Feb 12, 2022

Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers • Always Waiting • 2022

What if a cute girl group scored a hit song about a car crash, then actually died in a car crash, but decades later, David Lynch conjured their spirits for a beach-themed Halloween special?

That’s a feeble attempt to describe the fun, spooky universe evoked by musician, songwriter and producer Curtis Godino with his latest project, Curtis Godino Presents The Midnight Wishers.

"'Always Waiting' is a ’60s-style love song with a bit of an eerie twist. With dreamy, bubbly harmonies, the track is definitely a must-listen."

"The Midnight Wishers maintain a 60’s psychedelic swagger [...] The swirl of female harmonies is the glue that holds it together as it moves like a modern La Luz but still takes you back to the hey day of The Shangri-Las. Godino connects these eras perfectly as The Midnight Wishers becomes more addicting with each play."
The Fire Note

"The woozy waltz takes you back to the glory days of girl-group pop, complete with deadpan vocals, angelic three-part harmonies, tragic lyrics and a vintage-sounding track built from the rubble of Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound."

"The sound and the colorful imagery invite the listener to a strange, yet fantastic little journey through nature, color and sound. It’s definitely a trip we like to take."

"The 60s girl group formula, and knowing pastiche thereof, is integral to the band’s established sound, but ‘He Loves Me Not’ is a step away from such territory into something more ambitious."
Backseat Mafia

"A new band with a sound somewhat akin to the ghosts of a sixties girl group being channeled through a fuzzy transistor radio."

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