Thursday, May 31, 2012

Siskiyou [2010]

Video "Twigs and Stones" - amazing song!

Siskiyou is a collaborative project between Canadian musicians Colin Huebert, formerly of Great Lake Swimmers, and Erik Arnesen, who still plays with that group. Their name comes from a coastal mountain range that stretches from southwestern Oregon into northern California and is home to what is likely the world’s only Bigfoot trap. The cover of their self-titled debut features a heart-wrenching portrait of the Sasquatch on its cover. Rendered in beautifully colored crayon, the legendary loner appears unusually humanoid. His features are worn; his eyes are mournful and weary; and what might at first sound like a tossed-off, goofy idea for a record cover is in fact a perfect, poignant emblem for the collection of songs at hand.

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