Mar 4, 2024

BETS • Blister In The Sun (Violent Femmes Cover) • 2024

First she transforms the Femmes' biggest splash into a shoegazey spectacle, putting the jaunty sounds of "Blister In The Sun" into slow motion, and re-contextualizing Gordan Gano's original lyrics of addiction and rejection into a somber, gentle, ballad reminiscent of Mazzy Star. The heavily manipulated footage for this video fades in between black and white and color, tracking the woman's longing gaze out of a backseat car-window, staring out at the city lights in a state of solitude. Says Bets, "Music + car + windows down, that feeling. Made in Tokyo. Where anything you want at night you can find."

“Lust in the streets, music to our ears.” 

“Drift away with BETS’ dreamy new music video”

"It’s an album outfitted for the young urbanite just taking things day by day, hitting the inevitable rough patches but also strongly shining at times. BETS, it seems, is poised to be doing more of the latter in the near future."

“BETS’ voice mesmerizes as it lulls us into a full dream state with her, as the gentle, warm, optimistic melodies wash over us.”


"The producer’s light electronic touches allow the bicoastal artist’s ballads to breathe, lending verisimilitude to whatever issues BETS is tackling."

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