Nov 10, 2020

Jacob Faurholt • Wake Me Up • 2020

Musically Wake Me Up is more than “a man with a guitar album”. After the basic songs were recorded live, Faurholt started fooling around with his Microkorg keyboard, adding spacey textures to the songs. He also got tracks sent to him by email from Daniel Crowell, a California based musician, who did his parts while quarantined in his home due to COVID19. The albums piano pieces were recorded in Switzerland by the classically trained Samuel Gray, who years back, released an album as Sam Gray Singing on Faurholt’s label Raw Onion Records. Faurholt’s wife Nadia and his daughter also added vocals to the album. Faurholt mixed the record himself and it was mastered by Canadian producer Andy Magoffin (Great Lake Swimmers). 

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