Mar 31, 2024

YOU SAID STRANGE • My Own God • 2024

The EP is the fruit of exciting collaborations with friends Marvin Borges-Soares (Structures), Raphaëlle Verlaine (Metro Verlaine), Joseph Baudet. Their contributions add a unique dimension to three of the tracks. A dynamic, feminine pop touch with Raphaëlle for "My Own God." Bold elements and flamboyant flights of fancy for "Dance For No One" with Joseph, the musician and occasional saxophonist. A cold-wave dimension to "Trade Your Soul," featuring Marvin. This EP was also an opportunity to collaborate with engineers Arthur Guegan and Daniel James Goodwin. Furthermore, the project was additionally mixed and mastered by Daniel J. Goodwin

"Occasionally, we come across a band that feels like we’ve known them forever. Their music seems to have a deja vu effect, mirroring our past follies, fun-seeking behaviors, and bittersweet relationships. You Said Strange, a Giverny, France-based quartet is just that, a band new in statute but at home in the back pocket of all your recent ebbs and happy errors, an indie band that, well is properly, that."
Ones To Watch

"If you want a new band to fall in love with, this is it. You Said Strange’s latest LP, Thousand Shadows Vol. 2, is brilliant and versatile."
SPILL Magazine



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