Dec 17, 2018

Best of 2018 - Cat Power - Wanderer

In keeping with Marshall’s songbook, she often sounds like she’s singing to and with herself, conducting swirling, minor-key debates that no one else hears. Yet, Wanderer also includes messages of female solidarity and makes room for others’ voices. (She covers Rihanna! Gorgeously.) “Woman” stands out for its modulation and turbulence, the organ and drums continually rising, cresting, crashing as Marshall and Lana Del Rey chant, “Woman, woman, woman…” through the chorus before stopping short. It’s also just fun to hear these two artists, who have been saddled with sexist stereotypes from Beautiful Sufferer to Empty Canvas, croon, “Doctor said I was better than ever/ Man, you should’ve seen me”—offhandedly, yet with deadly aim.

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