Jun 29, 2015

Lesser Strays - Funeral Tropicana - 2015

She leaves before spring has arrived. The lesser stray replaces the right side of the bed with red wine that costs more, but hurts less. How much more time he has now to record a new album, which is a thousand worded musical insult to the passionless love pretenders he’s met in the west. “I’m making a new record,” he says. (They are half interested or have heard that three times this week from other sons of bitches with a keyboard and Garageband.) “What’s the sound?” Tropical gothic 80’s revival. Long live synth marimba and delayed congas.

Indie Folk, Electric project founded by Joshua Petroni. Lesser Strays relocated to Portland, Oregon after the "Epoch" EP released in the summer of 2013. The EP "Kid and The Queen" released in April of 2014. The following year the 7-track EP "Heaven and Hell" was released. After a year of playing in Portland, the first full-length album was released, and the project relocated to Milan, Italy.

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