Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Papooz • The Garden • 2020

'The Garden' upends the story of Adam & Eve's fall from grace, imagining a scenario in which it is Adam's greed, not Eve's, which is their undoing, taking cues both from Renaissance paintings & peak-era MTV. Starring Ulysse and his girlfriend - i-D-approved model Klara Kristin - and directed by Armand's other half, Victoria Lafaurie, the video was shot in South-West France during lockdown.

Precocious daydream pop
The Times

Kubrickian fever-dream pop The Line of Best Fit

Replete with luscious multi-tracked harmonies, and their penchant for psychedelic synths Mixmag
Unquestionably infectious V Man

Breezy pop NME Under The Radar

It’s an album of musical magic, lacing heavily androgynous vocals atop experimental backdrops GQ
Papooz have crossed genres and classic sounds to create a modern day pop song that’ll survive the test of time Indie Shuffle


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