Nov 9, 2022

Fixtures • Jimmy Needs The Money • 2022

Fixtures are back! After our 2020 collaboration (Weak Automatic), we are happy to present a new Fixtures song from a coming album.

Fixtures is a 6 piece Brooklyn band. Combining elements of power pop, post punk, krautrock, and 90s indie, one review of their last EP, Weak Automatic, called them “an unholy collision of Television, Ramones, Dino Jr. and The B-52s” Oh yeah, and there’s horns.

Their first full length album, Hollywood Dog, is coming February 24th as a co-release from Spanish indie-pop stalwarts Bobo Integral and new Brooklyn label Naturally Records. The first single, “Jimmy Needs The Money”, is shaded darker than their past blasts of sunshine but will still have you whistling the fuzzed out lead guitar line. Is Noir Pop a thing?


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