Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Opium Jukebox - Music To Download Pornography By - 2000

Thanks to Bruce for this one; a real gem!

We all know that covers are generally pretty lame. They are usually an opportunity for bands to either pay tribute to bands they really like by mimicking them, or are a way for a band to use the work of other bands for success. As I'm sure many of you write music, you probably find the idea of covers to be something reserved for beginners.

Such is not the case on this album, which is one of the most unique albums period, especially for a supposed "cover" album. The truth is, there are a few tunes on here where you have to listen close to find any sort of resemblance to the original, and none of them are even close to exact copies. Nearly all the tempos are slowed down, and the instrumentation is completely different, often geared to Indian stringed instruments and various percussion instruments. There are no vocals, except for spoken samples. No one sings the lyrics from the original songs, but most of the vocal melodies are present and played by some instrument or another. Long passages of music are completely fabricated, and not parts of the originals in any way. You may never look at "Smells Like Teen Spirit" the same way again, after hearing the the 7 minute, slow-tempo version found here.