Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My 2012: Whistle Peaks - Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls

Genre: indie experimental pop

Whistle Peak is pop music in disguise and experimentation at its core. It is music that takes you on a journey of the imagination, inhabiting fantastical lands while drawing from life experience. It is the particular phrased in the universal. It is children’s stories told by grown men. bandcamp

They sound like little children discovering toys in their grandparents’ basement, a place where miniature Casio keyboards sit next to antique washboards and pieces of stray china. Throw in a toy piano, a tuba, some clever lyrics and some dogs barking in the distance and you have New Folk with a sense of humor.
Infinitely more interesting than a lot of mandolin-driven crap being hyped these days. Thank God is all I can say about that. MV

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