiots, Julia Why?, Georgia June, Breizers, Cakewalk and Tupperware Party.

The Buoys have a lot to send to your ear holes by way of unrelenting fuzzy guitar tones and honest raw lyrics so keep your ears out. Arm Wrestle is their latest single and has already been featured on the likes of Triple J and Fbi Radio. 

Sep 8, 2018

Waxahatchee - Great Thunder - 2018

she has such a distinctive edge to her vocals, it enriches these songs in the most truthful way... 

Zhalih - Inrushes - 2018

Hannah Zhalih Mickunas is an artist living in Portand, Oregon USA. 
Inrushes is a compilation of improvisational works she recorded and produced between 2013-2017.  

M a l i b l u e - Hex - 2018

a ‘yoga house’ styled collage of samples, found sounds and percussive overdubs. Hex is a stunningly exploratory album - a record symbolising “movement and achieving zen through accepting 

Summer Compilation 2018 by Summer Camp

bye bye

These Bashful Claws - There's a Fire in Your Mind - 2012

brittle acoustic pop hovers above fragile icy lyrics...

Hello, I'm Sorry - Consolation Party - 2016

Melody infested garage pop… nice find I must say!

2nd Grade - Wish You Were Here Tour - 2018

pretty sweet lofi guitar goodness...

THEE OPEN SEX - "White Horses" - 2018

The group has encompassed over 20 artists lurking around punk and experimental music circles, interchangeably shifting from minimal tape purr, Hypnotist Beat, and proto-punk textures. 

Sep 7, 2018

Something Left To Love - 2017

A new compilation to celebrate seven years of GoldFlakePaint. Thanks to the artists and labels for their work and support. 

100% of proceeds will be split between The Survivors Trust and The Poverty Alliance - more details here:

Sep 5, 2018

Luke Rathborne - "You Let Me In" - 2018

beautiful song… waiting for more… 

Emilie Zoé - Dead​-​End Tape - 2018

14th dec. 2014, Pascal drove Emilie and me to that fabulous place he calls LE GLAUCAL in Courfaivre, Jura, Suisse. His collective of sweet talking weirdos turned this ancient shooting camp in an ali baba cavern. It's jam packed with music toys of all kinds; pawn shop amps, shit keys, lo-fi drums, all transformed and crooked to perfection. We spent five days there in between my 4-tracks portastudio and the fire place. Emilie found a rusty arc top Aria and a spring reverb. She seemed to have millions of songs to record, so we kept it as simple as it needed. Guitar, vocals and some of my favorite noises far in the back. Emilie straight on tape and nothing or nobody to stand on her way. On the wall was written "dead end" and we never knew why. We smelled so bad (cheese, sweat and smoke) on our way back that people in the train were changing seats to avoid us. (Louis Jucker)

a. harlana - ada belle - 2018

Clark Twain - Fly High (Like Richard Branson) - 2018

Austin-based indie pop artist Clark Twain has announced his new single 'Try Too Hard', a serene pop offering off his coming debut album 'Life is Wonderful'. His music is influenced by such artists as Death Cab for Cutie, the Flaming Lips, Ben Kweller, and John Mayer.

Sep 4, 2018

Dolores Haze - Play Hard Fuck Hard Love Hard - 2018

“This song is for all destructive party people, looking for love in the wrong places, loving the wrong people too hard. Giving so much but never seem to feel content. Going around in the same circles. End up feeling nothing but emptiness”

Osborne Again - 'Stay Inside' A Compilation of Quality Music - 2018

lots of songs by lots of different artists - nice survey!