Jul 10, 2013

Fossil - The Devil Tree EP - 2013

Bandcamp - Name u r Price!

"Mickey was a silent light, and he was alwayz burnin. He left a trail of true bluez from Galveston to NYC, then back to Sun Valley. I'll see ya again he told me, and that was the last thing he told me. Trouble seems to find men who leave their hearts open. His was blood on blood. Once men lose trust it all just turns to dust. Mickey put that juice in veins to try and stop all the hurt, thinking it might bring him and Angeline closer to God. The ones who are brave enough to love and live seem to get the worst hand. And when I pass Butterfly Bay at night I still think off all of em...Melissa and Mickey and mom and dad. This was before Tommy and Rachel and after Tess and Frankie. Mom still says I'm just like dad, but dad left so I guess should too. I'll be back around one these nights, but for now I'm headin down this road, all the old days and dreams in that rearview dust. It's time leave. So long for now. See ya on the wrong side of Heaven." Luv Alwayzz, Foszzil

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