Mar 9, 2016

natalie nicoles - Lucent - 2015

"Lucent" is an organic overflow of a honest creative process. With nods to traditional American and Celtic folk, it has modern textures and production that lend itself to a myriad of other genres far beyond traditional and contemporary folk. The entire album is centered around growth, and coming to terms with change, which the album artwork (done by the incomparable Marissa Quinn) lends itself to. The album title "Lucent" means glowing with or giving off light. I believe that a glow, even the softest one, can stand in all weather, and we should always grasp it as our hope for positivity and growth. 

I hope these songs help you to grow and embrace your seasons of change. I create to make people feel in hopes that these projects fester in the deepest parts of your soul and to warm the smallest cockles of your heart. My sincerest thanks for taking a listen, and I truly hope you enjoy this record. 

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