Mar 19, 2024

ifitbeyourwill S03 E14 • Olivia Nowadays

Olivia Nowadays, the talented musicians Kent Carson and Evan King, recently joined  ifitbeyourwill Podcast for an engaging conversation about their musical journey. The podcast delved into their inspirations, creative process, and the stories behind their captivating songs. Listeners were treated to insights into Olivia Nowadays unique approach to music-making and how they navigates the ever-evolving music industry. Their passion for storytelling through music shone brightly during the podcast as they shared anecdotes and experiences that have shaped their artistry. Enjoy 🎙️

TSDEATTOTP is Olivia at our most maximalist, merging sparkling instrumentation, candid field recordings, and frequent experimentation into sonically dense songs that evoke a sense of melancholy and wonder. The soaring shoegaze track “Be Right Back” recalls the abrupt loss of a loved one, opening with a poignant field recording of Merlin the lonely parrot muttering to himself in a room. A swirl of uncanny voices coaxed from a glitchy machine learning model features on “New Philosophy”, which paints a wry art-pop portrait of a listless urbanite inspecting a past iteration of himself. The hazy, stuttery slowcore of “First Trauma” reflects on generational wounds and anhedonia, bearing a message from the past to a grown child: “making choices makes you.” Woven through each of the album’s eleven songs is a distinct sense of someone approaching the border of their understanding, in hesitation of what they may find on the other side.

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