Sep 18, 2016

The Wedding Present - Going, Going… - 2016

"This is a remarkable album by one of our most idiosyncratic bands. A joy from start to finish, Going, Going… is an album full of love delivered with style, speed and substance." [9/10, Louder Than War]

“The Wedding Present have never been afraid to wander off in strange directions... [and] their ninth long-player is in a similarly experimental vein.” [Q Magazine]

Going, Going… is an album that is full of left turns, sudden bursts of feedback-drenched guitars and luscious soundscapes. It is schizophrenic and unsettling yet full of beauty and melancholy. A hard album to grasp as it is constantly going through gear changes (even within the confines of one song) Going, Going… is the sound of a band throwing everything they have into the mix which has in turn created a work that is at once familiar yet progressive, homely and disturbing. louderthanwar

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