Jan 21, 2016

Still Flyin' - Perfect Future - 2016

Still Flyin’ are a silly, dumb blast of a bash worth attending.” – NME

WWNBB is excited to team up with Ernest Jenning Record Co. and Lost and Lonesome to announce Perfect Future, the fourth album from San Francisco’s Still Flyin‘.
Still Flyin’s Sean Rawls had a child at the end of 2012, a few months after their most recent album (On A Bedroom Wall) was released, which spelled a day job and no more world tours. In his words, “My identity as ‘dude in a band’ turned into ‘new dad who used to be in a band.'” Once an endless tinkerer who crafted songs constantly, he suddenly found himself with little time for any of that. He ended up having to carve out songwriting time between his son’s naps, and one of these short bursts of songwriting resulted in three of Perfect Future‘s tracks (“Get Out of My Car”, “Navarone” and “Tea Leaves”).
The band ended up recording in much the same way — all of the basic tracks were bashed out in three days of recording, which was much quicker than they were used to. Keeping with the general theme, the record was mixed very quickly by Phil Manley (Trans Am), and the result is raw, immediate, unedited and undeniably fun. wwnbb

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