Mar 23, 2024

Cosmo Sheldrake • Interdimensional (Live from the studio) • 2024

On the new tracks, Cosmo says, “‘Interdimensional’ felt as though it came almost in one long thought, but it took about four all-night sessions for it to emerge. It is another one that came to me while on a solo musical retreat in Somerset. It is about the feeling of losing the normal sense of self, and features the wonderful HOWL.”

“‘I Stitched My Mind Back To My Body’ was the first song I recorded from start to finish in my new studio. It started with me shuffling around stomping and clapping trying to find the best sweet spot on the floor for a good stomp. I like how much the sound of the space itself is present. It is a song about attempting to fuse the body and mind after centuries of unsuccessful attempts to prise them apart.”

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