Dec 28, 2012

My 2012: Now, Now - Threads

Now, Now are babies, musically speaking. This is their second album to date and their first on Chris Walla’s Trans-Records label. They’re only a few years out of high school, and the faces peering out from their promotional photos suggest angst-laced lyrics of a sort not heard since bands like The Used went out of vogue. This is why, when one actually gets down to the business of pressing “play” on the first track of Threads, what emerges from the speakers is a thrilling surprise.

Threads is an impressive accomplishment, especially in light of the tender age of Dalager and bandmates Brad Hale and Jess Abbott. In fact, the only sleight against it is that it’s fairly derivative–as much as the band members might deny it, their fast, female vocal-driven sound is, at times, a little reminiscent of trendy pop punk acts like Paramore. But Now, Now have plenty of time, and if they stick together, they may be able to branch out into something truly extraordinary. CoS

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