Feb 9, 2020

The Mystery Plan • Al Gore Rhythms • 2020

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"A chilled, dreamy, hypnotic sound... and the Beth Gibbons-esque vocals of Amy Herring" – Overblown Magazine

"Pure sensual dreamtronica awash in haunting melodies. It's guaranteed to set the serotonin flowing in the farthest recesses of any late night minds" – Guitar Magazine

"If you were ever a fan of Thievery Corporation, Solar Fields, Groove Armada, Cinematic Orchestra, or even the 4AD iconic collective This Mortal Coil, this is one band you should know about... a delicious smorgasbord for varied tastes - from chill out to dark dreamery and even massively beautiful modern classical music with a near-mystifying delivery" – The Big Takeover Magazine

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