Nov 14, 2022

Wesley • Not Sure That Was Me • 2022

"Wesley once again conjures the restless unease and pastoral beauty of indie folk with his latest effort, 'Not Sure That Was Me.' Westley’s voice is the honeyed centerpoint within a chiming haze of winding melodies, a plaintive style that fits perfectly with the moonlit locale and easygoing charm of the track."
Under the Radar

"An echoey aura of sound that creates a psychedelic whirl of imagination flutters through his work also touching musical cornerstones like Iron & Wine and Phosphorescent."
Glide Magazine

"He performs with a languid grace, vocals coming smooth and easy as a cosy afternoon nap."
Various Small Flames

"This track has a glorious lo-fi, psychedelic pop feel with fuzzed out riffs and beautiful powerpop-esque harmonies."
SPILL Magazine



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