Dec 18, 2017

Best of 2017: The Magic Lantern - Holding Hands

“...a truly optimistic, triumphant listen.”
- mahogany

“...gorgeous...” - m magazine

“excellent, intriguing and compelling, a man to watch.”
- the guardian

I'm searching 
For my true love 
And I know she's there 
Just carry on, just carry on 

I promise 
I'll find you 
And it won't be long 
Just hold on, just hold on 

So I'm trying 
To be 
A better man 
But the work goes, yes the work goes on 

One day 
When all this is washed away 
Some will remain 
Full of hope in the pouring rain 
And I'll see you there 
With wet shoes and wet hair 
And when the last day is done 

We'll make it 
You know we will 
We'll be holding hands 

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